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Chapter 1: The student becomes the teacher

September 15, 2008- The Lower Elements, Haven City, Police Plaza

Holly Short, star child of the LEPRecon, had taken her promotion to major only after many negotiations and not a few threats from Commander Kelp. Among her demands were a substantial increase in pay, guaranteed visas to the surface on all scheduled vacations (no mean task, this one had to go all the way to the Council for approval, though it was given in light of her involvement with the Fowl/Koboi cases), a promise that no more than 50% of her work hours would be devoted to paperwork, and first choice on all but the most critical Reconnaissance assignments. In all, it was not a bad deal. If Trouble had deigned to mention the classes.

She should have remembered them. As a new recruit, Holly had been forced to attend three hours per week of "auxiliary" courses taught by an LEP major or higher. Of course, she had devoted this time to advanced weapons and piloting under Root and VinyƔya, but that had hardly registered as an extra course load to the energetic officer. The entire point of the classes was to expand on a fairy's natural abilities by having them focus on their strengths in a more rigorous setting. Thus, when Trouble Kelp approached her with her first one-hour block of class, including the topic he would expect her to cover until she was able to provide him with a subject more in line with her skills, she nearly throttled him.

"You can not be serious, Commander!" She sputtered, looking at the small data screen he'd handed to her. She held it at arms length, wanting to hand it back to her superior. "This looks like something that Corporal Frond should be doing. This is...a joke. Or an insult. Or-"

"That's an order, Major Short." Trouble had interrupted, pushing the tablet into her body until she was forced to take a step back. "You have one week to prepare. And make it good. I will be in attendance, to see how you measure up, and I'll be making Grub come along as my 'assistant.' Frond knows, he needs some pointers." Then, the Commander had sauntered off, effectively closing the conversation and trapping Holly into her orders.

Major Short had spent three days seething and then, following the fine example given to her by one Artemis Fowl II, she had spent the next four days plotting. When Commander Kelp, Corporal Kelp, and two dozen other LEP officers entered the Police Plaza classroom and saw Major Holly sitting calmly on one of the granite table tops, surrounded by a bevy of small, white boxes, smiling to the tips of her pointy ears, half of them suspected they were in for it. Except for Trouble. Trouble knew he was screwed.

"Please be seated, class. Two to a table, all of you facing the front, and no chatting. We have a lot to cover today, and I don't want to go over the hour. I'm not getting overtime if I do, and neither are you, so let's get going."


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