FINAL CHAPTER – Know Peace Never More

A few hours passed as they planned their operation but when it was finally time, Axel and Demyx gathered their weapons and their gear ready to go make their final stand against the power of the city.

"Are you ready, Demyx?"

"Let's go get Roxas back. I'm ready."

"Let's go."

Axel and Demyx took off on unknown motorcycles towards the skyscraper, where Roxas once lived before Axel came along. They kept their eyes on the target, ready for the final stand.

Roxas… I won't let you. I won't let you die, because you must know how I feel.

Roxas sat on the floor, motionless with a depressed look on his face. Night had already fallen upon them and both him and Saix would await their fate together. He didn't care about life anymore. If dying would save everything, he would do it.

"Our fate awaits us soon."

"I understand…"

"Axel can try all he wants, but he can't save you from a fate you cannot escape."

"I'll die… to make him happy."

"Good to hear."

A tiny bit of blood splattered on to the wall and floor and one of the guys put away their knife that was covered with blood.

Meanwhile, Axel and Demyx got to the building and the penthouse where Roxas was being kept was all the way at the top. They got in the entrance and took a peak around the entrance hall until the guards fired gunshots at then.

"Axel, go find Roxas. I'll hold them off here."

"Thanks, Demyx."

Axel ran off toward the elevator, where it had been malfunctioning for a while. It looked like Saix went out of his way to keep Axel away from Roxas, but that wouldn't stop him. Just before the elevator rose up again, he made a wide jump from the floor to on the top of the elevator, where it would hopefully go to the top floor. Axel didn't have much time and he made a hole in the elevator top, allowing him to drop through went through the large doors. He soon arrived at a deep chasm, both sides only connected by a small bride made of cement and steel. Someone was stepping from the shadows: Saix and Axel frowned at his appearance.

"Humans never give up do they?"

"Mystery solved. You just used everything for your own sick pleasure… your pleasure to die yourself so you can leave everything else to die."

"If everyone dies, peace can finally reign again. As long as others live, war will continue and so will suffering.

"Suffering is a part of life. You should know that."

"The only thing I know and care about is me dying. Every time someone dies, peace gets closer. But every time someone is born, peace get's further away."

"What makes you think everyone dying is gonna help everything?"

"Because it was humans who cause this world to crumble and die. Humans caused my family to die and I cannot forgive them for that."

"Go ahead and kill yourself and everything else. But you cannot destroy everything! At least leave Roxas out of your revenge!"

"If you have come for Roxas… you have come too late."


"Roxas has chosen his fate now and he cannot escape."

Axel's eyes widened when Saix pulled out the knife with blood on it. Did he hurt Roxas that bad? He became furious with anger and pulled out several daggers, throwing them but he missed. Saix just stood motionless, without an expression.

"Your anger clouds your fighting."

"Why did you hurt him?!"

"Like I said, he chose his fate."

Axel gathered his thoughts and pulled out his pistol, shooting multiple times but Saix just blocked them with the powers of his blue aura. It was natural for a monster like that anyway. But Axel knew that Roxas was no monster… he looked just like an innocent human being just wanting to be free. Both Axel and Saix fought for a long time until they both got really tired. The longer the fight dragged on, the less time Axel had to get to Roxas. So he pulled something out what looked like a small bomb but powerful enough to make a large blast. There was oil at the bottom of this crevice and Axel threw the bomb into the crevice below. Just after he disappeared to the other side of the bridge, the bomb went off setting off a larger explosion. After the blast, Saix was left unconscious for a few minutes. Then he slowly sat up on the broken bridge.

"I refuse to… accept my fate… until they are dead."

Axel found his way to the top floor and reached the penthouse, partially injured but he would be okay. The place was fogged up all over and he saw someone over on the deck of the large house. It was Demyx… so he survived.

"Demyx, are you okay?"

"Axel! You made it! You're hurt…"

"I'll be fine… did you find Roxas?"

"Nope. Just got here myself."

"Well, let's split up and keep looking."


Both guys split up and searched the entire house but couldn't find him. They screamed his name so many times but got no answer. What if Roxasreally did die? Axel couldn't let that happen to him. In just one short time, they really did change each other for the better. Axel was about to give in until he came across one room that had the door cracked open. The moon shined through the crack to reveal someone laying there with blood on the floor. It was Roxas. Axel burst the door open and rushed to his side.

"Roxas! Come on wake up!"

The young blonde slowly opened his eyes, even though he was really hurt. It was the first time in his life that he was stabbed by somebody.


He gently embraced Roxas, relieved that he was okay. He was still alive but in his already fragile condition, Axel didn't know how he survived.

"Come on… we know of a way to save you."

"…No, Axel. I don't want to be saved."

"What are you saying?"

