Well everyone, I am proud to announce that the wait is over, after reading 10 Naruto chapters "I am still like 120 chapters behind" I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to post the next part of the bonds series, I am still going to continue reading up on the chapters as I find the time to do so, so I will finally and officially mark Historical Bonds as completed and respond to the final reviewers

25BAM50 – Thank you for your review, well the wait is over, I did not plan on releasing this story this soon but well here we are

bankai777 – Thanks for the review, and yes, I wonder why ;) more of that in the official chapter :D hope you enjoy

Spartan1 – Thanks for the review, and you may stop looking, because more has arrived

I hope that you all enjoy the new story as much as you have enjoyed SoB and HB

Also an announcement on my side project is, due to the lack of interest in it, I will not be rushing any chapters out for it, I still want to tell the story of Rei, but since it has gotten so little views I want to concentrate on the new story, so if you are reading that story, know that it is NOT canceled but the chapter releases will be slow compared to the new main story

Thank you all for your support

Uknown Bonds - Out now!