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Chapter 24

"I do not think that this is the time Tony." Ziva said, the pain starting to well up in her face again. "Arh" he cried.

Tony stood up and walked over to McGee. "I need your jacket McUncle."

"But… why?"

"twins McGee! Hand it over." McGee slid his jacket off and handed it to Tony who took it with one hand, not wanting to disturb the baby too much then, passed Nougat to McGee. "Come on now Nougat, I've got to go back and help your mum. Make sure Uncle Probie doesn't drop you!"

"Very funny Tony." McGee said, hiding his excitement at holding the baby. He gazed into Nougats eyes. "Wow. So you're the little rascal that keeps kicking the Ninja. I think you're the first boy that's ever kicked her without being killed! or at the very least kicked back." He joked, trying to sooth his cries with his rocking and the sound of his voice.

Before McGee had even taken his eyes of Nougat he heard the sounds of a second baby crying, he wondered how long he'd been entranced by this little guy not to have noticed what was going on around him. He looked up to see his jacket being wrapped around a beautiful baby girl.

"Wow. You are amazing Ziva." Tony said, kissing her on her forehead and showing her their baby girl. "How did I get so lucky to have you?"

"And to have them look like their mother." Gibbs commented, smirking. "They are beautiful Ziva."

"Ok, so it's over right? There isn't a third surprise coming is there." Tony asked, not sure that he wanted to know the answer if they said the word triplets.

"No. that is it Tony." Ziva said.

He kissed her again. "Hey, did Abby know about this? Is that why she kept avoiding me? Cos she couldn't have kept a straight face, and when I did see her, she started calling the baby Caramel." Ziva shot him a smile to suggest that he was right.

"She does like her sugar highs." McGee stated.

"You want to hold her?" Tony asked his wife once her breathing has settled.

Ziva took the baby girl, still supported by Leroy Jethro.

Jeanne watched the happy family, tears welling in her eyes, threatening to break the invisible barrier she'd created to hold them back. She listened to their laughs and their loving words, she looked back and fourth at 'Uncle McGee' holding little Nougat, Fornell leaning over his shoulder looking at the baby, and the proud new mother holding her beautiful olive skinned Caramel. Tony who couldn't take his hands off her, and the father figure, Gibbs, still supporting Ziva as she held her baby. She looked at the love in all their eyes, focused on their miracles. This should have been her. Tony should have been fussing over her, not Ziva. this should have been their moment, not someone else's. One tear broke through her barrier and trickled down her cheek. She reached her hand into her jacket pocket and could feel the cold round steel of the gun barrel. She stood up and moved towards Fornell, who had moved to watching this strange, happy, mismatched family from a distance after McGee had crouched down to allow Ziva to see both her children. She casually walked behind him and without raising anyone's suspicions she wrapped one arm around him and pointed the gun at his temple with the other. Tobias was taken aback by the strength in her upper arms, something Tony would have suspected due to his knowledge of her love of rock climbing.

Team Gibbs heard the muffled exasperation from Tobias and turned to examine the commotion. Ziva grabbed her son, protectively cradling a child in each arm, Gibbs protectively clutching to all of them. DiNozzo and McGee pointed their guns at Jeanne, gradually drawing themselves and Jeanne attention away from ZIva and the kids.

"Jeanne? What are you doing?"

"I'm not getting out of this Tony. I did this for you, for us, and now, I can't have you, and I'm probably going to prison," she said as she steadily stepped back, pulling Fornell with her.

"You don't have to do this. You helped Ziva, that's going to work in your favour."

"No. I'm getting out of here, and you're not stopping me Tony. You did this to me, this is all your fault." She slowly backed out of the room

"No it's not Jeanne. You didn't have to do any of this. You don't have to do this."

"I don't have any other Choice." As she became more enraged, her grip around Fornell's neck tightened, constricting his airways. Steams had broken through and were now teaming down her cheeks.

"Yes you do, of course you do."

"What's that Tony? Should I just shoot you?" She moved, still keeping it close to Fornell's head, but pointed it in Tony's direction.

"Don't do it Jeanne. Don't make me do this. Let him go."

"We could have been happy, you ruined everything!"

"Calm down Jeanne."

"This is all your fault... YOURS!" She threw a breathless Fornell to the side. and just pointed the gun at Tony, tears poured down her face. Her voice displayed a sense of desperation that people rarely came back from. A shot rang out, followed by a second. The first flew out of the gun in Jeanne's hand, the bullet speeding through the air towards DiNozzo. The second bullet racing in the opposite direction, piecing Jeanne's forehead. Tony turned and looked at the bullet whole in the wooden beam behind him. He then raced with McGee over to Jeannes lifeless body. They kicked the gun out of the way and checked her. He had killed her. To save himself, and his family, he'd killed a woman he'd once thought he'd loved. He kneeled over her and checked her pulse. In the distance he could hear the sirens from the ambulance to assist his wife and, of course, Nougat and Caramel.


McGee, and Gibbs sat at their desks flicking between their computer screens and paperwork that sat next to them. Abby walked into the squad room. A coffee tray in one hand with two takeaway coffees, and a caf-pow in the other. She put her caf-pow on Ziva's desk and then handed one coffee to McGee and the other to Gibbs. Gibbs sniffed the coffee making him draw back at the smell, he picked it up walking over to McGee's desk, Tim also sniffed his coffee and scrunched up his noise and swapped it with Gibbs. Abby went and sat behind Ziva's desk and started typing at her computer. It had become a daily ritual since Tony and Ziva had taken leave to sort out parenthood especially since everything they'd bought in preparation, they now needed to double up on. Something tony was not looking forward to becuase i'd found it hard enough to assemble the first cribb. It had been a week since the four of them had left the hospital and the prenatal ward behind them and settled into their own home and bed. Four weeks in total since they'd been into work. There was plenty of computer work Abby could do at a desk and she'd networked Ziva's computer so she had complete access to everything she needed down in her lab. They all sat there doing their work. Without looking Abby reached for her caf-pow, furrowing her eyebrows when she realised she couldn't' find it with just her sense of touch. She looked to the corner of the desk where she'd set it down on her way in. "What the...." She asked herself quietly.

"You must have finished it." Someone whispered behind her.

"No I did not! I…" Finally, Abby clued in. She snapped her neck around and shrieked when she saw Tony waving her caf-pow in his hand and Ziva, as well as Caramel and Nougat. Abby's joyful screams and jumping around drew Gibbs and McGee's attention.

"Tony! Ziva!" Abby squealed in joy. She rushed round to hug them both.

"Hey Abs, kids, you remember Aunty Abby right? she's the reason we're going to have to keep sending you for those hearing tests! Those things on her neck, that's just marker, and you're not getting a tattoo ever!" Tony started, handing Caramel to Abby. "Oh and Nougat, you remember your Uncle Probie, we're going to get him to work on all your homework."

"Very funny DiNozzo," McGee said, taking Nougat into his arms. "You haven't really called them Caramel and Nougat have you?"

"They're always going to be Nougat and Caramel to me." Tony replied.

"Well Tony is fixed on calling Caramel and Nougat, but we completed the birth certificates this morning. This," Ziva said looking at her eldest child formally known as Nougat, as least she hoped he was FORMALLY known as Nougat, though she suspected that Tony wasn't leaving it behind him any time soon, "This is Jordan Todd DiNozzo. And this…" She said looking at her daughter, "is Isabella Jennifer DiNozzo."

"Also known as Caramel and Nougat" Tony joked however this statement was followed by a sharp blow to the back of his head. A much missed but loved Gibbs slap.

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