My Heart was Never Whole
Chapter VIII: Awakening
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"Look, Dad, I really don't want to do this anymore." Scott said, his head down, as he handed in his morpher to the Colonel. He leaned on his father's desk "I've been thinking a lot lately, and I realized I have nothing to fight for."

"Scott, are you sure you know what you're doing?" his father asked.

The young man nodded his head slightly. "I'm sure, Dad."

"If Marcus were here, he'd never-"

"But he's not here, Dad, is he?" Scott yelled, letting years of frustrations out. "Why can't you just let it go? I'm not him, and I never will be. He's not here, so I guess you'll just have to settle for me." He added, once again storming out of the Base.

Back inside, Colonel Mason Truman sat on his chair with thoughts he'd tried to avoid for years, and an abandoned morpher. He sighed, head in his arms.

It was another uneventful dawn at Mid-City Hospital. Deep in Room 804, Ziggy Grover was at peace, sleeping on a chair in one corner of Dr. K's hospital room, using the wall as a pillow.

"Oi! Wake up, laddie!" a familiar voice yelled, shaking him awake. He then went back to his task of unpacking various snacks he's cooked over the last few hours.

"Five more minutes, mommy." Ziggy droned on sleepily, twisting and turning his chair.

"Oh, for Pete's sake, man!" Flynn exclaimed, not having the patience for anything. After waking the sleep-hogging Green Ranger, Flynn handed him a Ziplock of golden-brown Madeleines, some of which he handed to Ziggy, who had not eaten anything except hospital food and the two apples Summer had given him earlier.

"Nothing." Ziggy answered, a little too quickly. To keep himself quiet, he stuffed the Madeleine into his mouth. "Mmm. These are good. You know, if this whole hero-thing doesn't work out, you can be a chef or something." Ziggy commented. "Anyway, I thought you were mad."

"I was not," Flynn replied defensively. "I said I needed a wee bit of time to think. Or something of the sort. And I agree with what Summer said. Doctor K must have had a good reason to set Venjix out and about." He added, tossing a bottle of grape juice his friends' way.

"Mmm," Ziggy agreed, chewing through another Madeleine. "I'll tell you about it later."

"Just...don't eat everything, alright? I made it for everyone." the Lion Ranger said, swatting Ziggy's hands away from some creme brulee and fettuccine alfredo.

"Ow!" Ziggy exclaimed, rubbing the spot where Flynn hit him. "Hey, you'd do the same thing if all you had to eat was icky hospital food for two days." He said, again reaching for the alfredo.

"Anyway, where are the others?" Flynn asked, stuffing an orange wedge into his mouth.

"You mean us?" Summer asked, walking in behind Dillon, who then attacked the table full of food. Everyone stared at the Wolf Ranger.

"No, please, go on. I only slaved in front of an oven to watch you eat all my food." Flynn remarked dryly. Dillon stopped eating, looked at Flynn, then shrugged and continued eating. Flynn made an 'Are you serious?' face.

"...Okay?" Ziggy said uncomfortably.

"So, where is our fearless leader?" Dillon asked, wiping the alfredo sauce from his mouth.

"I haven't seen him since earlier today." Summer said worriedly. "I thought he'd be here or something."

"Don't worry about him, laddie. 'Fearless leader,' remember?" Flynn answered.

Summer nodded, and looked in Dr. K's direction with widened eyes. "Doctor?" she asked, walking over by the young prodigy's side, her eyes never looking focus. The others soon followed, curiously. Soon the four Rangers were gathered around Dr. K's bed, staring intensely. There was a stifled yawn, then eyelids fluttering.

"Where am I?" she asked, propping herself up on her elbows. She looked to her left, tilting her head slightly. "Rangers?"

"We're here, Doctor." Summer answered, smiling in relief. "How are you feeling?"

"I thank you for your concern, Ranger Yellow," she replied, now sitting up, her upper back supported by the bed's head rest. "I am fine. Please call the doctors and tell them I am ready to go home."

"Of course, love." Flynn said, rushing downstairs to call Dr. K's doctor, a Carson Beckett, who coincidentally, also comes from the Land of the Bagpipes.

After discussing his mentors' situation with Dr. Beckett, Flynn asked when she could be released. "Well, I'll have to run a diagnostic on her, then, if she's fine, she can go home." Carson replied, sounding very much professional. "Plus, it's nice to meet another person from Scotland in here, and a Power Ranger nonetheless."

"Same here, Doctor," Flynn replied, shaking the man's hand. "Now, that diagnostic, if you please? I'm sure Doctor K would like to go home sooner rather than later."

The door of the Diagnostics Room opened, and Dr. Carson Beckett stepped in, clipboard in hand.

"Other than the fact that you'll need to go outside and get some sun, you're perfectly healthy, love." Dr. Beckett said to Doctor K, who was sitting down on the edge of the lab's diagnostic cot.

"Outside?" she asked, sliding off the cot. "That is not a possibility, Doctor. You see, with all of the technology I am developing for the Rangers. Every moment is crucial to defeating Venjix, and I cannot afford to lose any more time on-"

"Please." Dr. Beckett said, clapping his patient's shoulders, effectively silencing her. "I've already informed your friends, and they are willing to escort you around the city. Now, if you feel anything wrong, anything at all, come back to the hospital and ask for me, alright?"

Dr. K nodded, still silent. "Okay." Carson said, letting go of Dr. K's shoulders. "You're free to go, love."

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