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He was a demon, yes.

He did not understand human`s emotions, yes.

He was self centered and egoistic, yes. He admitted freely all of his flaws.

He gloated how superior he was comparing to the humans… his personal human servant particularly.

She was weak, so weak that irritated him every time she would open her fly trap to spill nonsensical shit about emotions, or every time she would call out his name in worry, as if he could be hurt by so little.

Every time those large brown eyes locked on his person, he could not resist touching her, just to feel her skin crawl under his claws, or those large brow eyes suddenly fill with fear, fear of him!

How much he hated that he would just adore the way she seemed unsure of herself sometimes.

The was she slowly found her way around some cases without his help, making him feel somehow proud on having such a rapidly evolving servant.

For she have evolved. Yes she had.

From that hunger driven human teenager female with an amoeba sized brain to something he might consider his… partner.

Not that his ego would be even more flattered that it was his doing that she evolved that much. Without him she would still be mourning for the lost of her father. Smiling a fake smile and living in misery for only God`s know how long.

But he had been there, observing the humans and picking her. The one human that held the most promising mystery at the time. The very human that would also be his cover… his bait and helper. His slave.

That`s why he saved her, he told himself. She still had to evolve more, a lot more if she ever wanted to be his equal.

The strangest of all, was that he truly wanted that puny human to be his equal, his partner, on every mean of the word.

He knew she completed him… what he lacked she had, what she lacked he had. Even if he made off most of everything by himself… She really lacked a lot of things…

She had those spiteful things called emotions.

He had no use for those. They only got on the way… proof was his situation this instant…

See? After "dieing" He did not come back to Makai as it was expected… no, he was too much drained of off his powers to transport himself back to Makai. So now he was at some kind of limbo of some sorts…

Not much so see, nor much to do.

That`s the main reason that led him to pondering his life through the last year.


How a simple name evoked within him such a chain of reactions?

He could feel his skin crawl, his insides to twist, his fingers to curl into a fist, his eyes to sharp and strange enough, his heart to ache.

Not something he was used, mind you. It was not hunger, he did not understand much aside from the basic survival instinct. His whole existence floated around that word!

Hunger, a longing for food… His case: a good share of mysteries.

Hunger it was not… but still a longing.

He knew what he longed for.


But oh no! Not to eat her! Although it would be amusing to try to scare her into thinking that he would eat her… maybe even place her flesh inside his beak and chew a little. The smell of her fear enough to satiate him.

When he comes back to the Nigenkai, he would place her onto hell himself.

Yes, that he would.


"Neuro!" She cried his name… The first thing he sees when he finally stored enough energy to come back to Nigenkai is his slave`s from just a few paces in front of him inside the office. Looking as if she`d not slept nor eaten on a long time.

A voice on the back of his head told him that her blue expression was because of him, because of her annoying worrying for him.

The first thing that happens then is her arms enveloping him on a hug. Her small body flushes against his, with her fragile human arms draped around his waist…

And he felt something he only felt when he fed: Contempt.

"Neuro…!" Yako cried again against his chest this time. Her tears dampening his suit, but for the first time he could tell he did not mind her touching him, hell! She was crying on him, practically pouring her meek emotions on his person and he felt not the need to behead her yet! "I`m so sorry!"

"It takes more than that to kill me, you should know slave, I`m immortal" His hard and deep voice sounding annoyed that she thought that a weak thing like that could kill him… Her only response was to release her grip on him enough to turn up her head to stare at his face.

His eyes as hard as his voice piercing hers own. A tremendous wave of emotions flashing through those brown eyes, emotions that he knew not of.

"I'm sorry…" Yako repeated again. "I thought I lost you…" Her voice just a notch above a whisper.

"Witch part of the concept of immortality passed unnoticed for you?" Being harsh, yes, to at least gain some leash over those feelings he was experimenting right now.

"The part that you disappear for weeks without giving any sign of life!" She exclaimed against his cloth. Boldly standing up to him.

"Then I must have miscalculated the size of your brain… must be smaller than I thought". Her hands tightened on his back.

"I thought I`d lost you…"

To lose myself would not compare to loosing you.

"You would have died if that attack hit you."

Still, if I lost you that time, I would have lost myself… again.

"What if you`d died!"

It is good to feel the heat of your body when the night is so chilling.

"You underestimate me human"

You`re the one who does not understand how I feel… perhaps…?

"Neuro…" Her arms fell of off him. She`s standing right in from of his person.

"What?" He snapped without admitting that he missed the contact… The longing was back, the one that compared to the one he felt when hungry.

"I love you!"

"Heh… it is just a step closer to worshipping, which is what a servant such as your self should be doing." Neuro grinned over the small human female. That misplaced longing just about intensifying.

What he longed for?

"…" Yako did not respond… how dare he just brush aside her confession? She had been heartbroken when he "died" saving her from that mortal attack.

Just like when her father died… she was alone again…

Being alone, she realized a few things… one of them being that she since the demon`s appearance, her whole life resolved to him and his causes. So without him, she had no reasons to live.

But he gave his life for hers… she had to keep going, keep living, keep solving mysteries… for him. So she kept the office and with the help from Godai and Sasazuka, she still helped to solve a few cases… Not as much as she was used, seeing as her fans and clients thought she was grieving the loss of her parter.

She needed him… she needed him to have a purpose.

Yako`s not anybody` slave, she`s not somebody`s toy…


It took his death for her to realize her love for him.

Not that she ever nourished hope that the feelings would be responded to. No… he was far too un-enpathic to care at all.

But nothing could ever describe the happiness that filled her heart when suddenly he materialized at the middle of theirs office. Or how he allowed her to touch him. Envelop him with her arms to keep him there.

To feel he was real, not an illusion out of her loneliness.

Soon after the hug, they bickered. With Neuro diminishing her as much as he had the chance to… and she confessing her feelings… her damnable love for that demon.

Of course he brushed it aside. She expected as much…

So nothing prepared her for what happened next.


The longing… he knew now what it was he longed to.

He found the answer when his spinning green eyes met her brown ones.

Suddenly all of his hunger disappeared… being replaced by something he had no words to describe.

The longing, the hunger, the squeeze on his heart… everything… was directed at her.

He blamed being so weakened that his body already showed human`s anatomic traces. Such as blood vessels… and nerves terminals… and hormones… and endorphins…

That last one just appearing after he did what he did…

After all it was expected the liberation of endorphins on his system after an action such as that…

He kissed her. Full on the lips. Towering over her petit figure and circling her within his arms. It took a while, but she responded to the kiss, and when Yako did, he just deepened it at his will.

Even if he was being controlled by human`s emotions at that moment…

He was still the superior one.