Summary: Full Summary inside. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru have joined forces in order to defeat Naraku. Though they still don't see eye to eye they don't engage in combat, but that could be that Kagome 'sits' Inuyasha before he can do anything. Naraku's determined to end Kagome's life at any risk, will he succeed? Why is he trying to get to Sesshoumaru? And why is Sango's attitude towards Miroku changing lately?

The Little Miko

Chapter One – The Opening

Its was late and it was winter, the snow was thick and the air ice cold. The Western Lands was particularly chilly. It could have been the fact that it was the very place where the Prince of Japan resided, Prince Sesshoumaru the 'ice prince' to be exact. He was feared by almost anybody; human, demon or hanyou it didn't matter. The only thing that was disgraceful about him was that he was the older brother to the hot-headed half breed Inuyasha. There was nothing more shameful than to have a half breed in your family, especially if that family was the Royal family.

When his highness King Inutaisho (Kami rest his soul) was alive and well nobody dared to question his motives when he mated the Princess, Izayoi. Sure she was quite a beauty but she was human, nothing good would have come from it. Prince Sesshoumaru knew this all too well and tried his best to discourage his dear father, but to no prevail. This just angered the King causing arguments and fights. The close bond that the Prince and King once shared was no longer.

When the King died for Izayoi, Sesshoumaru took the responsibility of protecting the kingdom with the help of his mother Queen Sayuri (who returned after being exiled by Inutaisho). But Izayoi and her newborn son Inuyasha retreated to her palace where she raised the young hanyou into the young adult he was today.

Unfortunately Inuyasha had a lot of abuse when he was a child, because of his heritage humans and youkai thought of him as dirty. Disgusting. Vile. He was often referred to as "half breed" in the village where he lived by, he received the verbal abuse from both the children and adults. As a child he only ever met his big brother on occasions where Sesshoumaru had to speak to Izayoi about their father. He hardly ever acknowledged Inuyasha, he never felt he needed to. Inuyasha always stayed at Izayoi's side when he visited; he was always quiet but mischievous, this would sometimes amuse the youkai Prince but most of the time it annoyed his prideful self

But anyway. Izayoi died when Inuyasha was just a teen. When she died he was cast out from his old home and left to fend for himself. He didn't dare trouble his now hated half brother, he didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing him in such a vulnerable state. So the young hanyou headed north where he found a small village that was protected by an incredibly strong miko who went by the name of Kikyo. It didn't take long for the two to fall in love but it was soon broken apart when a dark hanyou who went by the name of Naraku rose and turned them against each other. Kikyo bound Inuyasha to the Goshinboku where she then perished. Inuyasha's enchanted sleep disgraced his royal blood further making youkai start to question whether Sesshoumaru was fit to be their ruler. Obviously they got the message when Sesshoumaru gave them a taster of his wrath.

50 years since then, the 15 year old teenager Kagome Higurashi fell upon this glorious time and wandered aimlessly when she came face to face with the fluffy eared Inuyasha. She freed him from his spell and bound him to her with ancient beads that Kikyo's sister Kaede entrusted to her. Unfortunately Kagome ended up breaking the famous Shikon no Tama setting them on their quest. On the way they met Shippo the young kitsune who was seeking revenge for the death of his father; Miroku the monk who had been cursed by Naraku and was out to get him, the only flaw he had was that he was an incredible flirt and a lecher. And then there was Sango, a demon slayer who had been tricked by Naraku resulting in losing her brother. She travelled with her trusty neko youkai Kirara and together they would seek out and destroy Naraku for destroying her village and resurrecting her brother and turning him against her.

Two years later and Naraku continued to get more crafty and powerful. Inuyasha got so angry and determined that he was willing to do anything to track the dark hanyou down. Kagome suggested that they join forces with Kouga the young leader of the wolf demon tribe who was madly in love with her but the hanyou sarcastically replied that he'd rather join up with Sesshoumaru. Kagome though took this seriously and sought the Prince out, she asked him and with enough persuasion he agreed on his terms.

