Title: The Southern Wolf

Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor

Summary: He had been plague by dreams for years. Dreams of going to great adventures, getting into lots of trouble, battling countless enemies, and meeting new friends. He had been preparing himself for visions that may never come to be, until said visions came true.


The Boy In the Ice

---How come every time you mess with magic water, I get soaked?---

---You just like, sneeze and flew ten feet into the air!---

---And this is my Katara, my flying sister.---

---Katara, are you really going to choose him over your village? Your family?---

---KATARA HE'S FLYING! HE'S ACTUALLY FLYING! HE'S . . . Er, um, cough, so he's flying. Big deal.---


"AHHHHH! Coldcoldcoldcoldcold! Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Katara, what the heck was that for?" A grouchy and wet Sokka shouted only to stop dead in his tracks upon seeing her red eyed looking sister holding a dripping empty bucket. She had been crying, but why?

"You had it coming. Have you any idea how worried we were finding you passed out at th penguin fields, again?" Katara, after saying her piece, gave her brother a slap on the cheek, then a hug, and then a knock on the head before she step out of the tent, leaving her brother alone with their grandmother.

Grumbling as he put a hand on his stinging cheek and head, he decided to turn to his grandmother, only to cringe seeing her grave face staring at him. "Um, hi, Gran Gran."

"Don't hi me, Sokka. What were you thinking exhausting yourself once again for such worthless pursuits?"

"Gran Gran, weapons training is not worthless."

"It is if it could result in your death! That last stunt of yours had put you in a coma for the last three days."

Sokka cringed at that. He didn't know his latest stunt had put him in a coma. But still, he felt his trainings would be vital for the future. He still couldn't figure out why only it has something to do with those dreams he had been having lately.

"Look, Gran Gran, I had, no, I need to do this."

"But why, my grandson? You've been training yourself to exhaustion ever since your father left with the rest of the men of our tribe. You've even been training your sister in the use of her water bending through trial and error, and although she made great progress, it still doesn't explain why you're so set on doing all of this."

Giving a sigh of defeat, he said, "I know, Gran Gran. I would like to explain it myself but I can't. I'm sorry."

Kana stared at her grandson's forlorn face and found no deception in them. Giving off a sigh of defeat, she said, "It's not just me you should apologize to. Your sister had been worried sick when she brought you back."

Sokka nodded at that. Ever since their mother died, Katara had been acting as a mother to both of them. She could be a real worry-wart sometimes. Sighing, he nodded at his grandmother and said, "Fine. I'll go find her."


"Stupid, bone-headed, suicidal, worthless Sokka! I can't believe he did it again! Don't that moron know any better than making me worry for his stupid, bone headed, moronic . . ." It was just some of the many adjectives that she had been using to describe her brother as she practice her water bending skills away from the village to let out some steam.

Doing kata after kata, the ice and water around her couldn't help moving through a destructive dance around her, floating water swirling like a typhoon and ice cracking everywhere, perfectly going in tune with her bad mood.

Suddenly, she heard the tail tale sign of several familiar sounds approaching from all around her. Letting instincts take over, she dropped down into the icy ground just in time to avoid being hit by a familiar boomerang that passed by her head. Then, pushing on all four, she jumped up and barely dodging another two boomerang that passed by underneath her. While still in mid air, she used her water bending skills to form a shield of ice on each arm that she used to block the same two boomerangs that she avoided barely seconds ago from slashing her from both sides. Her shields were destroyed but it they were enough to deflect the said boomerangs dead in their tracks.

As soon as her foot touched the snow, she caught the two falling boomerangs in each hand and used them to deflect four other boomerangs that were flying towards her from all sides. Successfully doing just that, she then threw the two boomerangs on each hand on a wide arc behind her, where Sokka caught both boomerangs easily.

"Sokka, what the hell do you think you're doing?" She shouted in aggravation, glaring daggers at her frowning brother who's holding out four identical boomerangs in his hands.

Wait, four?

Looking down on her feet, she saw the two missing boomerang had pinned the fabric of her pants on the ground. She tried to pull her feet free but all it did is make her lose her balance to fall on her behind, her feet still pinned into the ground.

"You should be more aware of your surrounding, sis." Sokka said smugly as he walks towards her.

Glaring, she said, "That wasn't funny, Sokka! And what the heck are you doing out of bed?"

"I heal fast. You know that." He pulled the boomerang pinning her sister and placed his weapons into their respected sheaths on the side of his pants before offering his now free hand to help his sister up.

Still pissed, she slaps away his hand and stood up herself before turning her back on her brother.

Sighing at his sister's temper, he said, "Look, Katara, I'm sorry about the whole being in a coma thing."

Sokka must have said something wrong because Katara turned her glare to him so fast that he took an involuntary step back. "Coma thing? Coma Thing? Is that all it is to you? You could have Died you bone headed moron!"

Raising his hands in surrender, he said quickly, "I know. I know. But I didn't. You should be happy about that at least."

"Happy? How the hell do you expect me to be happy about you almost dying? Do you have any idea how worried I am finding you almost frozen to death? I can't even imagine what dad would say if he came home and find out I let you freeze to death playing soldier."

"Katara, I aint playing soldier."

"Well it sure feels like it. I mean, come on! I'm grateful for the help in developing my waterbending skills but you're exhausting yourself to death with all the training you've been doing. Let's not forget about that time you almost died going into that Fire Nation ship to make those boomerangs of yours."

