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Chapter 2:Secrets know,flashback

After the vampires left Ikki and the others came home drunk off their asses,and after they got their beatings for staying out too late we went to I could feel someone watching me threw my guessing it's Akito but I could be wrong.I could heard Ikki snroting and his fucking room is down the freaken hall so I couldn't sleep.I sigh and got out of bed to walked to the window and opened and Akito jumped in smiling.

"What you want Akito-san?And remember what I say if you come here tomorrow night I'll have to kill you."I said alittle annoyed at the fact he came back on the same night I met him and his asshole a twin brother.

"I know Im sorry for that to happen because you like a nice person to be around remind me of my brother,Agito.I want be friends with you."Akito said as he lean on the wall next to the window.

My eyes widened in surpise that a Vampire will say just a thing to a Slayer."Why would you say something so fucked up?We can't be friends."I whispered half shock and half looked sad for a second.

"Tell me why do you have silver eyes?"Akito asked sounding eyes softed."Look Im sorry I said that but it's I was born this way,why?"I said a little guiltly.

Akito nod then walked right to be infront of grabbed my chin gently and brushed his lips against disappeared before I could react if even that leash out at him.

I blushed and blink,'.....that was my first kiss......And it's from a Vampire that barely know....'I thought as I touch my that I went to sleep confused.

End Of Sakuya's Pov

Akito jumped threw his opened window to see Ume with her doll in her arms and Agito looking pissed."Ume leave us now!"Agito ordered the young girl who looked scared and walked out of the room.

"Where the fuck have you been Akito?And you fucken better tell me the fucken true if you don't want end up in shit's creek."Agito oreded again making his younger twin gluped.

"Please don't be angry brother I had to see her don't have silver eyes so I wanted to ask."Akito said sighed.

"I was worried about you I don't want to lose sorry I scared you."Agito said as he hug Akito."I know brother."Akito said returning the hug.

Then Agito bit into Akito's neck to see if he was lieing to saw what happened when he saw her.(Like Underworld bitches)He pulled away quickly when he saw him kissing her.

"You fucking moron she a Slayer!?A Human!?"Agito yelled even louder which made their friends and sisters ran in.

"What wrong Agito?"Kazu asked worried about Akito even though Agtio never rise a hand to him only his sisters and the servents."Nothing,it's just between LEAVE!!?"Agito yelled after he said that they all ran out.

Agito wound on his neck where Agito bit healed."You do know if she comes after us we have to kill her like it or not."Agito said stern voice."I know brother she said that we can't be friends even though I want to."Akito said sadly as he looked at his floor in his room.

"She right you know,she here to hunt down and kill our kind."Agito said as he brush some of his deep blue hair out of his eye.

"But humans don't have silver eyes!Silver eyes mean she a pureblood vampire!"Akito shouted.

"No she's not she can go in the daylight unlike us,we can't in case you forgot,dear brother."Agito shouted back.

Akito just walked out of his room slaming the door while your at walked to the library in their house to do some growled,went to his room,and went to the sun came up Akito fell asleep in the library in their house.

Sakuya's Pov

After I woke up I got dress and came down stair."Wow Sakuya you look like hell!"Ikki said then bursted into laugher along with Onigiri who agreed with him,fucking tried to stop them.

"Uh I would watch what you say you dumasses."Emily warned them but to was too late I slam their head togather.

Why did you kiss me Akito-san?Why?Why did I like it?I thought as I started to eat my breakfast that Simca made.

"Hey let's head out to find anything."Ikki stated after wolfing down his breakfast and getting up from his nod and got up as well.

"So Sakuya are you going to stay here by youself or come shopping with us?"Emily asked.

"Im staying here,fuck shopping."I said annoyed.I hate fucking shopping,good I get it when you need clothes and shit but not when you have clothes that fit.

"Ok ok me and Simca will be back later."Emily said as she and Simca got up then she left.

I sigh and clear the table and started to wash to dishes sense it's my the dishes I left a note for everyone saying that Im going to look for info about the Vampires here.I grabbed my black trench coat and walked out.I walked into a bar,pub and grill and walked the bar.

"Hey girlie your little too young to be drinking."The bartender said annoyed while cleaning a beer glass.

"Im not here to drink you fucking fool."I stated a little pissed.

"Hey you little bitch you can't come in here and start calling me shit."The bartender said pissed as he slamed the glass down and breaking it.

"Chill I need information about the Vampires a Slayer from Tokyo."I stated as played with a knife I had.

The bartender looked bewildered."You a Slayer!Now that's funny."He said before he started laugh at me.

My eyes narrowed and I grabbed the large bartender by the throat."I know I look weak but don't fucking undermate me you fucking son of a tell me if you know anything or not."I snarled.

