Warmth of the Fire

Roxas, a rich yet unhappy teenager at 15. Axel, a poor person in the slums and always armed, with nothing else to live for at 20. What happens when they finally meet?

Ch. 1 – The Ordinary Life

The sky of the sunrise, filled with red-fire colors… Roxas looked out his condo as another hideous day had begun…

The city had the rich and the poor and there was a strong boundary between them, no one allowed being with the other. Xemnas and Saix, who were working for the government of the city, were the ones to take care of him even though they really didn't. No one knew who Roxas' parents were or where they had gone after he was born. All the two men knew were that they found Roxas in an orphanage. Roxas got up out of bed and cleaned up his messy blond hair as he knew school would start any minute.

"Roxas, sleep in again?" Saix approached him as Roxas was walking out of his bedroom.

"Yes, sir. I have to go."

"Of course."

As Roxas ran down the hallway, Saix just looked at him with disappointment and discontent. Roxas had no time to waste as school would start in a half hour and the car was already outside. Before he got into the car outside at the lobby of the building, Xemnas was there, waiting to say goodbye as he was the main caretaker of Roxas. He did not look happy.

"Roxas, here's lunch. Be home on time you hear me?"

"Yes, sir."

The two said nothing else as Roxas jumped in the car to take him to school. Xemnas also stared with discontent as the car drove away. Even if he and Saix were his caretakers, they didn't care for him at all. In fact, they hated him. But it was the law of their boss, the governor of the city. But who knows what could happen…

Xemnas walked back into the building and Saix was waiting for him on the bed of their bedroom. He knew what Saix wanted and that was to be loved by Xemnas.





Xemnas took off his suit and left only his bare skin for Saix to be amazed by the body of his lover. Saix took off his pants and boxers and got under the large blanket. Xemnas joined him soon after and they started kissing passionately. Roxas could tell that they were in love, even if they denied it. The cold hardness of their bodies rubbed together and Saix groaned quite loudly. But things got more heated up as Xemnas penetrated Saix's prostate so hard that a cold erection started slipping out and Xemnas could tell because he could smell it. At that moment, Saix took part of the erectiled body fluid and fed it to Xemnas and he enjoyed the taste. He licked his lips and started licking his tongue all over Saix's bare chest and Saix groaned even more loudly and Xemnas knew that meant he wanted more. Xemnas started sucking on Saix's neck and pretty soon, Xemnas got a cold hard erection and he felt it. Xemnas took some of his erectiled body fluid and fed it to Saix. Saix enjoyed the taste and smell of each other's body. They continued on and on until they fell asleep late that afternoon…

Roxas finished the school day and was starving. Every day when his caretakers would give him his lunch, there was nothing in it. This was breaking the law but since the governor would be on their side, it really didn't matter. So Roxas always ignored it because he was so thin that he rarely ate. He started walking home but he always had to go through the slums, which was the most dangerous part of the city. He knew a lot about the slums: the gangs, the violence, plenty to avoid. He started to feel uneasy and he turned around to see several men talking behind him. Roxas just kept walking and ignored them, but after a few minutes Roxas turned around again and saw the men from before following him. Roxas tried to turn a corner but they blocked his path and Roxas became terrified.

"Hey there young man. Where're you goin'?"

"Nowhere. Just home."

"Come on. We'll take you there. You can trust us."

"No. I really should go."

"Come on, just let us escort you."

The men took Roxas's bag and threw it aside and they pinned him to a brick wall. Roxas got scared and just cowered in front of them. The men laughed and started making their way towards him. As Roxas started to cry, he knew what the men wanted: to have sex with Roxas. But when they were about to make their move, something happened. A gunshot was fired at the men and Roxas looked up to see a shadow on the top of a building. All he could see was long spiked red hair blowing in the breeze and acid green eyes with a cold stare at the men. The rest of this stranger was a shadow in the glowing sun. Roxas just looked at him with such hope. Someone from the slums was saving his life!

"Hey. I thought we told you this was our turf."

"Yeah. But what you're doing is a violation of my rules. We had a deal: you don't break my rules, I don't come on your turf. Now get out of here."

"Fine. Come on, let's find somethin' else to do."

Roxas got up from the cold cement ground, picked up his bag and brushed himself off. He walked over the stranger as the older one put away his pistol. Roxas came up behind him and the redhead held out his hand.

"Ummm… thank you."

"Whatever. Come with me."


Roxas followed the stranger to the basement of a brick building. The redhead unlocked a door and he took the blond's hand and led him down a flight of stairs to a space which seemed like a bedroom of something. There was also a bathroom and a kitchen. Roxas just looked around confused.

"Ummm… is this where you live?"

"Yeah. My cousin owns this building and luckily he was able to get me a place here. It's nothing much but make yourself comfortable for a sec."


Roxas was still very much confused as he looked around some more. It wasn't even much of a home and he didn't get why a stranger he met just a few minutes ago was taking him to his home. The redhead came back with a sandwich on a paper plate and a glass of milk.



"You're thin. You must be hungry."

"I'm really not. It's okay."

"Come on. You have to eat. I insist."

"… Okay."

Roxas took a few bites of the sandwich and put it down. The redhead just stared at him strangely. He never saw someone so thin and abused. He stopped looking at him and stared at the floor.




"Me. That's my name."

"Oh… Roxas. That's me."

Roxas couldn't look at Axel for no reason, but he just couldn't. Axel couldn't look at him either. They barely knew each other and already Axel welcomed Roxas into his home. Roxas felt so strange about it and didn't know why. Then the silence broke.

"Axel… how old are you?"

"20. You?"


"Have you always lived like this?"

"No. But I'll warn you. My life story is pretty gruesome."

"I'll be fine."

"Ok. I was originally born outside of the city, down in the farmlands. I hardly knew my parents because they were never home. But one day, the shadows of my parents were hanging from the ceiling of their bedroom and I knew they were dead. Then the Governor came into my house, acting like it was a good thing. I was taken away to the Orphanage where I spent my time until I was 14. I left of my own free will because the government couldn't control that. Ever since, I've been living in the slums. That's me. As you can tell, I have been into so many fights and that's where all these scars are from."

"I was an orphan too. I never knew my parents either. When I turned 12, I was adopted by two men. That's all I can tell you."

"I see."

"I have to go. My two caretakers are expecting me home."

"'Kay. Whatever."

Roxas walked up the stairs and closed the door behind him. Axel never looked at him when he was leaving. All that was left was a serious look.