Another author's note. Sorry. Please don't kill me!

Some news:

1) I am re-doing my profile. The pictures I have on there will no longer be available and some of the other things I have posted. They just take up a lot of space and I want to change it a little bit.

2) My pen-name has been changed! Instead of "IItwilightaddictII" I am now "call me your partner in crime." (Otherwise known as PIC which stands or "partner in crime".)

3) I have a new story up. It's called When Night Comes, the Devils Come Out to Play. Check it out!

4) I'm sorry, but I don't want to continue my story Unknown Creature. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to, and for some reason, I don't want to update it or post anymore. I'm very sorry if I disappointed anyone. If someone wants to continue the story for me, I'm am fine with that. In-fact, I hope someone does continue the story for me, because I know there are lots of people who still read and like the story. Thanks.

5) I'm deleting my sort-of-new story A Girl of Elementals. I decided I wanted to make a new story (When Night Comes, the Devils Come Out to Play) that had the same plot-line but with different details. And a different Bella. I hope you like it.

6) I'm posting this authors note on all my stories, so I will be repeating some information that is already on my newer stories. (A Girl of Elementals which will be deleted soon, and When Night Comes, the Devils Come Out to Play).

That's all.

--call me your partner in crime (PIC)