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The sixteen year old Kazekage sat behind the desk, signing papers. His head snapped up when he sensed a large bundle of chakra in the room. Slowly his eyes gazed around the large office until he found it behind the window wall. He let a small smile grace his face as he recognized the chakra level.

"You can stop trying to be sneaky Naruto. I know that you are there." the redhead smirked.

"No you don't!" the blond called back. Gaara could see the older teen shift in his hiding spot.

"So right now you are not... sitting on my window ledge?" Gaara raised a hairless brow.

"Would you believe me if I said no?" Naruto asked, peeking into the room.

"Nope." Gaara let out a bark that was suspiciously close to a laugh. Naruto smiled, his mission accomplished.

"So how are you buddy? What is this a whole week since coming back to life?" the blond bent over the table and stared into the pale green eyes. Gaara met his stare back with a tiny smile and wink.

"I think the people like me better, seeing as they seem to think that I'm almost invincible. And Temari and Kankuro have stopped giving me tests," he leaned forward and looked into the bright blue eyes.

"Test?" Naruto raised a blond brow.

"To make sure I can speak, hear, taste, and feel and everything else." he waved a hand.

"Interesting... so how are YOU?" Naruto asked, noticing that Gaara had not answered the first question.

"Uh... can you keep a secret?" the redhead whispered, a light blush going across his face.

"Is it that you have no eyebrows? Cause if it is I just now realized it today," Naruto brought his finger across Gaara's face where eyebrows were meant to be. The boy felt his left eye twitch to keep himself from not punching the blond through the window.

"You.... are an asshole!" Gaara growled and slapped the tanned hand. Naruto yelped and pulled back.

"Well I'm sorry that I'm not always in your face! It's not that obvious!" Naruto rubbed his red hand.

"It's my FACE! We have known each other for three whole years! I was right over top of you once! You punched me in the face before! Twice I might add!" Gaara narrowed his ringed eyes.

"But... hey... now that I think about it.... are you hairless anywhere else?" Naruto's eyes brightened with mirth as he waited for Gaara to answer. The Suna leader gasped and gritted his teeth.

"Get... out... that is none of your business!" the redhead shouted and pointed to the door.

"Not until you answer me!" the blond folded his amrs over his thin shirt.

"I will not! Now get out or get thrown out!" Gaara felt his anger rising.

"Come on Gaara, you could never- WOAH!" Naruto dodged down as sand came rushing clumsily out. He came back up to see Gaara's hand shaking directly over his gourd of sand. 'So he can't last long with his sand?' Naruto put the two together rather fast.

"Gaara? Can you take off your shirt?" Naruto sat back on the desk, challenging the Kazekage to do something. The boy blushed and stared at Naruto, his eyes wide and disbelieving.

"Why the hell would I do that?" he asked.

"I want to see if your chest is hairless." the older shrugged.

"NO YOU ASS WIPE!" Gaara swiped out with the sand and flopped back in his chair. 'He is spent, now is my chance!' Naruto summoned two double gangerers. One grabbed Gaara's arms and held them above his head. The other one slid the Kazekage robe off and then opened his shirt.

"Wow.... so smooth." the other clone's hands touched the smooth chest. The redhead blushed and shuddered at the feel of the warm hands across his body. The tingle in his body signaled the hardening of his nipples.

"You like that?" the Naruto holding his arms bit his ear lightly. The boy shuddered and turned his head away.

"That... that is what I was telling you. I seem to be always.... lustful. I just want to jump the next person like a rattle snake." Gaara whispered loudly. The blondes smiled to each other.

"Well I can help you with that. But first I want to see how hairless you are my little tuniki." the real Naruto said. Gaara gasped as one of Narutos took off his pants, revealing his red boxers and slight bulge.

"You're legs are smooth as a baby's bottom." the hands ran up and down the thin pale legs.

"Why are you so pale? I mean you live in the desert with a lot of sun!" one Naruto said. Gaara's breath quickened as one of the pairs of hands went up his thighs.

"I... I am a redhead. We don't tan well." he answered.

"Do you have any hair right here?" one Naruto poked his slight erection. Gaara turned his eyes to the real Naruto and smiled slightly.

"You can always look and see." he whispered sexily. The three Narutos grinned at the challenge.


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