This is my first fan fiction I'm sorry if some sections aren't that good. I also haven't yet read "max" so I'm sorry if some things don't relate.

Iggy POV

"NO!!!!!!" I heard Max shouting

"Max are you okay?" I asked her, by now everyone was silent, even Nudge. Then Max started to shout again

I heard Angels worried breathing and stepped to her side.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked Angel

"Well I can't hear her thoughts so it must be the voice speaking to her" (A/N I'm not sure if Max's thoughts can be read while the voice is speaking to her, but in this they can't)

Fang POV

So we were Just resting in a park. It had wide open spaces, good -plenty of escape routes, but filled with people -that I wasn't so keen on.

Two women were giving out free candy-floss across the street.(A/N or cotton candy, whatever you want to call it) Three guess's on what we having for Lunch.

"Can I dye my hair pink, so it looks like cotton candy ?" asked nudge getting some candy-floss out of the bag.

Max closed her eyes so not to be sucked in with Nudges bambi eyes

"I don't think that's the best idea right now, maybe when we've settled down" Replied Max, hiding from Nudges pleading eyes behind her candy-floss.

Iggy and Gazzy were off getting more cotton candy, probably discussing explosives in the mean time. They returned with a massive bag of the stuff, the women were probably sick of us keeping on coming back for the last 2 hours and had just given us a load to get rid of us.

Max looked into my eyes "up and away" was the look she gave me

I nodded, and looked for a hidden spot to take off from.

Suddenly a puzzled look grew on her face, the puzzled look grew into a angered look.

"NO!!!!!!" She shouted, her face turning pale, people turned and stared at her, she continued to shout. I raised my eye brows, why was so shouting?

"NO WAY !!!!!" she screamed , her face Turing paler and paler, the women across the street giving away cotton candy peered round their stall to see what all the screaming was about.

"Max are you okay?" asked Iggy, then Max stopped screaming.

Only to start screaming again, totally ignoring Iggy.

Iggy stood next to Angel and quietly talked to her.

"Well I can't hear her thoughts so it must be the voice speaking to her" replied Angel to whatever he said.

Total Jumped out of a pile of candy-floss, well actually he was the pile as the cotton candy had stuck to his fur. I grinned but then focused back on Max's pale and angered face.

"Max……?" Angel asked in a scared voice, she reached out and held Max's quivering hand, Max didn't react she just stood there.

I stepped behind her

"Max?" I asked, her head turned in my direction.

Her shiny brown eyes looked at me, I saw panic on her face.

"Up and away" she muttered, leading us to an empty spot for us to take off at.

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