What goes bump in the night?

Normal? What's that? Human's block their ears and cover their eyes to things out of the ordinary. You are one of the few who see the night side, the supernatural…and you love it!


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I thought I would try this out and see where it will go.

Gokudera the Bakeneko or neko-mata is up first!


They say at night, in the old mansion that resides near the dark woods, beautiful music from a piano plays and small explosions light up the windows. No one has lived in the Gokudera Mansion for god knows how many years.

Well as far as they know…

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"

A glare.

"Stop calling me kitty, you damn woman!"

You sighed somewhat quietly as you started to play with a pair of silver cat ears…

"Ohhhh- H-Hey stop petting me!" he purred (moaned?).

…That are attached to a silver haired, green eyed grumpy ass teen who also had a long tail that forks out into two.

"Bad Hayato bad bakeneko!" you scolded and took your hands away from his large fluffy ears.

"I am a nekomata, not a bakeneko!" growled out Gokudera as he pinned you to the wall.

You smirked as the cat boy began to kiss you roughly, rubbing his ears always got him…affectionate…roughly affectionate.

It was always like this, when you sneak in to give Hayato his food and UFO: the truth is out there magazine, one of you always finds away to rile the other up. Sometimes he would say the only thing keeping you from being a boy is your body or you would tease him with cat toys. (Which for some reason keep him entertained until he came to his senses).

Gokudera growled deeply when he felt you push your tongue past his lips to join his and your hand tighten in his silver locks. So wanting to fight to be top 'dog' he pulled you tightly to his body and played with the hem of your shirt, not noticing the tail that seemed to wrap around your waist while his clawed hands ran through your hair.

Clearly this is going to be another busy night.



In Japanese folklore, any cat that lives over thirteen years old, reaches one kan (eight pounds) in weight or is allowed to keep a long tail can become a bake-neko or Ghost Cat (Addis 2001). A bake-neko is a cat that gains paranormal powers after certain circumstances. The breeding of the Japanese Bobtail may have some connection with this superstition.

After a bake-neko tail grows long enough it forks into two tails, then the bake-neko is no longer called a bake-neko, but a neko-mata. Other forms of bake-neko are Maneki-neko (Addis 2001). Most of the stories about the bake-neko are told orally in Japan

Taken form Wikipedia.