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Pairing: Kagome/Itachi, brief mentions of Naruto/Sasuke (maybe)

Ages: Kagome, Naruto, Sasuke: 16, Itachi: 22

Now, getting the approval of the Uchiha clan was not an easy thing to do. In fact, it was one of the harder things that she had to do – no, actually, now that she thought about it, it was pretty simple.

'These ninja just love power.' Higurashi Kagome thought, rolling her blue eyes. Of course, just revealing her 'special' and 'unique' abilities to the clan was the easy ticket in, the once hostile clan was now over-welcoming and even annoying, trying to get her to join the clan much more urgently. She heard rumours that the Uchiha clan just couldn't allow her to go to any other clan – especially the Hyuuga clan.

It would seem that she really would join the Uchiha clan too – she was dating the Uchiha clan heir, after all.

Uchiha Itachi, the number one bachelor of Konoha, and her current love interest. She would never, in a million years, ever think that someone like she would ever, ever catch the interest of someone like Uchiha Itachi.

Then again, she did just kind of appear out of nowhere – she was found injured outside of the Konoha boarders, near the magical well. Of course, the shinobi thought that the well was normal, but she knew better.

At first, she was treated with suspicion by Konoha, but that soon changed after the interrogator, Morino Ibiki, had questioned and cleared her. Of course, she had to lie (which was a rather hard thing to accomplish against someone like Morino Ibiki, but she somehow managed it) and was now fully accepted as a Konoha resident.

She had risen within the rankings rather quickly, effectively catching the attention of the higher-ranking shinobi – especially Uchiha Itachi. Only a few months after she was found, she had been placed on Uchiha Itachi's ANBU team.

At first, she was rather confused as to why someone as plain as her would catch Uchiha Itachi's attention – then, she had found out that he, despite his outward appearance and rather ruthless abilities – was a peace-loving man, drawn to innocence.

'Me, innocent?' Kagome scoffed as such a thing, remembering all the horrible sights she as forced to witness in the Sengoku period. If anything, she was just as tainted and corrupt as Uchiha Itachi was – but apparently, he saw much, much differently.

"Oi, Kagome-chan!" A voice called out, breaking her out of her thoughts. The miko-ANBU blinked, turning around swiftly to see a black flash skid right in front of her.

"Yes, Shisui-san?" She smiled lightly; she was fond of the quickest member of the Uchiha clan. Speed was his best ability, and it was also hers. "Is it another mission?" She asked, her light smile quickly vanishing.

"No, no!" Shisui quickly denied the question. He smiled a moment later. "Itachi-kun is looking for you!" He hummed, blinking his own obsidian eyes. "And didn't I tell you to drop the 'san' already?" He stated, with a bit of annoyance.

"What?" Kagome smirked a bit slyly, "Do you want me to call you Shisui-sama, or maybe even Shunshin Shisui?" She stated, knowing it would further inflate the Uchiha's already inflated ego. "Or what about Shisui-chan?"

"Tch, Shisui-kun sounds fine." He smirked playfully, messing her long, black hair a little. She pouted a bit, slapping his gloved hand away. "Well, Itachi-kun is looking for you." He stated again, giving a small wave before disappearing in his trademark black flash.

"Alright," The miko sighed to nothing, closing her blue eyes to feel for Itachi's unique aura. "There!" The ANBU pinpointed the Uchiha a second later, smiling widely.

She also disappeared from her current spot in a black and silver flash, phasing to where Itachi seemed to be.

He was sitting at an open-sweet shop (really? Since when did he like sweets, Kagome thought), slowly eating dango. He was still in his ANBU uniform, he had just gotten back from a mission, she guessed.

'Looking for me, my ass.' Kagome rolled her eyes at Shisui's obvious lie, a bit ticked off. The anger melted away rather quickly, as she snuck up behind Itachi, hiding her own aura.

Just as she was about to wrap her arms around his shoulders, he shocked her completely by speaking. "Kagome?" He stated, turning around, and effectively ruining her plan to surprise him.

"Hai?" She sighed, even hiding her aura, she would never be able to sneak up on someone like Itachi – he was practically condition from birth to be able to detect anyone.

Itachi did not say anything, merely motioning for her to sit across from him, which she did so quickly. "So, did your mission go smoothly?" She asked lightly for small talk, immediately noticing that his beautiful obsidian eyes went cold and almost lifeless. She felt guilty at the moment – knowing that Itachi liked to avoid talking about his shinobi life.

"It went as planned – the Daimyo was assassinated quietly." Itachi stated, offering her his dango. The miko took it, knowing that Itachi didn't like dango (so why was he eating it?)

"Thank you." Kagome smiled lightly, changing the subject quickly. "You know," She started off, catching Itachi's attention with her tone. He raised a brow. "I've noticed that Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun are getting rather close." She began suggestively, smiling gleefully at Itachi's blank surprise. "I think they may even be dating. Though I secret, I think." She left off curiously, wondering why they would be hiding it if they really were together.

"Hn," Itachi responded in his usual way, Kagome wasn't much offended, knowing that the Uchiha wasn't one for useless words. She smiled anyway, leaning over to give a kiss on the cheek.

She was surprised at his next motion

Itachi seemed to actually go out of his way to avoid her! He actually moved his face to the left, leaving her to kiss air! "What?" She blinked, just staring at Itachi, who was now calmly drinking his tea, as if he had never avoided her affection in the first place!

'Okaaay,' Kagome thought, a bit confused. He had never done that before. She sighed, leaning back, thinking maybe he was still thinking about his last solo mission. The miko raised her gloved hand to put it on his, but again, much to her surprise, as if on a conditioned reflex, his own gloved hand moved away just as she put hers where his used to be.

'What?!' She thought, raising a brow. Itachi didn't seem to notice his own movements, and Kagome merely stared at him. He did seem to like the little affections that she gave to him in private, so what was this?!

Stares immediately caught Kagome's attention, and she turned around to see practically everyone within the open shop staring at them, and rather hungrily at that. She raised a brow, wondering what they were looking at…

'Oh!' Kagome widened her blue eyes, finally realising what was going on. Uchihas were never ones for public displays of affection, and witnessing such an event was a rather rare thing. People desperately wanted to see an Uchiha's affection for their loved one…

'And judging by Itachi's reaction, he isn't too keen on his public displays of affection.' Kagome thought slyly, smirking a bit, coming up with a devious plot.

It was obviously a conditioned reflex not to like any public displays of affection, being raised in the Uchiha clan and all, and Itachi didn't even seem to notice it.

The miko-ANBU's blue eyes flashed with a devious intent, her smirk secret from her Uchiha lover as she covered her face with her gloved hand for one moment.

'I'm gonna change that!' She thought with determination, chewing her dango with much satisfaction.

'Operation: Get Uchiha Itachi to Display Affection in Public is now in effect!'

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