Now Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had joined their own groups together and were now doubly determined to track Naraku down. Sesshoumaru travelled with his retainer Jaken, a green little imp who was madly in love with the Prince; AhUn a two-headed dragon whom was very loyal and then there was Rin, she was a little orphan child who helped Sesshoumaru heal after a fight with Inuyasha. She was mauled by Kouga's wolves when Sesshoumaru found her, he revived her and ever since then she stood by his side.

As of now Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were leading their group through the thick snow in the Western Lands. It was night and they needed to find a sufficient camp site. The palace was too far to get to, especially at night. It didn't help that it was mating season either. Inuyasha was being his usual restless self whilst Sesshoumaru kept his calm demeanour as they all neared a dark and dreary forest "Inuyasha, I suggest we take another path. This forest will be very dangerous for the women" Sesshoumaru suggested

"Heh we'll kill anyone who touches our women" Inuyasha snorted

"Their women?" Sango whispered to Kagome as she cradled Kirara in her arms

"I would S.I.T him for that but I'm just too tired to fight with him" Kagome groaned "Can't we just camp in a clearing?"

"Kagome if ya haven't realized it's snowing" Inuyasha snapped

"Inuyasha grow up" Sango snapped back "She's just tired that's all"

"Then have her ride Kirara"

"Inuyasha don't mean to intrude but the snow will be rather cold for Kirara's feet" Miroku stepped in

"Idiot" Shippo tiredly mocked from AhUn's back where he and Rin were currently cuddling together with a blanket around them both

"Prince Sesshoumaru how much longer?" Rin sneezed

"Be quiet girl, we'll get there when we get there!" Jaken snapped from AhUn's side

"Don't talk to her like that imp" Kagome almost growled. She stumbled over to the children and checked their foreheads "They are starting to get a fever, we have to hurry up"

"There's a cave not too far from here but we would have to trek through the forest" Sesshoumaru explained

"Well I'd rather be attacked by a lust driven youkai than have the children die from pneumonia" Kagome breathed as she rubbed her frozen arms 'Why did I have to demand on wearing my school uniform? Why didn't I accept the miko garb from Kaede?' She cursed as she looked down at her bare numb legs

"Then we shall go through this forest if your demon slayer agrees too"

"Yes of course" Sango shivered "The sooner we get some warmth the better" Kagome completely envied Sango right now. She was wearing a winter attire and knew that if she was cold Miroku would willingly hold her

"Then let us proceed" For now Inuyasha allowed Sesshoumaru lead them as he knew where their destination lay, he unsheathed his trusty fang and stayed close to the girls. Sesshoumaru too unsheathed his Tokijen and stayed close to Rin. Quietly and alert they stalked through the pitch black forest waiting for something to jump out and attack them

"Hey Sesshoumaru, this is the very land you were born upon. Many youkai here must know you so they shouldn't attack you, right?" Inuyasha asked

"It's mating season Inuyasha and we have women with us, I doubt any lust driven youkai cares who I am at this particular moment" He replied "I am surprised you have not lost yourself to this season"

"Feh I can beat anything. Why aren't you affected by it then? Are you too much of a stiff to lust for a female"

"I know how to control my desires as most wealthy youkai can" He stated as he slashed a youkai in their path "I doubt your mother taught you how to control yourself. How is it that you have been able to control yourself through all these years?"

"Because he used to run off with Kikyo" Shippo smirked "I may be a kid but I know what this season is about"

"Why you little..." But he was cut off when a youkai jumped out of nowhere and threw Kagome over his shoulder

"Kagome!" Sango gasped

"Hey what are you doing?! Let me go!" Kagome screamed as she felt him grip her backside "Ah!" He then began to run with incredible speed through the forest

"Stay with the group" Sesshoumaru ordered Inuyasha "I'm faster than you so I'll be able to save her, the cave is just past these trees. Meet us there" He then ran with his demonic speed through the trees after the rogue youkai's scent.

