All the Way Into Twilight.

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Chapter One.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George had gone to Forks to start a new life away from England, to get away from everything. The pain of the people they had lost, who they loved, they were gone, fighting to protect Harry to protect Hogwarts from the sick bastard, who destroyed everything. He was the reason they were here.


Waking up, Ginny was beside him smiling, she got up walked to the bathroom to get showered, half a hour later she came out, with a towel wrapped round her and Harry still hadn't gotten up, she moved over to him and kissed him lightly on the lips, he grinned.

" Now that's how I wanted to wake up."

" Hurry up we're going to be late."

" I don't see why we have to go to high school really, I mean we've aready finished Hogwarts."

" Well, we need to try and blend in, most muggles our age still go to school okay? Now get in the shower! "

" Okay, I suppose." He said as he climbed out of the bed and into the bathroom.

" Urghh men." Ginny muttered, as she went off to wake up everyone else, hoping they would already be up.


" Hurry up now!" Ginny screamed up the stairs " We're going to be bloody late!"

" Gosh mum!" Said Fred

" Keep your hairnet on" said George.

" You know we're going as fast as we can."

" Yeah we don't have super flashy cars like some people." They said as a silver volvo flew past the front door.

" We're apparating idiots!" she cried " For God sake! "

Harry, Ron and Hermione came down the stairs, " About bloody time!"

" Calm down Gin, it's fine we're going to be on time, like you said we're apparating and it's faster." She took a deep breath she knew Harry was right she was just over reacting with it being a new school and not being able to do magic infront of the muggles was making it harder.

" Right come on then." She kissed Harry before she disappeared with a crack.

" Yeah we best go." said Hermione going over to Fred and kissing him before she too left with crack.

" Just us then." Said Harry

" Yeah we better go before Ginny murders us." Replied George.

They too then left the house with a crack.


They all Apparated around the corner from Forks High School, because they thought it would look a bit weird if six people popped up infront of everyone out of midair, they walked around the corner Ginny's hand in Harry's and Hermione's in Fred's heading towards the main office over the carpark, where the silver volvo they saw earlier was parked, people stared at the newcomers as they walked past as if not knowing what to expect and like something was going to happen.

Walking through the office doors and headed towards the secretary who was busy looking through some files. She looked up as they walked towards her.

" Err, I'm Harry Potter, this is Hermione Granger and Ginny, Ron, Fred and George Weasley and we just wondered if we would be able to pick up our schedules here."

" Oh.. Okay dear here you go, all seniors yes?"

" Erm yep."

" Okay these are your timetables, if you need any help don't hesitate to ask me."

" Right thanks again." and they walked out of the door.

The morning went by in a blur, the classes were dull, nothing like Hogwarts and everywhere they went people were always staring at them then muttering about them behind their hands. Lunch came, they walked to the cafeteria and found a table and sat down. They talked for a while, when the most beautiful pair of people walked through the doors and past them and went to sit down next to a girl with spikey black hair who was sitting with two large boys, who looked like they could kill you with one punch, and a girl with long blonde hair who all the girls in the school seemed to envy, thought Harry couldn't see why. 'Yes she was pretty' he thought ' But to be honest she was nothing on Ginny.' He smirked.

" Their vampires!" hissed Harry. The others looked at him like he was mad.

" Are you sure?" asked Ron.

" Yes, I mean we studied them in DADA right, think of the description we were given and then look at them, but the eyes are different. Think about it."

" I think your right Harry." said Ginny while looking out the corner of her eyes at the Cullens " The eyes are different but there could be a explanation for that, just like people think we're muggles." She grinned.


Edward and Bella sat down with Alice and the rest of Cullens. Edward sudenly went stiff.

" Edward what's up?" Asked Alice and Bella together.

" The new kids, they know!" he said slowly.

" What! How can they know?" The conversation was now reaching a pitch too high for normal human ears to hear.

" The boy with the black hair and glasses guessed and told them, they know everything, but their stuck on our eyes."

" Well who wouldn't be, we're vegetarians they don't know that."

" It's weird," said Edward " I can't read the dark haired boys or the red haired girls thoughts either, but the rest I can."

The two girls looked at each other. " What if their a sheild like me?" asked Bella

" It's possible but I think there's something different about the six of them."

" Look at the possibilities, it's not their vampires because we would know about them." said Alice " And I think their human, but just different. You see what i'm saying."

" I think so." Bella said uncertainly.

" We'll just ask Carlisle when we get home, mabey he'll know something."

" Okay then, what have they decided?." asked Bella while looking at Alice.

" Their still deciding if they want to tell us or just leave it, they don't see us a threat."

" Well this could be interesting." Said Emmet, joining in the conversation while glancing sideways at Harry and the rest of them.


School finished the afternoon classes were just as bad as the morning ones, just as boring, kind of like Professor Binns' History of Magic classes. Harry and the others waited till everyone was out of their view so they could go around the corner again to apparate home. They came home to find Mr and Mrs Weasley sitting in the living room.

" Mum, Dad!" squealed Ginny.

" Hey, princess." said Mr Weasley. Ginny blushed.

" Aww, lickle Gin - Gin."

" Is daddy's little princess." said Fred and George.

" Shut up!" growled Ginny who was still a bit red.

" What brings you up here then mum?" asked Ron.

" We'd thought we'd come and see you guys, so what's happened? How was it at school? Do you fit in?" Mrs Weasley asked in rapid succession.

" Well we met some vampires, school was fine, well no we don't since we're wizards but yeah we look muggle." replied Ginny.

" Vampires!" Mr and Mrs Weasley shouted.

" Mum shh!"

" The people here obviously don't know about them, so keep your voice down. We'll tell you the story okay!"


Alice's face went blank and her eyes unfocused and everyone around her froze.

" We go to them." she said simply.

Their faces were blank.

" What do you mean we go to them?" Rosalie growled.

" We go to them to explain about us, they obviously know about us anyway."

" I still don't see why we have to go to them"

Carlisle interupted them, " Okay then, we go to them. When Alice?"

" Sometime this week, we could go now and I don't think it would make a difference."

" Okay tomorrow then afterschool."

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