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Historical Bonds

Chapter 1

Sixty years ago, before the five great nations were formed, before any of the hidden villages were founded. Out in the middle of the ocean a small fleet of three ships bearing the night country flag were sailing in search of new land and possibly make diplomatic contact with whoever they may find

On one of the ships a man bearing a white captain cloak was checking up on his crew on the deck. He was admired by his men, he had blond hair and sky blue eyes and he always seemed to have some sort of smile or grin on his face, his name was Namikaze Masaki. A young girl bearing a vice captain armband approached him "Captain, we are low on food and water, if we do not reach land soon I fear the worst for the crew" she told him

"Begin rationing what we have left and inform the other two captains that I wish to speak with them" Masaki responded

"As you wish sir"

The young night vice captain bowed before she began to send the signal to the other two ships. It wasn't long before the captains had responded and boarded the ship

"Namikaze, this better be good" One of the captains told him irritated

"How are your food and water holding up?" he asked them without losing any time

"We are beginning to run out of both on my ship, I have already begun rationing what little we have left but it won't last us more than a week" one of the other captains answered

"We are in the same shape" the other finally said irritated

"As am I, that's why I think that we should think about turning back. I have a bad feeling that something horrible is about to happen to us if we continue on like this"

"We have orders from the Kurokage, and we are going to fallow them" one of the captains said in anger

"But you have to admit, we are running dangerously low on supplies. If we don't find any land soon we will all starve to death" the other captain said wanting to back up Masaki

"We have been going in this direction for the past month; we are bound to hit land sooner or later! We don't have a choice, you said it yourselves that we are low on supplies, we probably wouldn't have enough to return"

"If we pooled all of our resources together, we might have enough to get us all back home" Masaki once again told them

"I am in charge of this expedition, and I say we keep on going. Now do you want to challenge my authority?" the older captain asked him putting his hand on his Katana

"No of course not..." Masaki said in a disappointed tone, suddenly his senses began to pick something up. The wind pressure had changed, the humidity had also changed "We have to change course now!" he told them

"What is it?" one of the captains asked him

"There is sudden change in the temperature, as well as the winds. A very large storm is brewing, we have to change course to avoid it" Masaki answered

The captain in charge looked outside, all he could see were clear skies a warm sun and calm waters "You are just trying to get us to turn back, it won't work Namikaze. the expedition will proceed" he said as he began to walk away to return to his ship

"LISTEN TO ME! Everything might look nice for now, but there is a storm coming! You should know that the Namikazes are born with an affinity to the wind element, and although it seems minor to you, there has been a major shift in the atmosphere"


"My duty as captain of the tenth division is the safety of my men, I refuse to continue on this course. You can file as many complaints as you wish with the Kurokage"

Suddenly large black clouds began to fill the skies and the winds had begun to pick up

"Where did they come from?" the other captain asked

"It's too late, it's here..." Masaki simply said

The crews of all three ships were scrambling to secure the deck. Masaki was helping them out "Secure the canons, we don't need them to come crashing into the ship and causing damage!" he told his crew as they began to chain down the large weapons, his vice captain came to him

"Sir, can we not just turn around now and avoid the storm?"

"No, the wind is not in our favor. We would never get enough speed to outrun it. Our only option now is to go straight towards it"

"ARE YOU MAD?" the other captains both told him "I am not going to take my ship and crew into that!" he said pointing at the storm

"Do as you wish, but get off my ship if you don't plan on helping" Masaki said as he turned his back on them

"Do whatever you want, we are out of here!" both captains said as they left the ship as fast as they could

Masaki ordered the helm to turn the ship directly into the storm as the other two ships tried to outrun it "Captain, the deck has been secured. Let's get the crew inside" the vice captain shouted out

"Alright, get them inside. I will stay here to steer the ship" Masaki answered

"But sir, it's too dangerous, even for a captain!"