Sokka cringe at the memory. His boomerangs have a very simple design. They are a foot and a half in length, a hundred and twenty degrees angle, a sharpened edge on one side and a hand size handle at one tip. Its designed could allow him to use the boomerang like inclined daggers when he needs to. He had went into the abandoned fire nation ship and used its furnace to forge himself his boomerang using the metal from parts of the ship. He spent almost an entire week there, never resting, or sleeping, or eating, just to finish those weapons. He can't even remember where he learned to be blacksmith. He almost exhausted himself to death when he finally returned to the village, only to collapse before he reached the village entrance.

Katara kept ranting, listing all his faults as well as little thing she hates about him. He knows that it's her way to let off steam so he let her. Although, did she really have to bring up how he keeps wetting his bed till he was four?

Several minutes later, he sighed in relief when her ranting is finally starting to subside. Katara really does have a healthy pair of lungs. And the violent tremor of water and ice behind her are starting to subside as well.

"And you still haven't told me why you keep insisting on doing all these training to begin with. Don't even think about using that 'Tui and La sent me a vision' excuse."

Sokka groaned internally at that. Making an excuse of having the spirits of the ocean and the moon sending him visions as a reason to train seems a really good idea at the time. Too bad Katara saw that lie miles away.

Finally, Katara seems to have run out of air. She was breathing heavily while at the same time, glaring daggers at him.

"So, are you finished?" He asked in a flat voice.

She gave him one more glare before nodding her head.

"That's good. Now come on. It's our turn to go fishing for dinner." He then dragged his still pouting sister back to the village.


"Watch carefully, Katara. This is how you catch a fish." Sokka said in front on the canoe as he let his boomerangs fly. All six of them skimmed the surface of the water before flying back to him. He caught all six weapons expertly in his hands and sheathed them before five moderate size fishes floated on the surface of the water. All fish have a slash wound on their bodies courtesy of the boomerangs.

He turned around to give his sister a smug look only to pout upon seeing her bending a globe of floating water filled with at least seven large size fishes.

"Show off." He grumbled as she gave him a smug look as she bent the water to place the first six fishes into the wooden catch basin in the middle of the canoe. But the last fish managed to wiggle out of her control, causing her to lose focus and drop the remaining globe of floating water on top of her brother's head.

"Darn it, Katara! Why does every time you play with magic water, I get soaked?" He complained as he placed the last of the seven fishes into the basin.

"It's not magic. It's water bending. It's . . ."

"Yeah. Yeah. A lost art exclusive to our culture. Blah. Blah. Blah. You don't need to lecture me on it. I've been helping you develop it for a while now, you know." He said as he row the canoe towards his catches. He picked up the fishes and placed them into the basin as he said, "If I were you, I'd keep my weird need to use it to a minimum."

Katara scoff and said, "You're calling me weird? I'm not the one who keeps looking at my reflection making muscles at myself."

Sokka, who had doing just that while holding the last of the fish he caught, pouted and was about to make a comeback when the canoe suddenly jolted forwards by the rapids, icebergs getting dangerously close to their boat.

Both siblings grabbed a paddle and row the boat out of harms way.

"Darn it!" Sokka cursed as he tries his best to steer the canoe away from the closing icebergs.

"Left! Left!" KAtara shouted in panic, rowing as well.

For several minutes, they managed to steer the canoe out of the way. But the rapid was too strong so the canoe made an unwanted turn to the right between two closing in ice bergs. They manage to jump off of the canoe before the icebergs crushed it between them.

As soon as things stopped moving, Katara and Sokka found themselves sitting on top of a floating iceberg, their boat gone, and both a quarter of a day's journey away from the village.

"You call that left?" She scoffed at her brother.

Frowning, Sokka made an immediate comeback as he said mockingly, "Well then, why don't you just waterbend your way back."

Finally having enough, she let loose her temper and started shouting, "YOU, ARE THE SEXIST, MOST BONEHEADED, STUPID, AHG! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M RELATED TO YOU."

Sokka had expected this from his sister. He didn't even bat an eye as the water behind her churned and started destroying a hill high ice berg with her waterbending.


The hill high iceberg had enough and reduced itself into tiny parts in a huge explosion, rocking the ice berg he and his sister are standing on with the resulting waves. It took a minute before things went quiet again.

"Seriously, sis. You officially just went from weird, to freakish, Katara." He deadpanned.

Katara, who was staring at the floating pieces of the destroyed hill high ice berg with a stupefied look, couldn't help but mutter, "D-did I really do that?"

Looking at his sister's stupefied look, Sokka said, "Yup. Now, since you're finished with your slightly dangerous temper tantrum, you could finally waterbendbend us back to the village."

"Wait a minute. You mean, you weren't being sarcastic?"

"Of course I'm not. I've seen you move bigger things with water, you know. Bending the water to push this iceberg back to the village would be just like training. And we could even catch some fish on the way back."

Katara was actually mortified at her outburst. She had forgotten that it was Sokka who had been helping her develop her water bending through trial and error. She should have realized he sometimes believes in her skills more than she does herself.

Giving her brother a grateful nod, she stood up with his help to prepare herself to bend. But before she could start, a huge globe shape iceberg floated out of the water behind then. Turning, they were surprised to see a shadow inside said ice burg.

"I-Is that a person in there?" Katara asked in awe, looking at the person frozen inside the ice.

"W-what the heck?" Sokka shouted in shock. He felt a strange sense of deja vu as he stares at the sight before him. As if, something is telling him that this moment would have a sgnificant effect on his and her sister's life.

He was too busy holding his suddenly aching head that he didn't even notice her sister saying that the person in the ice is alive. He didn't object as she took one of his boomerangs before running towards the iceberg with every intention to freeing the person inside it.

Using his boomerang, Katara smacked the iceberg with all her might, until finally, the entire globe of ice cracked. Following immediately, a powerful burst of light exploded out of the ice blinding everything in sight.

For Sokka, it was too much and he fell into unconsciousness before he could get any word out.