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Uruha has just signed in

Reita has just signed in

Reita: hey ruki!

Uruha: hiya

Reita: Ruki says hi

Uruha: Rukis there?

Reita: yeah we're having a sleep over!

Uruha: ok...

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Uruha: hi aoi, did you know that Ruki is at Reitas?

Aoi: yeh i heard them talking about it earlier

Uruha: o ok

Aoi: hi reita + ruki

Reita: hey (ruki: hi!)

Uruha: lol

Reita: (ruki: what?!)

Uruha: nothing im just wondering what you and reita are going to get up to tonight

Reita: hey

Aoi: lol

Kai has just signed in

Kai: hello everyone

Aoi: hi

Uruha: hi

Reita: hey (ruki: hello)

Kai: Ruki?

Uruha: theyre having a 'sleepover' lol

Reita: -_-

Kai: dont be so imature Uru

Aoi: lol but cmon what do you think theyre gonna do, braid eachothers hair and talk about boys?

Uruha: theyre gonna do that and then have sex! duh!


Reita: youre all idiots dont you know that braids come after the sex?

Reita: that was Ruki

Reita: yeh but it was true

Reita: stop it

Reita: (ruki: ill stop now)

Aoi: ?

Uruha: ill second that

Kai: ill third it, what the hell guys?

Reita: Ruki blew our secret

Uruha: i bet thats not all hes gonna be blowin tonight

Aoi: lol

Kai: ew

Reita: i hate you Uruha :P

Uruha: lol i love you to buddy

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Kai: i think you went to far Uruha

Aoi: lol

Kai: you didnt help either!

Aoi: grumpy old bastard

Kai: youre calling me old? hah!

Uruha: ooooo virtual bitch fight

Aoi: urus right i virtuali bitch slap u

Kai: i cant deal with this level of imaturity!

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Aoi: lol

Uruha: lol

Aoi: were all alone now

Uruha: yeh but im so tired youre gonna have to come round and hep me get into bed, can you do that for me?

Aoi: sure thing, ill be right over...

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