Title: Work Is Second After You

Disclaimers: I dont own the Pot bishies. Everything you see here is nothing buy my imagination.

Summary: For Tezuka, Work has always been his priority. An AU about a business man who values nothing but work. Will he ever meet the person he's destined for? Read and Find out!

Warnings: Rated M for explicit content.

'The meeting went fine today, though I disliked the fact of traveling to a far away place just for such a thing. But I still can't believe they forced me to sign something like that.' A man in his late twenties drove down the roads of a familiar street. 'Nevertheless, if it's for the benefit of the company I will do anything.' He added as an after thought.

A bespectacled brunet gripped the stirring wheel tighter. His brown chocolate eyes narrowed dangerously staring at the road. 'Because of the meeting, I've had no choice but to go home a little late than expected'

Reaching the hotel named 'Olympic Palace' a thousand feet building that could rival the Tokyo tower, Tezuka Kunimitsu stopped at the entrance of the hotel before padding out of his Porsche he gave the key to one lad working as the valet parking. And just as soon as he reached the entrance came as soon as a man wearing a fine suite.

"Tezuka! How did the meeting with Atobe Corporation went?" Oishi Syuichiroh, Tezuka's current secretary rushed towards the brunet. He was carrying a timetable with him as he grabbed the suitcase Tezuka was holding.

"It wasn't important. Let's talk about this tomorrow Oishi, I'm really tired for now. Is there anything else in my schedule?"

Oishi flipped through the papers of his timetable before looking at his employer and friend. "Well, I've talked to manager Fuji of Olympic Palace about everything… so there's nothing else in the list. You are very free of rest Tezuka, you should retire to your suite. It's not very healthy for you to overwork yourself, after all." The worried secretary answered sympathetically.

'Thank Kami-sama' Tezuka thought while giving out a worn out sigh. He quickly strode inside the hotel only to be stopped by a neck-length haired brunet, smiling happily at seeing him.

"Why Tezuka-sama, it's such a pleasant surprise! I never knew you were coming! Good thing I reserved the royal suite today!" Fuji Syusuke – another one of Tezuka's friend since childhood – greeted too enthusiastically as he came down the spiral stairs to greet his special customer for the day.

Tezuka left brow twitched. It was by far obvious that Fuji was indeed lying, again. Showing his famous frown, he sighed before stopping in front of the thin man. "Fuji, not now. I'm really exhausted."

Fuji beamed at that as he clapped his slender hands. "That's wonderful Tezuka! I'll surely enjoy accompanying you tonight!" With that he hooked one arm around Tezuka's and practically pulled him to the elevator.

Oishi sweat dropped as he suppressed a sigh, he ran after the two only to be closed out by the elevator door. This time he really gave out a sigh, and he couldn't contain the feeling of mercy written all over his action.







"Fuji!" Tezuka tried to push the smiling tensai as they were both the only ones in the elevator.

"Don't worry Tez, I'll make you feel heaven a little bit later. But right now, we need to take off these restricting clothes." Fuji smiled innocently as he swiftly pulled Tezuka's silk tie.

Tezuka's eyes widened a millimeter, hadn't Fuji heard him? He said he was tired! He was not in the mood for this right now! He wanted it to stop, but to his unfortunate event he wasn't dealing with just another whore, he was at the hands of the most sadistic person he knew – Fuji.

Before he knew it, he was already laying on the king sized bed half naked. "Fuji! Stop this now-"

"Oh come on Tez, how can we stop now when this part of you is already pleading for me" Fuji seductively smirked as he enjoyed rubbing Tezuka's still clothed erection at the same time hovering the resisting president.

"No! Fuji-!" He tried to push the brunet manager sitting on him, yet when Fuji pulled down his pants and started paying attention to his pleading cock, he wasn't able to do anything but gasp in pleasure.

"Mnh… So does it feel good, president?" Fuji looked at his prey as he continued licking the tip of the panting man. "Well, if that was good for you, how about this?"

Tezuka opened his chocolate eyes to find the tensai hovering naked, positioning Tezuka's hard cock to his ass.

"Ohh… Tez… so… very… GOOD!" Fuji moaned as Tezuka's cock finally found his prostate.







Fixing his tie, Tezuka Kunimitsu looked at the full body mirror and studied himself if everything was in order. He couldn't stop the thought that went to him as he fixed himself. 'That Fuji, after playing with me last night, leaving me alone the next morning.' He let out tired sigh as his mind hit flashback. 'Fuji had always been the type to play with people. Even when I had confessed to him, he turned me down and claimed we were nothing but mere sex friends. Until now, I cant believe he still think of me as his toy. But what can I do, he's the manager of the hotel-suite I own. I cant just fire him for personal matters.'

He closed his eyes and refused to remember his past. That had been his most downfall. Being the owner of the most famous hotel-suite in Japan, he still had many things to think of. With that, he made his way outside of the suite and headed for the lobby.

On his way, he was immediately approached by a worried Oishi.

"Tezuka, I'm sorry about Fuji. I already told him that you were busy, but I guess that didn't stop him"

Tezuka regarded the worried secretary for a moment before answering "It doesn't matter now, Oishi. What's my schedule for today?"

Oishi sighed before looking at the days timetable "You have a meeting with President Yukimura of the media industries today at 10 am. I'll drive you there, I feel down for not driving you last night at Atobe's corporation."

"Iie. It's fine Oishi, let's go."







Tezuka was looking at the speech he prepared for today's meeting with Yukimura Seichi of the media industries when the car had suddenly came to a full stop after reaching 50 kph.

Looking up from his papers he frowned his secretary as well as his chauffer. "Oishi, this is very careless of you."

"I'm sorry Tezuka, but there was a boy who just crossed. He's still in front of the road, so I cant move. I'll talk to him-"

Before Oishi knew it, his passenger was no longer at the back and was outside, confronting the interrupting teen.

"Excuse me, young boy you are in the middle of the road. Are you trying to kill yourself?" Tezuka's brows narrowed at the misunderstanding he was feeling.

"Che, I'm not the one driving 50 kph when the limit only says up until 45 kph." Gold dangerous eyes looded fearlessly at him, one eyebrow even raising in purpose of challenging the man to talk back.

"Well then, my apologies but I need to be in a meeting so I would very much appreciate it if you would step aside from the road. For your information, you are causing a traffic." There was an obvious hint of irritation written all over the brunet president's words.

"Che, stupid business people" The young boy– who had emerald thick locks - finally stood up and picked up a tennis ball that had fallen, before glaring at Tezuka and stepping out of the road.

Tezuka would never forget his manners as he gave out a strangled 'thank you' before going back inside the back seat of his Porsche and ordering Oishi to speed off.

"Wow, Tezuka. I never seen you that angry over such matters. Truthfully I was shocked I wasn't able to move from my seat." His chauffer sheepishly laughed. "Who was that boy?"

Tezuka exhaled deeply before going back and engrossing himself to his papers. "Nothing, just a brat."

Without them noticing, the teen they had just encountered left a very disturbing smirk.

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