My Heart was Never Whole, A Dr. K and Ziggy Fanfiction
Somewhat based on 'Because of You' by Kelly Clarkson
Set after Dr. K[Episode]

Disclaimer: I only own the plotline for this fanfiction. I do not own any of the characters or PRRPM.

Chapter I: Weakness

Middle of the Night, The Boys' Bedroom [second floor of the Garage]

Flynn's snoring filled the silence of the night, but one Ranger can't seem to sleep.

Man, Zenith MegaZord was the coolest, Ziggy thought excitedly, grinning like a fool.

"Quiet, Ziggy!," Scott yelled from across the room. "Like Flynn's snoring isn't bad enough; I am trying to get some beauty sleep here!

"Well, it's not doing you any favors," Dillon replied from another corner of the room. Ziggy knew that Dillon was wearing his trademark smirk.

"Sorry," the Shark Ranger apologized, unaware that he said the statement aloud. He resolved that all he needed was a cup of milk and he could finally get over all the excitement for the new MegaZord. He slowly climbed out of his bed and put on a plain green t-shirt over his white sleeveless shirt and set his destination for the Garage.

Instead of the complete silence he expected to hear, a soft, slow piano melody filled his ears. It brought his spirit down, and he figured the person playing it was just as sad as the melody. Curious, he followed the music to the Ranger Room, where it seemed to seep out from the walls.

Ziggy put his ear against the walls to hear better, and found that the music was louder on the western corner of the Room. He also noticed that there was an almost invisible keypad with a thumbprint scanner next to an even harder to see outline of a door.

Woah, he thought, examining the keypad. He compulsively pressed his thumb against the scanner, and the almost-invisible door opened quietly.

The music was louder here.

Ziggy could feel the pain in the music- the air was sour with it. Ziggy couldn't help but think about how much this person s been through.

What he found inside the room took his breath away.


It was a simple white, old-fashioned wooden grand piano, with countless stacks of sheet music on top of it, and playing it, tears flowing from her eyes, was none other than Doctor K, the Rangers mentor.

He stared at her in silence, feeling the emotions behind the music she so gracefully played, now understanding why she had chosen to isolate herself, to not feel any emotions- good or bad.

No one should experience that kind of pain. No one deserved that kind of pain.

For a moment, he felt what it was like to be Dr. K- always fighting your heart, never really winning; not being able to say what she feels, for fear of being too open, too attached.

She shouldn't fear anyone or anything. She was -is- beautiful. Even when she's crying.

Before he could stop himself, he briskly walked towards her and took her hands, and the music stopped.

"Ranger Green, what do you think you're doing?!" Dr. K asked, surprised, when she felt his warm fingers wipe the tears from her eyes and was suddenly enveloped in a warm, bone-crushing embrace given to her by Ziggy himself. She struggled against him, but he wouldn't budge.

Oddly enough, she stopped after a minute or two. His warmth comforted her, and it surprised her when she felt how cold her skin was compared to his.

She stayed like that, basking in Ziggy's warm embrace, feeling no more of the sadness she had just felt seconds ago; all worrisome thoughts banished from her head.

Only he remained. Just his embrace, his warmth, his arms wrapped around her.

To Ziggy's ears, the music was louder, the tone softer. The air felt lighter to him, filled with something he couldn't define.

She didn't care if he saw weakness in her eyes; the tears had long stopped. She was filled with pure, happy thoughts, and all else just seemed to fade away from her mind. Speculation, calculating, those meant nothing to her now. It was just him, his arms wrapped around her.

She reluctantly let her head rest on his shoulders, gradually embracing him back.

They stayed so for some time, but Dr. K soon recomposed herself and asked softly, "Why?" as she almost halfheartedly let go and stood apart from him, wiping her face more carefully.

"The music, Ziggy answered, taking her face in his hands, a child's smile forming on his lips. She lifted his hands off of herself, stepping even further away.

You must not show any weakness.

Keep everyone away from the real you.

They will never understand what you've gone through.

They can't be trusted.

They will only betray you in the end.(1)

Sudden reality thundered in on her all at once, and Dr. K blinked back in shock. She stiffened, remembering who she was.

Who they wanted her to be.

She retreated into her cold shell, resisting the urge to embrace him again, to hold him in her arms and tell him anything and everything. "I'm sorry if it bothered you, Ranger Green, she told him. Now, if you will excuse me, I have had a long day. The door is to your left. Good night.

Don't leave me.

"Wait-...what?" Ziggy asked, confused.

"I am in need of rest, Ranger Green," Dr. K said, taking Ziggy by the arm and escorting him out. "Now, good night," she repeated, dismissing him.

"Um, yeah, erm, good night, Dr. K," Ziggy replied, waving a quick goodbye before the doors closed.

Dr. K pressed the 'Door Close' button, heaving a sigh of relief. She had almost crossed the lines she'd so carefully established.

On the other side of the door, a very confused Ziggy stood, eyes distant, trying to make heads or tails of what had just happened.

Why?, he asked himself. And, after a minute's pause, 'Why' what?

Why did I feel so safe in his arms?

She couldn't explain it, but she felt so free in his embrace, so warm.

What is this feeling?