His eyes widened and gluped."I-I don't k-know much a-about them,just o-only their is a p-pair of twins,but also t-they have a b-big family."He studdered scared.I let him go seeing he almost pissed his fell on the ground.

"Thank you sir."I said before I walked out of the bar,pub,and grill with a evil grin on my face.I walk on the sidewalk,it was getting I'll find Akito and asked him why in the hells of time did he kiss me.I put my hands in a pockets as I walked into a allie way and wait.

After a hour or so I heard a loud scream it snapped me out of my state of mind.I ran towards with my scythe in hand.I hop on a roof top and started to leap from roof top to roof top.I landed a allie way to see Akito,Agito,Kazu,Akira,and some girls."Oi Vamp-chans I wouldn't do that if I were you."I said teasing voice.'Shit the girls' already dead.'I thought I saw a teenage girl dead with blood all over the walls and her guts hanging out.

"Sakuya!?"Akito said with his eyes widened in shock.

"So your here to kill us huh?I knew it,see Akito I fucking told you!"Agito snarled as he summon a black bladed sword and attacked me.I block it his attack with my scythe.

Agito's eyes widened."What the fuck are you morons waiting for?Attack her!Kill her!?"Agito ordered.

Kazu bit his finger and made it into a sword made out of his blood.

The girl no young woman with light brown hair held a blood red rose and turn it into a whip(Like Kurama),and the girl with pigtails held a white rose and turned it into a lance.

Akito hesitated but summoned a chain and sickle and threw the chain arounded my blade of my scythe.I pulled on it making Akito flew with it.

"AKITO!?"A little girl who was holding a doll shouted,catching Agito attention who Akito screamed out when his back hit the brick wall.

"How dare hurt my brother you bitch!?"Agito snarled.

The little girl ran to Akito along with the girl with pigtails."Big brother are you alright?"The little girl asked as she brush some locks out of face.

"U-ume please stop Agito b-before he hurts h-her."He said struddered because it knock the wind out of him.

I blocked all of Agito's attacks but a few.I was bleed from my arms and legs.

I flipped over but only get punch in the face by Akira and damn he has good right hook cause I slamed against the brick wall and breaking knock the wind out of me,I know cause I couldn't a second anyways when Akira was about to punch me the little girl screamed for him to stop.

He stopped then turned."Why she hurt Akito!?Ume why are protecting this human bitch for?"He demanded with a growled.

"Because Akito told me healed him from the pain."The little girl who named is Ume said holding her arms up.

"You bastards!?"I heard Ikki's voice said.

I looked to see him punch Akira away from me."Brother."I whispered under my breath.

Ikki stood infront of me,suddenly I felt healed.I got up from a spot on the ground."Ikki stop you don't have your weapon with you."I whispered to him.

Ikki just grinned at me."I know Yu-chan but still it's a big brother's job to protect the little sister."He said with a wink.

I scowled."You dumbass!"I said before I block Agito's attack which he decide to attack us when we're talking.

"Please brother stop!"Akito shouted to Agito who growled at me.

I smirked evilly before swept under his he fell Akito ran to him.

"Agito-san if you get up and attack us I'll have to kill you."I threatened while pointing my scythe at them."Akito I wanted to ask you why did you kiss me?"I asked with a light blush.

Ikki gawked while the other vampire but Agito did the same as just looked annoyed.

"I-I don't know why."Akito said truthfully.

I sighed and desummoned my weapon."Let's go have a job to do with the others."I said as I walked past the followed close behind.

"Sakuya."I heard Akito whispered behind I noticed then vampire with pigtails blushing when she saw my brother.

While we walked back to the old house Ikki decide to open his damn mouth."So you got kiss by a vamp huh?So your not lip virgin so proud of you."He said as he teared up.

I slapped him on the back of his head."Shut the fuck up."I growled.

He rubbed his head suddenly he was wrapped by vines."Shit,Yu-chan what the fuck happened?"Ikki growled.

I turned to see the pigtailed vampire."My name is Ringo Wanijima,Akito and Agito's older sister.I need to ask you two for a favor."She said as she walked up to us.

I summoned my scythe and stood infront of Ikki in a protective manner."What the fuck do you fucking want and it better be fucking quick or else bitch."I snarled.

"Geez your like relax Im not going to hurt you or your brother.I just want ask for a favor."Ringo said trying get me to relax.

How I can relax when a Vampire that can control plants as my brother in a visa grip with vines."You better think of favor do you want?"I said a little calmer.

"I want your brother to stay with me for afew days."She said simply.

"No fucking way."I said simply annoyed.

"Why?Im a Slayer."Ikki said alittle confused.

"I've seen you at the bar afew nights I just want to we can be friends."Ringo said smiling.

O.0"Are fucking kidding ME!?You and your brother Akito don't get it do you Slayers and Vampires can't be friends!?"I said waving my arms wild.I didn't noticed the rest of the vampires came over.'Shit Im loosing myself.'

