Sheila Broflovski wasn't much of a fan of computers, let alone the Internet. But whenever she did, the very first thing she did was go to her email.

Today was no different.
But, she got an email where she didn't know the person. The user name was unrecognizable, but the subject was "Kyle." What would a stranger want with her bubeleh? Now, she didn't normally open an email that was sent from people she didn't know, but since the subject was regarding her son, she decided to click on it.

There was a link.


She was redirected to a screen with text across it. The bar at the top said Fanfiction. She read the text across the screen, and the words forming on it would of made her did a spit take if she was drinking.

"Stan, I'm not sure about this. What if someone sees us?"Kyle whispered.

"No one's here but us. I promise I'll make it good for you,"Stan replied. "Just give me a chance."


Before Kyle could finish his sentence, Kyle was attacked by a very seduced Stan. He was smothered by kisses, and he couldn't take the temptation and started kissing him back. The raven haired boy could tell Kyle enjoyed it by his moans. And soon the kosher boy started unzipping Stan's pants, and he could see he had an erection . .

"I'll fix that . ."Kyle moaned.


Meanwhile, a certain fat Nazi grinned at his work.

"Thank Hitler for Fanfiction."

Author's note: Oh, Cartman, you.

I think it's kinda funny how no one has written a story about Kyle's mom finding Fanfiction(Or getting a link to it, in this case.) and seeing all the Style stories, since there are so many out there. Or maybe someone has. I dunno.

Sorry that the "sex" scene was bad. If you can even call it that. I've never written one before.

Disclaimer: I am too much of an epic fail to come up with something even HALF as amazing as South Park. Or Fanfiction, since that's mentioned too.