It took him mere minutes to catch up to him, he dived through the air and landed in front of the youkai "Release her she is one of mine"

"Prince Sesshoumaru?" The youkai gasped realizing his majesty "I'm sorry your highness but I haven't had a female in so long, I can't oblige"

"Release her or I will end your pathetic life"

"You heard him" Kagome snapped "Now put me down you pervert!" She repeatedly thumped his back hoping it would result in him releasing her

"I'm sorry Milord but she is far too beautiful to let go" Sighing Sesshoumaru sheathed Tokijen and raised two glowing fingers

"Then you have sealed your fate" In an instant he lopped off the youkai's head and caught Kagome before she fell into the icy snow, he didn't want her falling ill along with the children "Did he injure you?" Kagome stared into his golden pools and numbly shook her head, she seemed completely mesmerised "Then let us return to Inuyasha" Ignoring her stare he formed his youkai cloud and took to the sky. This broke Kagome's trance and she gripped Sesshoumaru's haori for dear life

"Kami give me a warning next time" She snapped "Wait where are we going? This isn't where we left Inuyasha and the rest"

"They went on ahead to the cave, the pups needed warmth immediately" The speed of the cold air was like daggers slicing across Kagome's face, she gave a small whimper and tried her best to turn her back from it

"Could you slow down a little? It hurts"

"We're here" He then descended down to the entrance of the cave where they found everybody inside with a fire already lit

"Oh Kagome thank goodness your alright" Sango cried as she ran over to her friend and hugged her "I was so worried"

"I'm alright Sango" She smiled "Thanks to Sesshoumaru"

"That's Prince Sesshoumaru to you wench!" Jaken squawked

"Shut up" Kagome poked her tongue out at him and turned to Sesshoumaru "Thanks for saving me 'Prince' Sesshoumaru"

"Your welcome" Sesshoumaru then stalked past her and kneeled beside a sniffling Rin, he checked her forehead and frowned "Miko she have a fever" Kagome pulled the pack from her back and was at Rin's side immediately

"You most definitely have" Kagome frowned as she checked her "I want you to take some medicine, ok?" Rin gave a weak nod through half lidded eyes "Sesshoumaru could you hold her in your lap?" He gave a short nod and pulled Rin in his lap, Kagome then dug through her bag and pulled out a bottle of medicine and a spoon "I need you to take two of these, ok?" She then poured some of the medicine on the spoon and held it to Rin's lips. The young child timidly opened her mouth and swallowed it, she grimaced immediately and gagged "Keep it down honey, we have one more"

"No it's disgusting" She shook her head frantically

"You'll get worse love"

"She's right Rin" Sesshoumaru added as he brushed the bangs from her eyes. She gave a small nod and took the last spoonful, she quickly swallowed it and shuddered.

"That a girl" Kagome smiled "Wrap up warm with this" She then pulled out a woolly blanket and wrapped it around her "Sango here" Kagome tossed her friend two packets of ramen "Could you cook them up whilst I see to Shippo?"

"No problem" Sango smiled

"Sesshoumaru could I ask you to keep Rin in your lap? Your body temperature will help calm her fever"

"Hn" He gave another short nod causing Kagome to roll her eyes. She then lifted her bag and walked over to Shippo who was currently snuggling to Kirara

"How are you feeling Shippo?" She asked as she checked his forehead "Hmm you hardly have a fever, it must be because of your youkai strength. I want you to take some medicine just in case though"

"Okay Kagome" He smiled and took the first spoonful "Yuck, no wonder why Rin didn't like it" He then took another one and grimaced once again "Eww" He shuddered

"That's all you need to take" She smiled "Dinner should be ready soon" Kagome then packed up the medicine and sat by the fire to warm herself up

"Kagome your feet are drenched" Sango sighed "Miroku keep an eye on the food" She then kneeled by Kagome and pulled off her shoes and socks "Your feet are ice cold and have a tint of blue" She moaned "You're too selfless for your own good do you know that" She huffed playfully "Would it hurt to see to yourself first" She then dug through Kagome's bag and pulled out some bandages "These should warm your feet up nicely" She then began to wrap Kagome's feet "Just relax now, I'll see to Rin and Shippo"

