Chapter Twenty Six – Finale

Sesshoumaru watched in horror as the hell mouth swallowed his family whole and sealed up until another child of his bloodline was born "No..." The demonic barrier dispersed as the Prince collapsed to his knees and ran his finger's over the seal's inscriptions

"I assume you wish to be the third to die Sesshoumaru" Naraku laughed from where he stood "That seal will re-open soon and shall bring out all the gods of hell, as soon as they see you they'll cut you down. I guess that doesn't sound that bad, you'll be reunited with your dead mate and dead son"

"Shut the hell up!" Inutaisho growled as he held his mate in his arms "You shall die for your treachery"

"Heh, your words mean nothing. I am the new god of this era, I shall control the beings of the nether world. You and your pathetic family will be the first that they'll feast upon" Jen stirred in her mate's arms as she pulled her self back to consciousness, she weakly took in her surroundings when she scented her son's pain and sorrow. Her eyes immediately darted to his kneeled form and frowned

"What's happened? Where's Kagome?" She pulled herself from her mate's hold and stood on her own weakened legs

"She's dead my lady" Naraku smirked "And so is your precious grandson, they have been dragged into the hell mouth where they will be tortured for an eternity"

"No..." She looked to Inutaisho "Please tell me he's lying"

"I wish I could" He confirmed "They are no longer of this world"

"NO! You monster!" Jen screamed "She was only a human woman and he was only a pup, only five summers old" Tears began to stream down her cheeks "You're the one who should be burning in hell, not them!"

"You can join them if you miss them that much, your son will be with them soon enough" The dark hanyou snickered "As soon as the sun rises and the sacrifice...or sorry...sacrifices have been engulfed then the hell mouth shall open and shall consume this world"

"You're so deranged Naraku" Inuyasha snapped "Do you honestly believe that you can control the gods of the underworld? They will kill you just as they will us"

"The Shikon no Tama will see to it that I am the most powerful and strongest, not even a god can withstand my power" Naraku proclaimed with Byakuya standing proudly beside him "Though I will show you some mercy, I shall allow your daughter to survive, I shall raise her as my own and she shall help me rule over the new world" A snicker was then heard

"Heh" Sesshoumaru rose to his feet and moved his unforgiving, cold and deadly gaze to Naraku's crimson ones "I don't care if you have the completed Shikon no Tama in your grasp, you are still a coward of whom I will gladly kill. At the end of the day the Shikon no Tama is just another piece of jewellery. If I must I shall shatter the thing so it divides over my kingdom once again. No matter the outcome today you shall die, I will take your life just as you have taken my family's" He then unsheathed Bakusaiga and pointed it at Naraku "Die Naraku!" And with that he dived forward and attacked his most hated enemy.

Fire. It was everywhere. It was too much. The heat was overwhelming, how could anybody live in this? This definitely was the fires of hell!

Kagome winced as she slowly opened her eyes, nothing soft had cushioned her fall but how was she possibly alive? The seal was so far up, it was the equivalent to her falling from a sky scraper. You just don't survive something like that. Looking down at the bundle in her arms she sighed, thank goodness he was safe. Pulling herself into a sitting position Kagome took in her surroundings and gasped. No...not here. Anywhere but here. Not again. And not with her son. She couldn't have him suffering the same ordeal. "How is this possible?" She breathed "How can the hell mouth be the actual hell Naraku had sent me to?"

"M-mommy...?" Kagome looked down at her son to find him weakly opening his eyes "Are we dead?" Were they? How was she supposed to know? She still felt pain from the fall but she also felt pain when she had died the previous time

"It's no important darling" She kissed his forehead "What's important is that we find a way out of here" She then pulled herself to her feet and looked up at the seal "That will open again, Naraku wouldn't have gone to all this trouble just to throw us down here"

"You're right my lady, it will open again" A snickering hissing voice whispered

"Who's there?" She gasped as she frantically looked around her. A snake youkai stepped forward and bowed, he had limbs hanging from him as well as blood seeping from multiple wounds

"The seal will open once the sacrifice has died" His eyes fell upon Maru "The son belonging to the Taisho throne" Maru snuggled closer to his mother and whimpered "He looks quite delicious"

"He's only a child" Kagome snapped "Can you not have me and set him free?"

"You? Why would you be worth anything to us?" He snickered just as numerous other youkai in his condition stepped forward from the shadows

"I am the mate of Prince Sesshoumaru, that must be worth something"

"The Prince Sesshoumaru would not mate a weak human, don't make us laugh. Now hand over the child or perish"

"Go to hell!" Kagome snapped as she held Maru closer "You disgusting blood thirsty beasts, you will never have him" She was about to run but found she was surrounded by the youkai "Gods" She gasped. She kissed Maru's forehead and dropped to her knees "I'll try to purify them for as long as I can, I want you to run for your life"

"No mommy" Maru cried "I don't want you to die" The youkai then moved closer "DADDY. I want daddy" Just as he said this a pure light shot up from his hands and dispersed all the youkai around them

"What..." The light then flew in front of them and held the form of a human female

"Lady Kagome" Kagome squinted her eyes to see that the woman was actually the great miko Midoriko

"Lady Midoriko" She gasped "How are you here? Shouldn't you be in Naraku's grasp?"

