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Chapter One: Jayden

Jayden sighed as she pulled into the garage beside the long line of motorcycles, cutting the engine and stepping out of the car she groaned as the muscles in her back tightened in protest due to her lack of movement for 3 hours stuck in her car. Friggin' Clay's fault, sending her out for a motorcycle part, and it wasn't even her damn motorcycle at that. Of course as long as she's known Clay he's never did something himself if he could order someone else to do it, she guessed that was the luxury that came with being King. However, she was not an errand runner nor was she part of the goddamn club and therefore shouldn't have to do any form of favours for them. She snorted picturing the look on Clay's face if she so much as uttered that comment under her breath, he'd tan her hide for sure.

She startled as she felt her phone vibrate against her hip and she struggled to balance the part in her hands whilst digging into her jeans pocket, "What?"

"You always answer your phone that way, girl?"

She smiled at the smoky voice on the other end and began walking towards the building, "Hey Gemma, what's up?"

Silence answered her before a loud huff came over the line, "Why do you always assume when I phone you something's wrong? I just wanted to make sure you got in okay, know Clay had you picking up that part today."

"You getting soft on me, old lady?" Jayden teased.

She grinned at the snapped reply, "Who are you calling soft? Or old for that matter? Don't make me come over there."

Jayden went to reply before scrunching her face up in disgust and gagged as a foul smell reached her nose, looking around the lot she spotted a deer impaled through a car windshield. Resisting the urge to vomit at the sight before her she turned her attention back to her phone and the increasingly louder voice coming from it.

"Yeah I know, I know. I'm fine, I'm home, I'll see you later, kay?"

Without waiting for a reply she hung up, shoving her phone awkwardly into her back pocket and changed directions towards Kip who had just finished lowering the car down off the truck. He turned towards her and tried to smile at her but it became more of a grimace as he took in the sight before him yet again. Jayden opened her mouth to ask why the hell the deer was still in the car but a voice behind her spoke up before she could.

"Sometimes you're the beamer, sometimes you're the goddamn deer."

Turning she saw Jax walking towards them with an amused smirk on his face, flashing her a wide smile as she made a face at his comment. He turned to Kip to ask how the deer ended up in the car and she perked up waiting intently for the answer, however before a proper one could be given he made a degrading comment about giving head which she happily ignored. Really, she needed some more female company around; it was beginning to give her a complex.

Kip sighed, "How the hell do you expect me to get it outta there?"

Jax snickered quietly before hopping over the car to pull out a small chainsaw, Jayden winced knowing Kip wasn't into the whole killing of animals or even eating them for that matter and would not appreciate the suggestion of sawing the damn deer out of the windshield. Hell she ate meat and she wouldn't go near that thing with a ten foot pole.

"I don't eat meat man."

"Figure it out." Jax as ever was full of helpful advice.

Jayden clapped the poor prospect on the shoulder, "Just closer your eyes and blindly swing, maybe you'll hit one of these idiots around here."

Chibs chuckled from behind her as Jax shoved her shoulder lightly before quickly pulling her into a side hug. She scowled at him as the motorcycle part nearly toppled due to her loose hold on it. She refrained from making a snide comment however as she saw the amusement drain from their features as soon as Kip got in the truck to move the car out of the way of the garages.

Chibs frowned seemly at nothing before turning to Jax, "What the hell happened?"

The only words Jayden could make out was 'torched' and 'warehouse' as they walked away from her, assuming it was club business she sighed deciding it wasn't anything to do with her and began to walk over to Kip once more. She'd never admit it but she liked the prospect, thought he was a bit of a pushover but it was hard not to be surrounded by the tetesterone filled hormones that was the Son's of Anarchy club members. She giggled as he began retching as he attempted to saw through the deer. Gently setting her part down on a nearby workbench she hopped up onto the back of the truck, swinging her legs around so she was facing him without being in the line of fire should there be any blood splatter.

"You could always tell them no, you do know that right?"

"I am Prospect; I do as I'm told." He replied monotone before smiling widely at her.

Shaking her head she sighed in amused affection, "You're stupid."

Stretching forward she ruffled his hair, carefully avoiding his batting hands; she hopped off the truck and headed into the clubhouse. She figured she may as well have herself a drink and play a little pool while she was here before she had to head off to work, or for what passed as work. It wasn't like she had any other damn thing to do today apart from laze about her apartment by herself and contrary to popular belief that much alone time was not actually healthy for a person.

She had pretty much tuned out the boys banter for the better part of the past half an hour but when the question of Kip's nickname origin arose she couldn't help but look over curious as to why he actually was called Half Sack, she had never been let in on the particular piece of information. However once her eyes had focused on the man himself she really wished to god that she hadn't bothered to look up from her game of pool.

Scoffing in disgust she turned away from the boys, "Pull your pants back up, man."

Clay apparently had similar thoughts as he walked in through the door, "Jesus Christ, put that deformed nut bag away!"

She hid a smile at the bright red blush spreading across Kip's cheeks as he smiled sheepishly up at the Club President. Quirking an eyebrow she stared down Tig as he watched her pick her pool cue back up, he cocked one of his own in response and she mentally shrugged it off as one of Tig's weird quirks.
After being requested by Clay to find Jax, Chibs proceeded to scream his name, loudly, directly into Jayden's ear. Scowling and rubbing the now ringing ear she poked him hard in the stomach with the pool cue, feeling a little smug as his breath left his lungs in a loud whoosh of air. Smiling sheepishly at her, he rubbed his stomach whilst calling for Jax again, this time without busting her eardrum and walking towards the rooms. She rolled her eyes wondering why he couldn't have just walked to Jax's room and knocked like any normal person would have done. Both men entered back into room a few short moments later, Jax stopping by Jayden at the pool table first as he caught sight of her.

Placing a hand on her waist he dropped a quick kiss onto her cheek, "Hey, baby."

She smiled up at him briefly before turning back to her game, "Hey, Jax."

She could practically feel Clay's eye roll as he watched the two of them interact, he always maintained that they were some secret couple that couldn't admit to themselves their feelings for each other, despite the fact nothing had ever happened between them. She glanced up as he started to speak, no doubt to drop some wise knowledge on her ass, however instead he let out a full fledge laugh. Frowning she looked around for the source of his amusement, quickly realising that Juice had knocked the remaining balls on the pool table into the pockets. Jayden gaped at him for a few moments before preparing to lunge at him had Jax not wound his arm around her waist preventing her from doing such a thing. She pouted as his laughter filled her ears as he hauled her back against his chest to lean.

Jayden however scowled fiercely at Juice as he smirked at her, "So not cool, Juice!"

"Aw I'm sorry, did I ruin your game, baby girl?"

Still situated in Jax's arms she made an attempted to kick out at him but fell short of reaching her target and settled for crossing her arms across her chest in annoyance. They quickly moved away from her though as Clay called for the boys to join him in Church. Jax let out another rough chuckle as he unwound his arms from around her, smacking her playfully on the ass he followed Clay out of the room, throwing at wink at her over his shoulder for good measure.

Jayden narrowed her eyes in on his back, swearing that one of these days she was going to kick that boy's ass and take immense pleasure in doing so.

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