A/N: Sorry guys that I haven't updated Land Beneath. I know I promised I would update on Christmas but I wasn't able to. Our choir teacher had us practicing for the competition. ANd I also forgot because I got so distracted

Are there any Filipinos there? Maybe you might know the prestigious choir contest, Voices and Harmony. Well, it's prestigious in the Philippines and we sure came in as third place.

We also had our Junior-Seniors Prom just about last Saturday. Now this week, on Friday, we are going to have our Romeo and Juliet play and I am the props master and I would have to focus on that. Also, on Saturday, the choir is requested to sing in the opening remarks for the entrance exam of incoming freshmen.

After that, rest assured that I will be able to update my stories. Yes, even Lost Memories, Bella's Key and Hiding with Death.

I'm sorry for not updating. Thank you for those readers who continue to support my stories.

Thank you so much and sorry.