"On the contrary" Midoriko smiled "My very being lies in the hands of your son" Maru himself then curiously opened his hands to reveal the now pure Shikon no Tama

"Maru how did you get this?"

"The jewel reacted to his fear when Naraku had him in his grasp, it recognized him as your son and wished to protect him. Naraku still believes he holds the jewel and is fighting with your mate Sesshoumaru" The great miko explained "Though Naraku still holds power to kill him, Sesshoumaru can only bring him to his end if you are at his side. As of now Sesshoumaru is fighting out of anger and grief, he believes you are dead. His fight is blind, even if Inuyasha and Inutaisho join the fight their reason will be the same as his therefore none of them will win"

"Does this mean you can get us out of here?" Kagome asked hopefully

"Yes child, though first I need you to make an unselfish wish on the jewel. Only then can this world be free of it"

"I understand" Kagome then turned to her son "Maru please give mommy the jewel"

"Okay mommy" Maru then handed his mother the jewel as she stood with him in her arms

"I wish...I wish..." Kagome pondered "Midoriko, is there such thing as an unselfish wish?" The great miko looked down at Kagome and smiled softly

"No Kagome, there is no such thing as an unselfish wish. I knew you'd figure it out" The jewel then dispersed in Kagome's hands as some of her purification powers shot from her and into Midoriko "Now I shall send both you and your son back to the world of the living, the key to defeating Naraku is to work together. Have a wonderful life with raising your son and living with your mate" She then outstretched her hands as she allowed her powers to seep from her and embrace Kagome and Maru "With the last of my powers I shall bestow you with a gift that shall aid you in escaping this hell and in killing Naraku" Arrows and a bow appeared before them just as Midoriko disappeared to sleep for an eternity in peace

"Mommy where did the pretty lady go?"

"To heaven, darling. Now I need you to get on my back so I can bust us out of here" Maru did as he was told just as Kagome reached out and grasped the bow and arrows. She notched a quiver in her bow and aimed it at the seal "You ready to see daddy?"

"Yep" Maru beamed as he wrapped his arms around his mother's neck "Can I help?"

"What do you mean honey?" Without giving a vocal reply Maru leaned over his mother's shoulder and placed his hand over his mother's, the notched bow glowed an even purer colour "Maru you have purification powers?"

"I guess" He laughed at her face "Come on mommy, I want to see daddy"

"Sure thing honey" Kagome then released the arrow that flew straight into the seal. Both hers and Maru's power engulfed it causing it to smash open. A light then shone down onto them and began to pull them up to the exit "Hold on tight Maru"

"I am I am" He huffed half heartedly. The closer they got the wider Kagome's smile grew, this was it. They would finally defeat Naraku and live as a happy normal family. Finally.

Blood red crimson filled Sesshoumaru's eyes as he blindly attacked Naraku, he had once again lost a loved one to him. This vermin would have to die if he had any chance of being happy. He needed to do this for himself, his kingdom and of course his family. Sesshoumaru dodged one of Naraku's tentacles as flew forward, he struck the hanyou in the arm but also ended up getting stabbed in the stomach by Byakuya. Sesshoumaru ignored his wound and carried on. As soon as Byakuya cowardly struck his brother, Inuyasha growled and joined in. There was no way he was going to allow his brother get outnumbered but he also his brother was fighting in a blind rage. He needed to calm him before he ended up killing himself "Sesshoumaru let's move back and think of a better plan"

"I do have a plan Inuyasha and that's to lop this bastard's head off" Sesshoumaru barked as he swung his sword at Naraku

"He'll kill you, you're not thinking straight"

"I won't die"

"You will if you keep fighting, Byakuya's sword went straight through you. Look at all of your blood that's splattered on the floor, you're killing yourself" But Sesshoumaru just ignored his brother, he just continued thrashing at his enemy

"Don't be an idiot Sesshoumaru, move back" Getting really annoyed with Byakuya's hindering Inuyasha lifted his fang and sent his most deadly blow at him "ADAMENT BARRAGE"

"Nice try whelp" Byakuya laughed as he knocked the blast back with his own blade "Your petty attacks are futile" He then dived forward and slashed diagonally across Inuyasha's chest. The youngest brother yelped in pain causing Inutaisho to run forward and protect his youngest

"Go back to your mate and daughter, Inuyasha, I'll finish things from here"

"You need to stop Sesshoumaru dad, he's killing himself" Inuyasha winced as he took a step back "He..." He was cut off by the seal to the hell mouth being blown to pieces "What the...?" Both Sesshoumaru and Naraku stopped their battling and turned to the seal, a bright pure light was shining out of it making all the youkai step back in fear of getting purified.