"I wish to die… but I want to thank you Axel. You have made me happy more than anyone else. But now I wish to make you happy and I want you to live. I will end this suffering in this world and it will make you happy if I do this. Thank you…"

"You think dying will solve everything? That's not how it works. If you die, people will grieve. Stop thinking of yourself for one minute and think of someone else that cares for you and will suffer because you will die."

"What are you… saying?"

"…I promised to make you free Roxas and that's exactly what I'll do. You cannot die because you don't know what I think of that. I can't bear to have you die… you have to know how much I love you."

Roxas's eyes widened as Axel kept holding him. Was this the truth all along? Roxas knew it was the truth… because he loved Axel as well. He held to Axel tightly with tears on his face. He finally realized that they both need each other, each one for their own reasons. They let go of each other.

"Please, Roxas… you have to keep living, for my sake."


An explosion was heard outside the house just after Demyx saw Axel and Roxas and were finally all back together. They looked to see and out of the smoke came Saix, ready for one final match. Axel put himself in front of Roxas, ready to defend him. But that was not the case.


"What is it?"

"…Take Roxas and get out of here. Get him out of the country and put him with a family, where he can be for a while and get everything he desires."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, he doesn't need to see this anymore."

"No, Axel! I don't want to leave you behind!"


Axel knelt down and kissed Roxas on his forehead. The young blondewidened his eyes when he did, probably trying to give a message.

"You need to go…"

Demyx pried Roxas off of Axel and dragged him off, but Roxas kept trying to reach for Axel, not wanting to leave his side. But Axel stood there, not reaching for him back as he wanted Roxas to be safe.

"So… you survived the explosion. Not surprised, considering how you are a monster."

"Enough small talk."

They fought for a long time and Axel knew that he was winning, but something felt wrong. As they fought, Axel noticed that the nerves in his leg were giving out. If this went on, he could suffer nerve damage and receive a permanent limp in his leg for the rest of his life. But that didn't matter. When Axel fired the last shot of his pistol, he dropped it and fell to the ground. He now couldn't feel anything in his leg and he passed out. Saix just stood over and looked at him but at the last minute before the whole place burned to the ground, he placed Axel on his back and placed him on the top of a building, so he wouldn't be hurt by the flames. Saix then flew back to the skyscraper and waited for his death.

"Since I can now die… I will be at peace."

The whole skyscraper caught on fire and collapsed to the ground. The cruel and harsh government's rule was now over. But the country lost their millions and became a poor country. Millions of people lost their money and their homes, leaving them to the streets. The country called it… "The Peaceful Crisis" because now there was no war in the country anymore, creating peace, which many people could consider was the government's goal all along. Axel didn't know why Saix had saved him that night but at least he was alive…


2 years later, many people set up street side markets and the country was under a new government trying to rebuild the country to former glory. But even after 2 years of work, the country was still very poor. There were people accusing each other left and right of rip off deals on the markets. One man became extremely mad and grabbed the man from behind his stand.

"I'm sorry, Luxord. But I am poor, remember that."

"Forget it, you piece of trash."

As he walked off with his new girlfriend, Luxord saw someone off the corner of his eye: a young boy with blonde hair and quite short.

"What is it?"


The boy seemed quite healthy and had a smile on his face. He passed many buildings as energetic as possible. On the way to his destination, he passed a building that created the biggest magazine in the city. There was yelling in the chief editor's office.

"You call this a story? What kind of photos are we gonna get from Axel with this piece of crap?"

The boy continued to pass many building until he came across an empty lot with piles of rubble: the remnants of the old government's skyscraper. The blonde boy just looked at the pile of rubble for a minute and continued walking, also smiling as well. He then came to a bar that was called "Unnamed." This was his destination and he walked in. He saw several people but not the person he was looking for.

"Um… excuse me?"

"Can I help you?"

The boy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt so when he removed his hood, it revealed Roxas, much healthier and happier.

"Hi, Demyx."

"Oh my god! Roxas! You're here!"

"I'm looking for him."

"Hmmm… oh, I think he's on the roof."

Demyx lead a bar now and was on the rise but not famous. He led Roxas up to the roof and told him to wait at the wall. Roxashid behind it and waited for the perfect time. He went to Axel, who had a serious look on his face and taking pictures of the city. He was now a photographer for the biggest magazine in the city. There was also a gauze bandage on his right leg because he suffered nerve damage during that fight two years ago and has a permanent limp in his leg.

"Still doing your same routine huh?"

"Yeah… how's everything?"

"Got a surprise visitor right now."



Roxas stepped out from behind the wall and took off his sweatshirt. He wasn't so thin now because of his foster family he had lived with out of the country for 2 years now. But the best change was that Roxas looked so much happier than he did before. Axel looked over and smiled at him.

"It's about time you showed up."

"…I've come home."

Roxasran to Axel and embraced him. Even though he was worried because Axel would limp around for the rest of his life, at least he was alive and that's what made him happy. Axel kissed Roxas on his forehead, which would be typical of Roxas to expect that. But now both Axel and Roxas know peace, never more.