3rd person POV

M'am, you should see this" the flyboy spoke uncertainly, and the director rushed to the flyboy. He was pointing at the surveillance footage of camera 13. Camera 13 filmed the captive room.

A frown grew on her face as she saw her newest employees - Catlin, led the captive from his position.

Why would Catlin do such a thing? She thought to herself. She had been explained that Maximum Ride had needed to be captured to Catlin. She hadn't explained why to her, but that was because that was classified information. Only the director knew that, and Cassia the genius, but the director had disposed of her- or so she thought.

The director abruptly ended her chain of thoughts, there was no time. She had to stop Jeb escaping; he was her only trustable information source.


I nodded to Jeb to signal that everything was fine, as I had just suddenly stopped. I turned the door handle darn! It's locked. Well what else can expect, this is my life after all.

I took a few steps back, I ran up, jumped in the air and power kicked the door. This made it rattle and my feet sore, I could live with that though.

The door was of the heavy metal kind so it took several good kicks to knock down. I ran through the door and to C3 I stood outside the door and turned to Jeb.

He wasn't there. "Jeb?" I asked into nowhere, and then guess what I heard; nothing. I decided not to look for him; I was more concerned about the flock. Jeb can look after himself, he'll probably be out of the building in a matter of minutes

I burst through the door, I must have made I bang when I opened the door as heads turned in my direction. My eyes dotted around the room for some way to release them, a leaver, anything.

"Get her!" some-one suddenly shouted, in shock I turned around quickly. And there was the director. Two Flyboys came through the door making a bigger noise than I suspect I did. Claws ready to grab me zoomed out of their belts.


For once I knew what the voice was on about, I grinned to myself in my usual grin. I spread out my fingers and brought the room alive with red sparks of electricity flying around the room happily.

Fang POV

The grabbing claws came speedily towards the whitecoat; I had no care for until I saw the grin. I know who owns that grin. The grin belongs to the only person who I know as well as myself. It belongs to my best friend. It also belongs to the girl that I care a lot about.

But then the room filled with red sparks. Was she okay?

"Max!" I cried out.


The glass sheet smashed to pieces and then suddenly Max was next to me.

"You called?" she said


I hugged Fang and everyone else ran towards me and we all hugged.

"So… Now you're here how are we getting out of here?" asked Nudge "and we need a real plan" she added

"Yeah, 'cause don't you just hate all those imaginary plans that aren't real" I asked sarcastically, happy to be back.

"No like the really cool plan that Gazzy came up with" explained Angel

"Well done Gaz" I said, beaming at him.

"Anyways… have you a plan?" asked Iggy

"Nice to see you too Iggs" I said, Iggy rolled his eyes "or to hear you in your case" I added

"No I can see" Said Iggy "It's just so white" He grinned "nice make-up by the way"

I stuck my tongue out at him

"Max..? The plan?" Asked Fang getting impatient to get out of here.

"There's always a plan" I said and at that I put a force field around myself and burst through the ceiling.

Claws came flying out, sharp and lethal looking- like they could cut through skin, but I was in my force field, when the claws hit it a red spark went to the flyboys that tried to grab. Their eyes froze looking at me, and their sharp teeth snapped together as they fell down through the hole. I hope the flock wasn't too surprised, or hit by one- not that they couldn't take the weight of one.

I flew back down to see the flock in their fighting stances

"Guys its okay" I said, guess they must already know about the flyboys, more would be coming pretty soon though. "But come over here"

"Yeah that sounds swell" Said Fang sarcastically "but, we're about to be attacked" I rolled my eyes; I saw a flyboy sweep over the hole in the ceiling and circle it. It stopped flapping its wings and floated towards the ground.

I saw a claw pounce out its belt. I made a quick decision, sucked in my breath and used all my effort to make the biggest force field ever, stretching its way to all the flock. I focussed all my energy and sped out of the hole in the ceiling, I felt my head rattle and my vision blur. I had to keep going, I felt my wings flap with immense power and hoped the flock wasn't too shocked with the speed.

I flew a good distance up and looked at the havoc below; the flyboys had no idea where we'd gone.

"Now" whispered Iggy to Gazzy, after a few minutes of recovering from the shock.

"Now what?" I said looking around "Gazzy, no!" he held out a paper bag, burning from the bottom he then threw it down. Jeb could still be there.


Flyboys were burning, giving off a gross smell

"Awesome" Said Gazzy, he held up his hand and Iggy slapped it, not missing, as always.

"So what now?" asked Fang looking up from the fir

"Well we can't stay here" said Gazzy

"We'll have to go somewhere else" Said Nudge "oh! And get beanbags"

"You can't abort your mission" Said the voice

Yeah, I know that, but what can I do?

"Nothing's easy"

Yeah I know that

"You'll have to earn it"

Earn what?

"Just take one step at a time though. Firstly, you need to be safe"

Okay, then what? I really think I'm improving my whole patience thing. I knew the voice wouldn't answer. I'll just have to make everyone happy, while figuring out what to do.

"You'll have to be the best. Nothing's easy" well what do you know the voice answered?

I know. It never is.

And with that the flock and I flew high into the air. I flew at the front,leading, and a warm hand held mine tightly.

"So what did you get up to away from us?" asked Fang, I looked at our linked hands, then into Fangs dark, comforting eyes, and I smiled.

I smiled more than I ever have done in a long, long time.

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