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Tezuka used his hand to block the sun's rays that shone past the blinds. He blinked, turning in bed to find the other side empty and cold. He sighed, rolling so he could grab the pillow on the other side of the bed. When he pulled the white cotton pillow to his face, he smiled once he found out that Ryoka's scent is still there. The fresh vanilla with a mix of citrus smell welcomed him and he couldn't help but breathe in again. Ryoka smelled wonderful.

He sat up, reached for his specs on the nightstand and walks towards the shower. The warm water felt amazing against his skin and gets to his routine of scrubbing before toweling and then putting on his white fluffy bathrobe.

Tezuka was a person known to everyone around him as smart, tactful and charismatic. It doesn't take him an hour to decide on things especially regarding his work. That's why it was such surprise to him that it took him such a long time to figure this one thing out.

He wants to be close to Ryoka.

It's true, Tezuka did have girlfriends and a boyfriend before, but none of them were like Ryoka. None of them were as sweet and as cheeky as the green-haired boy and none of them certainly made him feel this giddy and excited at the thought of said boy.

With one swift move, he's over by the nightstand where his hotel phone is and dials the front desk

"Olympic Palace front desk. How may I help you?" a woman's voice said

"Connect me to Oishi" he says in a clear baritone voice

"I'm sorry, but Oishi-san is kind of busy-"

"This is Tezuka" He informs and the heres the other end quiet down

"T-Tezuka-shachou! I-I'll immediately call Oishi-san" the woman stutters

Tezuka mentally slaps himself. Why didn't he just call Oishi through his phone? And then he remembers that his phone's probably in his pants pocket from the night before and surveys the room in search of his pants and squints when he sees it somewhere next to the door in the other room.

"Tezuka? Is there any problem" He hears the voice of his secretary at the other end of the line and he gulps, straightening his stand and looking at the window where he could see the fantastic view of the hotel-suite.

"Oishi, I need you to find someone for me."







"We're here, Tezuka"

The brown-haired businessman turns to the window of the car and sees 'Haninozuka College' written on the plate that hung the walls and behind it is undoubtedly a school building. He rolls the window down a little bit and hears the bell of the school ring, signaling the end of classes. Tezuka's eyes dart past the dozens of students that walked outside of the gates of the school, some of them surrounding the black limo he's riding and he frowns. He seemed to have attracted quite an attention, and now he cant see anything with the mass of students blocking his view of the school gates.

"Oishi, I'm going out" he informs his secretary who also happens to be his driver for the day. He didn't want to trouble anyone else especially if he was just going to meet someone. Well, obviously Ryoka or should he say Ryoma was not just someone, he was Tezuka's… he doesn't know how to put it in simplier terms but yes, he is Tezuka's special someone.

"What? But Tezuka-"

He doesn't finish what his secretary has to say and opens the door steps out of the limo.

The crowd immediately moves and gives way to him but then a few school girls still approached the brunette and quite a handful made advances at him.

"hey, please give him some space" his manager warns

Tezuka had never been more thankful of his secretary, he had always been the nerdy type in the past and he never really got the hang of those…fangirls. Studying had always been his priority. Therefore work is now is priority, except he cant really concentrate on his work when all he can think about are those golden orbs that seemingly seduces him all the time.

His thoughts cuts short when finally, he spots a flash of raven-hair coming at his way and a boy he assumes is his bestfriend – according to the files – is Momoshiro-kun. The two were immersed on their talk when the younger teen looked up and saw Tezuka.

The brunette registers how Ryoma's beautiful orbs widens at seeing him before the younger teen turns around and made to walk the other way – back to the school grounds. Tezuka panics at this, the last thing he wanted was for the beautiful boy to run away from him.


He sees the boy flinch at being called his real name. Ryoma slowly turns and Tezuka gulps when he's faced with the younger teen's glare.

"Yes, Uncle?" the boy snaps, and an eyebrow raised, daring the older man to argue

Tezuka's eyes narrow just the tiniest bit before realization struck him.

"Yes. Well, we really need to get going" he says with a tone he can process as the most calm and normal. Tezuka sees Ryoma's eyes close shut and he sighs, body visibly relaxing before nodding and walking towards the car. Tezuka steps aside and opens the door, not noticing the shock expression from his secretary, and lets the younger boy inside the limo.

"What is your problem?" Ryoma glares when the doors shut and the two of them are inside.

"I have none." He replies, then nods to Oishi so he could drive them to their destination.

"Really? Then let me tell you that what you just did caused a big problem to me" he hissed

"Is that so? I see no harm in taking you out for dinner"

Ryoma scoffs at this "Pft. Yeah, sure- WHAT?" he did a double take before looking at Tezuka like he was insane

Tezuka counters the look with an equally innocent one. "You heard me."