"Uh...what the hell wrong with her?"Kazu asked while pointing at me.

"I think she just started her rag."Ikki said simply.


"Ow Yu-chan that hurts you know."Ikki shouted at me but I just picked my ear annoyed.

"How many fucking time to I have to tell you stop calling me that!"I screamed making the Vampires jump.I always hate him calling me'Yu-chan' of course sometime I real older brother used call me that for my father killed him.

"Why?"Ikki asked half confused and half sad.

"Because my real brother called me that before he was killed no slaughter by that fucking bastard."I said before I turned away from everyone before a tear fell.

"Wait your not really siblings?"Akito asked in hope that I'll tell him.

"It's not of your business Akito no offense."I said putting my hands in my pockets of my black trench all heard a female's turned to see Simca,Emily,Onigiri and Buccha running towards us from a werewolf.

"Are you guys ok?"Ikki asked (Btw he's still tied up with vines here.)

"Brother why are you tied up?"Emily asked annoyed.

I ran towards the werewolf and cut it's head off and stabbed it in it's heart."Why didn't you guys do anything about the werewolf?"I asked forgetting that the vampires are still here.

"That's the same one that killour parents Ikki."Emily said quietly as Simca hugged her to comforted her.

Ringo let Ikki go from her vines but his hands and legs so he's hog Buccha grabbed him before Akira could get him and pick up his brother while Emily and Simca jumped on his shoulders and ran.

"I don't why you want my brother,Ringo but you'll never get him.I'll damned if I let you have him."I growled didn't know my canines were growing like a Vampire when anger or getting ready to gasped,as well as the older ones.

"Please wait!"Akito shouted while I was turning to ran after Buccha and others.

"What!?"I said angry.

"Your half vampire aren't you?"The short peach haired asked.

"I don't know and I really coud cared less."I grumbled.

"My names Rika Wanijima these are my sisters Mikan,Ume,and already know my brothers Akito and the head of our family Agito as well as their friends Kazu and we can help you."Rika said giving me and warm smile like my mother used to.

Flashback(Warning:Realy gore!!)

Sakuya age 4

Mother had silver hair and gold eyes her name was Nagi,while father had red hair very rare in Japan his name was Enzan and black eyes.I had two older brothers one had red hair like father's and gold eyes his name was Gene while my other brother had orange hair and blue eyes never knew where that came from his name was Kain and a older sister she had navy blue hair and golden eyes her name was were happy for awhile before my father went abusive on told me she was a pureblooded vampire while fathe was human who she never bit and she want him life out his as in me and my siblings were didn't fit in any where it was rare for a vampire to have silver eyes such as mine,but I didn't think I was special hell I didn't even like the color of my eyes I wanted to rip them out.

I was sitting with my brother Kain infront of of our house cause we heard our parents started to yell at each other.I covered my ears trying to escape from the screaming and tears running down my what their fighting about......give father wanted to be a Vampire.

"Shh Yu-chan don't worry everything will be fine."Kain cooced to relax me as he hugged me and rubbed my and Gene tried to stop their a while we heard a scream.

"You bastard you killed her your own wife!"I heard Maria shouted angry.

I gasped."Mommy?"I whispered and sob harder.

Then I ran in stop him,father from hurting anyone else but when I got inside he grabbed my sister by the throat and slabbed her with a sword in his hand he ripped all of her sexual oragans out on the wooden floor.I screamed so loud that the other half of the world could hear father turned to me and was about to grabbed my neck but Gene push me out of the way I fell on the ground.

"Leave her alone you selfish prick!"He yelled at our father angry.

My father just laugh but it's not like his happy,warm laugh it had malice in ran at my brother,Gene and cut him in two.I could see his insides come looked like he was looking at me,telling me to I was frozen I as I watch his blood make a pool around him.

Kain ran in and gasped when he saw mother's body which was only a pile of silver black dust,Maria's body and Gene's body which was infront of the damn door.

I just couldn't move when our father cut off Kain's legs,arms,fingers,and whatever that can be ,hot tears ran down from a my eyes,I wanted to scream but my mouth was too dry to let me speak.I stood up and slowly walked over to Gene's body.

Mother told us if we wanted to active our vampire powers all we have to is drink blood,and if we want to be a full vampire is to get a full,pureblooded vampire to bit us and give us some of their blood.

I quickly put my hands in my older brother's blood and licked them clean."YOU FUCKER!!I'LL KILL YOU FOR KILLING MY FAMILY LIKE YOU DID!!!?"I screamed pissed and scared knowing if I don't kill him,he'll kill father turned to and gave me a demonic grin before he walked towards me.I felt my powers grew that when I first summoned my scythe and I beheaded him.

I set my house on fire so no one will know what think of massacre happened in this forgotten house.

