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Nougami Neuro and all between's not mine…

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was this princess. She had yellow blondish hair and kind warmish brown eyes. Her smile was always calm and cheer-ish and her style bright and…

Hunger-ish? Anyway…

She was the princess from this kingdom; the kingdom was very pretty and prosperous. People smiled at each other and treated each other with care. But there was one problem; the kingdom didn't have a king.

So that princess from this kingdom took upon herself to find a nice and gentle king to protect this kingdom from those evilness things that sometimes falls on top of good reigns.

She set on a quest.

"What do you think you're doing slave?" Neuro's voice was pretty much annoyed. His green eyes blazing hellish flames at one Katsuragi Yako, frightened beyond her wits. "Why aren't you working as slave number two?" He asked cunningly smiling over the wide eyes of Yako. On the background, slave number two, otherwise known as Godai stared holes through Neuro's head whilst skillfully browsing through a newspaper over the announced murdered section.

"Ne-neuro!" The girl sputtered, the caught deer, at least that's what her wide eyes could tell, and as far and Neuro knew, she knew she was doing something that would result on obvious pain, or teasing, on his or her part.

Or both.

"What do you have there?" Neuro asked grinning marginally wider than a normal human's smile. Sharp teeth only working on as in an intimidation factor, taking the remaining courage from Yako's heart. Fearing this would end in disaster, Yako tried to hide the thing she had on her arms behind her back.

"It's just homework" She pleaded with her eyes to her boss uncertain understanding of her situation. He didn't seem to care though, with his arms longer than hers, he caught on what she was trying to hide easily.

"Sou desu ka?" Asked Neuro skeptically as he looked over Yako's piece of work. "Usually your homework has biting marks, as you can't control you hunger, this doesn't look like it has bites marks" He said with his analytical voice and angel like smile on a blank creepy face. Matter of fact - stating. Yako blanched visibly.

"It is!" she exclaimed before caughting on Neuro's early words. "And my homework's fine!" Narrowed brown eyes bored into flashing green ones.

"Then you won't mind me reading it" Neuro stated smirking lightly, Yako protested but it was no use, Neuro held onto her… object… and scanned it, his smirk growing with every ever second.

"Give me back!" Yako cried jumping on Neuro, throwing them both to the carpeted floor of the private detective office. Neuro only gained an mischief-full air around him.

"If you really want it, then you will have to finish it for me" He announced to the utter horror of Yako.

So much for keeping it a secret from him. She sighed internally. It started with a school project, to write with your own words a small tale. As much as Yako struggled, she couldn't come up with anything satisfactory, everything she thought had to do with already existing fairytales. Be it Japanese ones or those English ones they studied on English class.

"Ok…" The girl relented, she knew better than to provoke Neuro, oh she knew, at least this time she escaped with no injury or lifelong traumas.

"Though, if You plan to rape me, I will have to repost you on Sexual Harassment, sensei" That's when Yako noticed she was still on top of him. And that's when she blushed bloody red and scampered to her feet as fast as she could while ripping her mysterious object, revealed to be a text book, with her.


"Here, it's over" Yako said offering her text book over to Neuro. The brain eater simple took the book from her hands and tossed it in a trash basket that was resting beside his table. Yako glared heatedly at him.

"I want mysteries, not gooshy fairytales." Neuro spoke calmly as if he wasn't the receiving end of a wave of killing intent. He shrugged it off and glared at Yako. "What are you still doing here?" He snapped at her. Yako's eyes widened before she signed and went back to her task of finding her boss some good riddles for him to eat off from, muttering once and a while about how mean Neuro was.


It was dark already, and his slaves had left for the day, leaving him on his whole glorious solitude. Sometimes being the master took its rolls upon him, Neuro smirked, nah, he liked being on control.

Averting his eyes from the walls, as interesting as they seemed to be, he focused on the rectangular object protuberating from the trash basket.

Yako's tale. He remembered, having read the firsts paragraphs, he deemed the thing worthless of his time and only sent Yako to finish it off to nag at her, like he did, now though, admit he would never, he was rather curious about her written tale.

Opening the hard cover of the text book, Neuro scanned the words that came from Yako, raising an eyebrow and smiling amusedly, he read through the small story, only because of his curiosity, he told himself, because the thing was pulling his curious nature to it.

When he finished, Neuro had a rather scaring looking expression, at least scaring if on his face, as one who knew him would find it really strange the non usual twists of his lips and the curve of his eyes.

His soft smile spoke heights.

She set on a quest.

The princess of that kingdom decided to travel the world searching for the perfect king. After many years of searching, the princess gave up and went home.

Once traveling the roads back to that castle the princess lived, she found a man laid on the pavement. He looked tired and hungered, so the princess, kind hearted and good, brought him with her to that castle whereas she was going.

'why did you help me' asked the man, he was the most beautiful man the princess had ever seen, green eyes greener than the lettuce she ate at lunch and hair blonder than her own, except for his bangs, which were browner than her eyes.

'Because you needed help, and I need help' the princess said to the man.

'You helped me, now is my time to repay you, what may I help you with?' asked the man yet again, taking the princess by surprise. She smiled one of her soft smiles that she only knew existed when she met him and knew he existed.

'Iwant you to be the king of this kingdom' the princess said, the man thought it over but at the end, he accepted and became king.

Through the many years the princess and the man now king stayed together, the kingdom met no hard days, only happiness and joy.


Somewhere else, at a very distant kingdom from afar inside one named Katsuragi Yako's mind, a blond, brown eyed princess held the hand of her king.

"Think they will realize it?" She asked smiling cheerfully. The man's green eyes sparkled as he chuckled along the princess.

"You do" He said, the princess signed.

"You're just stubborn"

"I know…" He grinned impishly "If I wasn't then where would the fun be?"

Yako woke up with a start as she was yanked from her dream's realm by a very rough shoving. As she groggily opened her eyes, he still sleeping mind realized two things.

One: Neuro, her demon boss was standing directly above her, standing on the roof.

Two: He had her text book clutched in his arms and was smiling rather creepily.

"I think we have some things to discuss" He stated eerily. Yako's mind woke up that instant; soon anger came over her as she stared curiously to her alarm clock. She snapped angrily without second thoughts.

"Couldn't have waited until tomorrow?!" Neuro's smile became even creepier if that was possible and he calmly explained.

"No" He started and pointedly ignored Yako's fuming "I'm the master, slave, you're mine to summon at any given time" His eyes became slits. "Your tiny non working brain should be able to grasp this" Yako did what she always do when Neuro starts with his superiority speech, she sighed. Hoping not to get hurt.

"What do you want, Neuro?" She asked now calmer, curious too as well. "Its…"another glance at the alarm clock "… 3:58 AM" Neuro blinked, face blank.

"So?" He would explain to her what the expression "at any given time" means but he had more serious matters to talk to her about. "I'm here to ask you something"

"What is it?" Yako's curious voice amused him.

"With what may I help you with?"


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