"Just go!" he told her as he refused to leave the wheel

The ship was being hit hard by the storm; its sails were being ripped to shreds and one of the masses had snapped and fallen into the ocean, but Masaki refused to leave his post. In the distance he thought he could see something. He was horrified as he could just make out some rocks and they were heading straight for them. He tried to turn the wheel as fast as he could but even he knew that it was hopeless. He ran to the emergency bell and began ringing it, but the winds and the seas were too powerful. No one from inside could hear it. He had to warn his crew, they had to abandon ship. Although jumping into the sea wasn't very appealing at the moment, it was better than going down with the ship

Masaki was walking against the wind towards the door that would lead him to the lower decks where his crew were safely waiting the end of the storm. It took every ounce of energy he had just to take a single step. He was about to reach the door handle when a piece of the main mass came crashing down on him sending him flying overboard. He tried desperately to stay above water and close to the ship. He had to somehow get back on board, he had to warn his crew, but the waters were too fierce. He was unable to keep his head above water and slowly his world began to grow dark...

The next morning the storm had passed and the sun had returned, it was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and the birds were chirping. Two ninjas were walking along the beach together "Hashirama, I don't know if this is such a good idea. The Uchihas have always been our enemies and the Hyugas have never been much better" said the younger of the two, he had white hair and was dressed in blue

"Tobirama, the fighting needs to end. I am sure that everyone wants something better, could you imagine if we could unite the people and all the clans of the region and form a great village, a great nation?!" the older man said, he had black hair and was dressed in red

"Always the dreamer big brother" the other responded with a slight grin, but it didn't stay for long. They both saw something on the beach, it looked like a body had been brought in by the tide. They quickly ran towards it, once they reached the body they were amazed to find out that he wasn't dead. He was weak, but alive!

"Hashirama, he has some water in his longs, but I can remove it" he said as he began to concentrate, slowly, water started to pour out of the man's mouth and like a miracle he came back to life

The man opened his eyes and looked at the two men that had just saved his life "Where am I... And who are you?"

The two men smiled at him "I am Senju Hashirama and this is my little brother, Tobirama. We are of the Senju clan, what clan are you from? I have never seen that symbol before" he said pointing at the headband that Masaki wore

"I am Masaki of the Namikaze clan... are there any other survivors? I had a crew of one hundred twenty men..." he asked them

"We don't know, we just found you here. We could begin searching the area but we are on our way to a very important meeting with the clans of this region, come with us. Once we are done we can begin searching"

Masaki didn't like the idea of leaving behind his crew, but he had little choice. He was too weak to search on his own so he nodded and agreed to fallow them


"I guess it's to be expected from a fellow night country shinobi" he suddenly said

"What the?" Naruto said confused

"about sixty years ago the night country launched an exploration team. It was only a few ships with about 100 ninjas per ship. Back then we were just starting to become a power in the world. During the expedition, a huge storm destroyed most of the ships and only 5 ninjas returned alive out of the 300 we sent. When we calculated where the ships had encountered the storm, it was near the shores of the fire country. Obviously, your ancestor joined with some ninjas of this side, generations latter you were born"

"How the hell did you come up with a stupid story like that?"

"That Katana you're holding, it's no ordinary sword, it is a Zanpakuto of the night country. How can I tell? That last attack was a mix of your powers and the powers of your Zanpakuto. Also, the way you fight with it, at the beginning you were sloppy, it was as if you had never used a Katana before. But as our fight progressed you became more adept as you made a connection with it, although you have yet to awaken its true powers and abilities. I have no doubt that your blood is that of the night country"

"NO IT'S A LIE! I AM NOT FROM THE NIGHT!" Naruto screamed out

Ichigo began to laugh at him

"Naruto, is it true, are you really one of them?" Sakura asked him

Suddenly Naruto found himself surrounded by the village council "Namikaze Naruto, you are being charged with being a traitor. You are hereby stripped of your title as Hokage and sentence to exile"

"But I am not a traitor!" Naruto pleaded

"Traitor, traitor, traitor" his friends kept repeating as they pointed their fingers at him as he is forced to leave the village by the ANBU

