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Chapter 5:

I'm pretty sure I turned 7 different shades of red, each which rivaled a tomato, in less than a minute. There was also the problem of Ikuto's lips on my damn jaw making me feel like I was melting into a warm little puddle of goo!!

I was dead. I was so dead. What else would I be now that I was trapped in Ikuto's arms, being held very very tightly to him??!! Also, he did not seem to want to let go, with his lips trailing, brushing would be a better word actually, along my jaw towards my lips and back again. Shivers trailed down my body and I trembled. My cheeks were burning and my heart was beating a mile a second, forget a minute. He smelled heavenly, like an exotic spice, forbidden and sweet, with a hint of danger. I could feel his warmth steeping through to me, wrapping around me like a warm blanket, comforting and familiar. I could see everything through a slight haze, my mind muddled. He was beautiful, perfect in every aspect. And I was nothing compared to him. Like a cockroach to a beautiful god. Incomparable, unimaginable. It was like being high, feeling so out of my element, controlled like a helpless puppet.


Oh great, I was so absorbed in my thoughts, I had not noticed what the main focus to my problems was doing. That is, of course, until he bit my damn ear!!! Again!!I let out a cry of shock, hitting his cheek lightly on reflex, causing Ikuto to chuckle, obviously amused. I scowled at him, pouting slightly. "What was that for?!" I exclaimed, all my previous embarrassment forgotten as rage quickly replaced it. Ikuto laughed now, soft bell like chimes in the wind, free and open yet at the same time, carrying a hint of bitterness. "You should laugh more," I added. Ikuto stopped laughing and stared at me strangely.

I blushed, shaking my head furiously, my hands waving around my face, nearly smacking Ikuto again. "N-no! N-nothing l-like that! I just think that you should laugh more!!" I cried franticly, my face looking as close to a tomato as you can get. Ikuto shook his head, sighing softly. "Weirdo," he said bluntly. I nearly fell over anime style at his tone. "What did you say?!" I screamed in his ears, making him wince. "Ow." I just huffed, turning my head to the other side. "You deserved it," I said softly.

Ikuto stared at me; I could feel his graze on me. I shifted uncomfortably. His stare was waay to intense for my liking. Finally, I could not take it anymore. "What?" I asked, annoyed. "You look cute when you're annoyed," Ikuto said, his famous cheshire cat grin adorning his face. I flushed. "Damn cat," I muttered quietly under my breath. He grinned wider. Then suddenly I remembered what I had wanted to ask him. I wriggled out of his grasp and sat of the edge of the bed, facing him. He looked at me curiously. I looked into his dark indigo-blue eyes, seeing the confusion swirling in them. "Ikuto, where did you get that scar?" I asked him softly.

Immediately, I wished I hadn't.

Ikuto stiffened up, his face becoming a calm void, blank and devoid of all emotion. It hurt. It really, truly, hurt me. I never wanted to see him like that. I wanted to take back what I had said. It was just too painful. It reminded me of the time when Ikuto was being controlled by Easter and how much it hurt him. "Y-you don't have t-to answer that..not if you don't want to! I mean if it brings back any bad memories, I totally understand!!" Okay. I was stammering. Awk-ward. Ikuto shook his head, smiling slightly. At my behavior probably... "It's okay... I don't mind telling so long as it's you, Amu," he said, his dark blue bangs falling into his face and a small smile adorning his face, making him really look like a fallen angel.

I blinked. So long as it's...me...? What did he mean by that? I shook my head to clear my thoughts, not wanting to know where my current train of thought would lead to. Ikuto raised a slender blue brow at my obviously weird behavior. I smiled sheepishly at him, embarrassed. Briefly, it passed my mind when we had become so close, so easy around each other, not tense and cautious like before. Before...? When was before? What is different from now, and then? What....? I was startled out of my mindless, slightly insane thoughts by a pale, flawless hand moving in front of my eyes and I stared at Ikuto confused.

"What?" I asked, tilting my head slightly. Ikuto chuckled, using one hand to ruffle my hair, and laughing when I pouted, annoyed. "Are you going to listen, or what? Amu-chan?" he said, putting emphasis on the 'chan' bit, his tone slightly husky when he said my name. I flushed, my cheeks now bright red. Ikuto flicked my forehead, his face uncomfortably close to mine. "Baka Amu," he smirked. I huffed, irritated, and crossed my arms, turning my head around. "Well? Are you going to tell or what?" I muttered.

Ikuto immediately turned serious, and he nodded, slowly. Hesitantly.... His lips parted, taking in a deep breath. What is wrong? What scares you? Ikuto...

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