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"Morning, everyone!" Joe said as he walked into the station.

"Hi Joe!" said Geoff.

"Alright, Mason?" said Sergeant Miller.

"Yes thanks, sir…"

"What've you got there, Joe?" Alf asked, gesturing towards the brown paper bag Joe was holding.

"Oh, it's just something Don asked me to pick up for him…" Joe said

"You managed to get them then?" Don asked, as Joe handed the bag to him.

"Well, I got some… I think they're the ones you wanted me to get…" Joe replied as Don pulled a pile of brightly coloured paper out of the bag.

"What are those?" Geoff asked.

"They look like comics to me…" Alf remarked.

"Yeah, they are…" Don said, flicking through the comics and putting them on the desk as he went. He stopped on one though. "… Fantastic Four, Joe?" he asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise. Geoff leaned over to look at the other comics.

Joe's cheeks reddened a bit. "Oh, I forgot that was in there… That one's mine…"

Miller looked incredulously at Joe. "Mason, how old are you?" he said.

"Oh, it's not really mine; I bought it for a little boy who Carol's looking after… I was just going to have a quick flick through it to see if it would be suitable…" Joe replied hastily, trying not to blush any more than he already had.

"Really, Mason?" Miller didn't sound convinced.

"Yes sir! You can ask Carol if you want…"

"I'm sure there's no need for that, sir…" Alf said. Joe shot him a grateful look.

"What do you need those comics for anyway, Wetherby?" Miller asked.

"Oh, these aren't for me either, these are for Ben…" Don said. He continued looking through the comics. Soon after, he stopped at another comic. "Are these ones yours as well, Joe?" he asked, holding up a copy of the Dandy and Jackie.

Joe looked at the magazines in question and shook his head. "Nope, not mine…" he said. "But someone here asked me to get them…" He looked purposefully at Geoff, who, by this point, Geoff had gone scarlet.

"I erm… Well umm… They're mine…" Geoff stammered.

Don looked amused, Alf and Miller both looked horrified, and Joe's face was a mixture of amusement and concern.

Alf was first to recover between himself and Miller. "I'm not even gonna ask…" he said, still slightly horrified.

"You know what, Alf?" said Miller when he felt he was able. "I think we must work with children…" With that, Miller turned and went back into his office, leaving a slightly sceptical Alf, an incredibly concerned but quite amused Joe, Don shaking with silent laughter, and an extremely embarrassed Geoff in his wake.