Naruto suddenly woke up, sweat dripping down his face. Sakura was still sleeping beside him, he was breathing heavily. He slowly got up from the bed trying not to wake his sleeping angel. He made his way to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, he had been having the same nightmare over and over again almost every night. He let out a large sigh as he poured some water over his head. He then suddenly heard some noise come from the nursery, he smiled as he walked over to his precious daughters room. She was standing up in her crib, using the bars for support

"Hey there angel" he said with a smile as she raised her hands to indicate that she wanted him to pick her up as she smiled at him. He smiled back as he lifted her out of her crib, it had almost become a nightly ritual that she had gotten used to. It was the only good part of waking up at night "Are you hungry? Yes you are aren't you" He said with a large smile as he carried her over to the kitchen and sat her down on in her chair. He began to heat up a bottle for her when he heard something from behind

"So, this is why she isn't hungry in the morning" Sakura said with a slight grin, she was still sleepy

"Ah Sakura, sorry if we woke you…" Naruto said feeling like he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar

"Well aren't you two cute, sneaking around together at night" she said as her grin began to grow while she walked up to Naruto and kissed his cheek "Are you still having those nightmares?" Sakura asked him

"Nightmares?" Naruto answered back, not wanting to worry her. Also wondering how she knew about them since he had never spoken to her or anyone else for that matter about them

"Naruto, your cute, however you are still an idiot. I am your wife, do you think I haven't notice that you have been restless? Or the large amount of tossing and turning you do at night? I ignored it at first because I thought it would pass, however it's been months now. So whatever this is, it must be bothering you greatly. Do you want to talk about it?"

Naruto was feeling uneasy as he was testing the milk for Naoto, it was perfect, not too hot. He handed her the bottle and she happily began to suck on it as he kissed her forehead "It's not something I want to trouble you with" Naruto finally answered

Sakura wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest and in a soft voice said "Naruto, I love you and want to help you, it's no trouble"

Naruto wrapped his own arms around her and rested his own head on top of hers "Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve someone like you" he said with a slight smile "Alright, I guess we have some time to talk while Naoto drinks her milk before I put her back to bed" he said as he sat down at the table and Sakura sat next to him, while Naoto continued to drink her milk, not really caring about much else. Naruto explained to her what Ichigo had told him during his battle with him, about how the blade that was passed down from Namikaze to Namikaze was not only a family heirloom, but possibly a night country Zanpakuto. He also told her about what Ichigo told him about how a night country expedition was struck by a storm near the shore of the Fire country about sixty years ago

Sakura had listened to him carefully, however did not understand why any of that would bother him "I see, but why is that bothering you? Many of us came from all over the continent when we founded Konoha and the land of fire. If any of this is true, it just means you came from a bit farther" she said with a supporting smile

But Naruto did not return it "It would mean that my ancestors were night ninja's, making me one of them. What if anyone else found out? They would strip me of my title and imprison me, or worst, cast me away in exile"

Sakura shook her head in disbelief "So this is what's been bothering you? Naruto, you were born right here in Konoha. Your father, who again if this story is true would also be from the night, is revered as the strongest and best Hokage we ever had, well until you that is" she said with a grin "I guess what I am trying to say is, you are you, it's not your fault that IF your ancestors were once a part of the night country, plus that was sixty ago, and I am sure no one would care. You saved this village so many times that I have lost count" she told him, trying to cheer him up "So stop worrying about it"

Naruto stared into her eyes and smiled, then they heard a burp and his attention shifted to Naoto who was done her bottle and was staring at them both. He got up and picked her up and began tapping her back "Thanks Sakura, you always know how to cheer me up, I will finish up here and put her to bed, she normally falls asleep rather quickly after her early morning bottle"

"You know, we are going to have to talk about that when we wake up" she said teasingly as she headed back to their room

Naruto continued to make Naoto burp as he sang softly making her slowly fall asleep, Sakura peeked from their bedroom door "Aww, that is so adorable" she thought to herself

End chapter 1

This is going to be a back and forth type of story, its kind of like telling two stories at the same time, what i mean by that is that i will be telling the story of both what happened 60 years ago to Naruto's ancestors as well as what happens to Naruto in the present time

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