I walked around town for a few days everyone around me seemed like Im not alive,like Im a broken doll that should be ignored.I walked into an allie way and sat down next to some trashcans.I was alone till.......

"Big brother she all by herself let's go cheer her up."Said a young Emily as she ran to me with and young Ikki who smile.

"Yeah let's go!"He said cheerfully.

That's when I met a nice pair of siblings who treated me like their own,even their parents treated me as their own kin.

Flashback Over

"Leave me the fuck alone you wench!"I said slapping her hand away and started to pant as I fell on my knees.'Mother,Gene,Kain,and Maria.'I thought sadly.

"Sakuya please we can smell vampire's blood running threw your veins even without you 's us help you."Akito said kindly before he put a hand on my shoulder.

"So you being a fucking human was a fucking over it and join your own people."Agito said crossing his arms.

"See my brother welcome you into our come with us?"Akito said hugging me.

"Im half human you no I won't get over it.I want to stay with my family no manner sorry Akito it's a nice offer but no.I refuse to live off human blood."I said getting up and pushing his arms off me.

"But Sakuya-"Akito started to say.

"Akito,we can't force her to join our clan if she doesn't want to."Mikan said as she cross her arms over her chest.

"But please if you want you could always come to us."Rika said warmly.

"No she has to choose now or never."Agito said glaring at Rika who bowed.

"But Agito."Akito said sadly.

"No Akito he's right Im a slayer rather not Im a half breed or not.I'll still come after you."I said before I jumped on a roof top and leap off to the next one.

When I got one Emily glomped me so hard that we fell on the ground."Sakuya We were so worried!"Emily shouted as everyone ran and Ikki hugged me while Buccha patted my head while I tried to grope me but got slap by Ikki.

"Don't touch my baby sisters you ass."Ikki growled while hugging me and Emily protectively.

"They know that Im a half breed."I said quietly.

"What!?"Ikki and Emily yelled surpised.

"They also wanted me to know their clan.I told them no."I said quietly again turning away.

"Wait you could've been part of something Sakuya are sure you want to give it up?"Ikki asked so not like him.

"Because I'll never see you guys again and if I did we'll have to fight."I said walking to her I opened the door,I shut the door and crash on the bed.I groaned and got off my bed and walked over to my suitcase.I grabbed my nightgown and threw it on the floor and started to changing and I jumped into bed and fell asleep.

End of Sakuya's Pov

At the Wanijima Manison

Agito was in his bed looking up at the ceiling in his bed he saw Sakuya's face in his growled,"Why do I keep thinking about the halfbreed?Ever since me and Akito went to that house to get his eyepatch I can't stop thinking about her.I keep seeing her !"Agito whispered as he Agito isn't easy to impress or easyly to blush."Damnit."He cursed under his breath when he remember their fight that same night.

If she want to she could've turned into a pureblooded vampire but no she wanted to stay a stay with her human family and why?She'll have power over them,the taste of blood which was like ecstasy,human be his brid-wait why would he want a breedhalf?She's was beautiful,unique eyes,powerful,a bad mouth yes that turns him on cause he's has a bad mouth loved to cuss.

Agito blinked.'Maybe I will have as my mate,my bride,and maybe she'll love me.'He thought with a sad look in his put his arms under his head and sigh then fell asleep.

With Akito

Akito stood behind his brother's bedroom door and heard everything even with their glared at the floor then walked to his room and shut his door walked over to his bed sighed."Maybe Agito needs someone more then never at a bride or a lover threw out our I've at four threw out time in my 200 years of living even if they were human."Akito said softly to himself."Sakuya who will you choose if both of us said 'I love you' then turn you into a pureblooded Vampire?"He asked himself while he slowly driff off to asleep.

With Ringo

Ringo was in her room thinking about the male Slayer named Ikki blushed."I want to meet him if these feelings are real.I'll ask Agito-nii-sama if I can change him into one of us."She thought with a small smile before fell asleep.

With Ume

She was asleep in a white coffin with her spooky doll in her arms.

With Rika & Mikan&Sora

"So she's Nagi Hoshikaze's daughter huh?She'll more powerful if she was a pureblood you know that right,Rika?"Asked a man with brown hair,he had his eyes close oh and he was in a was wearing a black suit and dress shoes.

"I know was my childhood friend and I want to take care of I don't want force her."Rika said with a sad smile.

Mikan watch her older sister and her sister's husband then sigh,"Akito seems to really like her."Mikan pointed out.

"Yeah so does Agito."Akira pointed from his spot in the shadows.

Mikan and Rika looked shocked.

"How do you know this Akira?"Rika asked looking at the light brunette.

"Just now I heard him mumbling about her or should I say one of my bats did."Akira said with a smirk as he hold a black bat who was grinning.

"The question is who wants her more and she does she even return their feeling."Kazu said grinning next to the bruenette.

Chapter 2 End

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