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The grass was surprisingly comfortable.

Ichimokuren had been lying on his Mistress' lush green grass for the past half hour, but he wasn't resting like the others had expected.

No, quite the opposite, in fact. He was using his trusty left eye to spy on his clueless victim. And his 'clueless victim' just happened to be taking a nice hot bubble bath...

Damn. If Hone knew what I was doing, I'd be wishing I was in hell... The thought popped up into Ren's mind as he admired the woman's long, flowing black hair that was falling across her chest, making him smirk deviously.

Although he had to admit that watching Hone bathe was more than satisfying, he was growing slightly curious as to what Ai was doing in the next room. He closed his green eye and transported it to the furthest wall of his Mistress' chamber. He had moved into dangerous territory now.

The image of the raven haired Ai entered his eye. She was lying on her stomach across the straw mat on the ground, playing with a few coloured marbles and singing softly to herself. The song was beautiful, he had to give her that. Almost as beautiful as her sparkling crimson eyes that were admiring the blue marble in her hand. He was grateful for his eyes, but to have them coloured so passionately as her's would have been a dream.

His smirk shifted into a smile. He was thinking almost human-like again, when he knew he shouldn't. Many years had past since he was ever a true human, and he knew those days would never return. To think such things would be foolish.

Sakasama no chou...

Her singing was strangely peaceful, like a lullaby. He tried to ignore her voice's soothing effect, but was failing. In a desperate attempt to stay awake, he closed his eye and returned to himself, with a sigh of defeat. It was almost as if Ai was singing him away. Though really, he wouldn't have been surprised if she had known...

"Who to spy on next?" Ren murmured, blowing a strand of hair out of his mouth.

He found it almost a shame that there were only two girls in his group to perv on. Clicking his tongue, he returned his eye to the bathroom, only to find that Hone had already left.

"Huh?" He mumbled, finding it odd that she had barely taken a few minutes inside.

Then he groaned as he returned his vision to himself. Hone and Ai were looming over him, giving him death stares made in hell. He swallowed hard and quickly scuttled into a seating position.

"Uh...Hey...Girls?" Ren knew he was the defeated in this battle. "I was, uh...Makin' sure there were no unwanted guests in your rooms...heh."

Hone smirked evilly and turned towards Ai, who had a look of authority on her face. "You heard him, Mistress."

"No, wait! Uh, um...It's a guy thing! You can't punish me for acting on instinct! It's not my fault!"

Ai wasn't open for discussion. "Oh pitiful shadow, lost in the darkness, causing pain and torment to others. Oh damned soul wallow in your sin."

Ren closed his eyes and knew it was the end.

Ai's crimson orbs penetrated through the man's own. "Perhaps, it is time to try out the new hot springs."

He opened his right eye in surprise. "Really? Score!"

Bolting up, Ren sprinted towards the hot springs that were next to the pond, while Hone and Ai turned to face each other, grinning mischeviously.

His time was almost up.


I just had to write that. I couldn't help but wonder what Ren used his eye for in his spare time...hehe.