He looks at the teen and sees how the raven-haired boy's still struck dumbfounded

"We're here" Oishi says

"Great!" "WHAT?" the two people in the backseat exclaimed at the same time causing the black haired secretary to sigh...

'this Is gonna be a long day'







"I still don't get this"

Tezuka looks up from the steak he was cutting to the beautiful boy sitting on the other side of the table. "What don't you get?"

"This" Ryoma gestures a fork to the two of them before plucking it back to his food and putting it in his mouth "What's your goal in this?" he asks

The brunette puts down his fork and knife before grabbing the napkin on top his lap. He hopes Ryoma would find him polite in this gesture but truthfully he was just looking for an excuse to pass time. Enough for him to plan out what he was going to say.

"Ryoma-kun, I… I've been searching for years. For you." He says with outmost sincerity he could muster.

Ryoma hums at this. He gets this all the time, especially with his clients. Its not unusual.

"I also know about your real situation"

The teen almost pukes the noodles in his mouth at this. It was normal for his clients to be clingy and possessive and assume they know everything about him but somehow it seems different with Tezuka-san and he knows that the older man isn't lying. Especially with a stoic face as that. Still, he tries to act nonchalant and glares at the brunette "What do you mean?"

"I know about your family and I can help you with them -" He stops because Ryoma suddenly stands and makes his way out of the restaurant.

He himself stands, takes out a wad of bills and leaves it on the table, then jogs to catch up to the younger man

"Ryoma, wait. Please just listen" he breathes a sigh of relief when the raven-haired man does stop and listen. Only he talks back…

"You know what, fine. You want another night with me, sure I'll sleep with you! I'll throw it in for free, but can you please just leave me the fuck alone after?"

Tezuka stops at this. This was not what he had expected. He had hoped for the beautiful boy to accept his help and of course be with him. "Ryoma please. I'm just trying to help-"

"BUT I DON'T NEED YOUR FREAKING HELP!" he screams at Tezuka, tears running down his face. He had not realized that his feelings were overflowing, literally. He had never encountered someone like Tezuka-san and he knows if he continues this he'll fall…really bad for the handsome brunette. He hates this, he hates his life too damn much

Tezuka slowly approaches the teen, now currently using is palm to wipe down his tears and Tezuka has the sudden urge to be the one to wipe those tears. He reaches in his pocket and takes out his blue handkerchief, offering it to the crying teen.

"Tezuka-san, this is too much. I have no idea why you're doing this. This- this is just stupid" he sniffs

"I think I like you" Tezuka accidentally blurts. And yes he's not usually one to be saying things without much thought but he's finding himself doing it much these days especially when its involving the beautiful Ryoma.

Ryoma chuckles at this. "Somehow that's something I cant believe"

"Well, if it helps. It feels like I'll do anything for you, just to see you smile and there's this constant pull inside me to be with you. Isn't that enough proof?"

Ryoma looks dumbfoundedly at him. 'this man is insane' he shakes his head "You realize we don't know anything about each other, right?"

"We'll learn. We'll learn and get to know each other" Tezuka says, determined. He'd do anything for this person, this person that he cant get out of his mind and is kind and sweet and utterly perfect.

The raven-haired teen looks at his eyes and for a moment Tezuka thinks he'll make fun or give out a snarky retort again. But when he sees the beautiful boy smile he knows. Everything's gonna be fine now.

"I have a lot problems that I'm pretty sure someone as busy as you wont have time to take care of. Can you do it?" Ryoma says with an eyebrow raised but Tezuka can see the smile that spread across the teen's face.

"Let me take care of that…" He answers reassuringly







Epilogue –

1 Year Later

"You're not supposed to peak, Ryoma!" Tezuka chided the boy in front of him

Currently he is leading said boy by the shoulders into Olympic Palace. They've just reached the door when the manager approached them in purpose of welcoming them, albeit. Tezuka raised a finger and signaled Fuji – who had come running to them – not to greet them so the younger teen wouldn't have a clue on where they currently were.

Fuji smiled. He sincerely believed Ryoma had been for the best when it came to their ever stoic boss. He remembered trying to steal the handsome bespectacled man from the young teen once when he found out that Tezuka had fallen hard for the boy. Fuji was challenged, he'd always wanted the president and he was not one to back down easily without a fight. Needless to say it was that time that realization struck Fuji and it came to him that the boy had indeed changed their boss. Of course he's displeased that his absolutely perfect powers of seduction to the president had been turned down quite easily, but Fuji had seen it in Tezuka's eyes.