"I'm fine Sango, honestly" Kagome smiled "My reiki will heal me no problem"

"Sango I think the foods gonna burn" Miroku called

"Argh" Sango then stormed over to Miroku and pulled the pot from the fire "Was that so hard?" She then got some bowls "Prince Sesshoumaru are you having any tonight?" He simply shook his head as he ran his fingers through Rin's hair "Okay" She then served everyone else their ramen. Not long later everyone finished eating and crashed out for the night.

During the night Kagome woke to the extremely chilly air, she sat up and rubbed her arms. The fire had died out so long ago she could tell "What are you doing up?" The silky voice made Kagome jump a mile, she turned to the voice to find Sesshoumaru still awake with Rin still in his lap

"Why are you still awake?" She whispered as she tiptoed over to him

"On watch" He replied "Her fever has gone down" Kagome checked Rin's fever and smiled gratefully as she sat down opposite the Prince

"Thank goodness"

"Why are you awake?" Sesshoumaru asked in a bored tone

"The cold woke me"

"Where is your quilt?" Kagome smirked and pointed to Rin, causing Sesshoumaru to raise a silken brow "You put yourself at risk of getting pneumonia yet you still give up your covers to Rin?"

"She needs it more, I'd rather give it up to her" She stroked Rin's hair and smiled softly

"You're very selfless"

"I guess it's just the way I am" She shrugged "Wouldn't you give up something to someone you love?"

"Hn I don't love anyone"

"You don't love Rin?" She tilted her head slightly as she wrapped her arms around her freezing knees


"Ha that's what I thought" Kagome teased "I know you love her Sesshoumaru, you can't fool me"

"I can easily fool you miko, you're not the most intelligent human ever. You're just a little naïve child"

"I'm not a child!" Kagome whispered annoyed "At least I'm not a pampered prideful Prince"

"You should have respect for your elders girl" He smirked obviously enjoying teasing the little miko

"You're right" She smirked back "What are you 2000?"

"900 actually, 18 in your human ages" He corrected

"Hmph" She huffed "Well I have to say that you look good for a 900 year old"

"As usual" He mused "And your age little miko?"

"15" She grinned

"Really?" He arched a brow

"I know, my friends all say I look older"

"I beg to differ, you merely look around 13"

"You're an ass you know that" She huffed "Snobby Prince" She muttered as she moved her hands to her arms and rubbed them

"Heh humans are so fragile, they let even the weather get to them"

"Well sorry that humans aren't built with an ice heart like yours, pompous ass"

"Are you going to continue with those pathetic insults wench?" He asked with a smirk

"Why you..." She then shivered "You're lucky I'm so cold otherwise I would slap you so hard China would feel it"

"I doubt you could harm me"

"I can purify you easily"

"I'm immune to your purification powers" He mused "I believe that dead miko had a better chance of bringing me to my feet than you do"

"You..." She was interrupted by a strong gale of ice cold wind whooshing into the cave and freezing the poor miko "...ah..." She whimpered softly as she sneezed

"We don't need more people getting sick" He sighed as he threw his boa at her "Wrap up and get some rest"

"T-thanks I guess" She wrapped the soft warm fur around her petite form and nuzzled it "I guess you have some compassion" She joked as she lay down by his sitting form "But that doesn't mean I'm gonna forget your rudeness"

"Any reason why you are resting so close to me?"

"Body heat" She breathed "Thanks again..." Sleep then took over her tired self

Sesshoumaru gazed down at the sleeping miko at his side and could help but smirk 'You're a mystery little miko' Another whoosh of wind entered mingling her scent with it as it hit Sesshoumaru's nose. She smelt absolutely exquisite, of vanilla and jasmine. He had never met a human who smelt so good. She was certainly strange, for a human she had such a unique beauty – beauty of a youkai. Snapping his eyes away from her beauty Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and continued to guard the small group...

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