Their ever-uptight boss had fallen really hard for the young man.

"okay, okay I wont. Just…is there really a need for a graduation present?" the newly-finished college graduate asked. "I mean, don't you think you've given me enough gifts?" he added, hands in front in an attempt to feel anything. Unfortunately there was nothing but air.

"Well, I believe there is no harm in receiving more gifts. Now step forward so we can come inside the elevator" Tezuka instructed

Ryoma chuckled, sometimes he thinks he's got the perfect boyfriend and he's too damn lucky to have him

"Okay, we're going out now. Careful" Tezuka instructs.

Ryoma sighs. Other times he thinks that his boyfriend babies him too much, but he's not complaining. Its been a long time since he felt loved. "You know, Kunimitsu I don't get why I have to be blind-folded for a graduation present"

"Don't worry, you can take off the blind fold now"

When Ryoma did untie the knot behind his head, he didn't expect to see himself inside Tezuka's private condominium-suite. They did buy a new house uptown Tokyo but he hasn't been in here for a long time now.

Ryoma surveys the room for a few seconds then the puzzles in his head suddenly puts two and two together. He smiles before turning to face his boyfriend. "You're so sweet…"

He sees Tezuka smile, the one that Ryoma knows is entirely reserved only for him

"You want to spend the night at the place where we first had sex…"Ryoma says

Tezuka's eyes widens impossibly behind his frameless specs. "What? No, that wasn't-"


The two heads snap towards the mini bar counter where a man in black robe is laughing at them, a bottle of wine in hand.

This time it was Ryoma's turn to be surprised "Oyaji?"

"Well, look at you seishounen. You're not so short anymore!"

Ryoma's jaw drops and he just continues to stare at his father before shaking his head, clearing his thoughts before glaring at him "What are you doing here? I thought you said you didn't want a fag son?"

At this Nanjiroh's face straightens. He looks down for a second – seemingly trying to conjure deep thoughts – before facing his soon, a look of determination painted on his face. "I've been a useless father"

"Damn right you've been" Ryoma snorts, muttering under his breath. He stops when his boyfriend elbows him, making him flinch.

"…and truthfully, I missed you a hell of a lot kiddo." Nanjiroh looks at his son, he hopes that his voice wont break – not until he gets to fix this. "I realized now that I've been mistaken. That everything I've been convinced to believe that were 'right' before weren't so right to me now. That I've traded some worthless shit for my only son"

Ryoma glares accusingly at his dad "Look Oyaji, if this is a way for you to get me to run that damn com-"

"It's not about the company, hell its not even about your sexuality. I don't really give a damn about that now. I just want my son back"

The two Echizens stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The younger trying to decide if this was real and the older trying to convey his feelings.

Finally it was the younger who broke the eye-contact. He laughed a sense of relief before looking back to his dad and grinning, feeling as if he's five again.

Nanjiroh takes one look at his grinning son and he knows, he's finally made the right choice. "Come here, you!" He barks, grabbing his son by the shoulders and wrestling him in a hug. Of course his son doesn't need to know about his little deal with his boyfriend. He's pretty sure that Tezuka boy would be a great successor for his company.








The sound of pants and moans filled Tezuka's spacious bedroom back up at the Olympic Palce. The two bodies on top of the bed moved together, neither letting go nor wanting the moment to stop. Both desperately trying to hold on.

"Ryoma, so good…" Tezuka continued to thrust inside his boyfriend, hitting his prostrate and making the younger scream in ecstasy.

"Kunimitsu…I cant – I'm gonna…" Ryoma pants, scratching Tezuka's back sure to leave marks

"Ryoma...its okay, I've got you…" he pushes deeper and harder until he feels his boyfriend shudder in pleasure and his ass clenches around him and he comes deep inside his lover just as Ryoma comes between them.

Tezuka eventually pulls out and snuggles behind the younger boy, spooning him and wrapping his arms securely around his waist.

"I really love you, you know?" He hears the normally cheeky brat say from in front of him and he smiles,

"as I love you" He replies kissing the joint where neck meets shoulder

"I wonder, how did you manage to convince the most stubborn person in the universe that is my dad?"

Tezuka smiles sucking a mark on Ryoma's shoulder "I just gave a suggestion and he did all the thinking, I guess" he answers

Ryoma seemed to have deemed this a worthy answer because he just sighed happily and snuggled closer to his boyfriend

"And besides, I've already had to deal with the second most stubborn person in the universe" he jokes

The two chuckled and finally Ryoma's too tired to keep his eyes open.

Tezuka smiles, kissing the top of Ryoma's head before letting himself succumb to unconsciousness.

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