"Sango go take a look" Jen spoke "You're the only one who will not get purified, leave Yukiko with me" The demon slayer nodded and handed her only child to Jen. She then moved over to the seal and hesitantly leaned forward to get a better look

"Sango be careful" Inuyasha called "I won't be able to get to you if anything happens" She then gasped causing the hanyou to jump "What's wrong?"

"You're okay" Sango cried as she outstretched her hands and leaned down to grasp something, everyone watched on as she pulled out something from the hell mouth

"Maru?" Inutaisho gapped "But..." Yes, Sango had Maru securely in her arms just as Kagome flew out and landed beside her

"How are you two alive?" Sango sniffled as she wiped her tears away

"Midoriko" Kagome smiled as she bluntly dropped her bow. She then turned and ran straight at Sesshoumaru, she dived directly onto him and pressed her lips against his. Sesshoumaru's arms immediately wrapped around his lover's waist as he deepened the kiss, his eyes returned to their normal golden shade just as he closed them

"H-how is she alive?" Byakuya stuttered, suddenly beginning to fear for his life "I can feel that wench's power, she can kill us"

"We will live for as long as I hold the Shikon no Tama in my grasp" Naraku snarled

"You haven't got it" Maru sang from Sango's arms "Mommy got rid of it" Kagome broke away from her mate and smirked at Naraku

"You are as mortal as anyone here and you are the same hanyou you were five years ago" She then pulled from Sesshoumaru's hold and retrieved her bow and arrows "When you frightened my son and slit his cheek the beings in the Shikon no Tama recognized him as mine, they feared for his life and sort to comfort him. That's why when he purified you the jewel went into his hands just before we got sucked into the hell mouth"

"You wench!" Byakuya growled

"Heh you think you've won?" Naraku snickered "By escaping the hell mouth you broke the seal so that it would no longer open or close. Soon the beings of hell will pull themselves to this world where you will then be doomed"

"Well yeah, either that or I could just reverse everything" Kagome mused "A drop of the enemy's blood should close it"

"Then it is unfortunate that I do not bleed" The dark hanyou laughed "Your plan has failed"

"Has it?" With incredible speed Kagome shot Byakuya in the chest and purified him "Sesshoumaru..."

"I know" Sesshoumaru in turn then grabbed the youkai and threw him into the hell mouth

"Byakuya was just you in another form, his blood was your blood. It will still do the same trick" And as she said this the earth itself began pulling itself together in order to seal up the hell mouth for an eternity "Now nobody can endure that realm again" Naraku grin had now faded to a scowl. How dare she! How dare some time travelling wench come into this world and defeat all of his plans. She would not get away with this

"You WILL die!" He then dived forward and shot one of his tentacles straight at her but he didn't get far. Both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha knocked him back and aimed their swords directly at him

"All it takes is one final blow Naraku and you'll die" Sesshoumaru smirked

"No more tricks, this is the real deal" Inuyasha added as he raised his blade "WIND SCAR"

"DRAGON STRIKE" Sesshoumaru shouted in turn as he used Bakusaiga

"GO!" Kagome shot her bow straight at him, there was no where for him to run. The attacks were just too big, there was no way he could get away in time

"Curse you all" Naraku screamed as all three attacks hit him "Curse you all...AHHHHHHHH" His body was ripped to shreds and his soul was sent to the underworld. Some of his flesh remained floating in the air and tried to reform

"Why won't the bastard just die!?" Inuyasha growled as he lifted his sword

"No Inuyasha get down" Miroku shouted as he pulled himself to his feet "WIND TUNNEL" Sesshoumaru managed to push Inuyasha to the floor with himself just as Miroku sucked Naraku's remains into his hand. Kagome was already out of harms way so all was well. "Finally" Miroku was about to seal his hand back up when the wind tunnel began to shrink

"It's closing up" Jen smiled "You can finally live without the fear of dying, Monk" And with that Miroku ran around cheering. Everyone else just shook their heads

Upon hearing the monk's cheers Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha pulled themselves to their feet and nodded to each other "We did it Sessh, we don't have to worry about that bastard harming our loved ones again"

"Indeed little brother" Sesshoumaru genuinely smiled but that soon faded when he backhanded him "And if you continue cursing around my pup you'll be joining Naraku in hell"

"Ow" Inuyasha yelped as he rubbed his ear "Kagome sort your mutt out" Sesshoumaru was about to attack his brother once again when the sound of his son's voice hit his ears

"DADDY" Forgetting about the hanyou, Sesshoumaru turned and kneeled just in time to see Maru collide into his chest crying with joy "I thought I'd never see you again" The Prince smiled softly as he stood with Maru in his arms

"I would have found a way to see you Maru, I'll always be here for you" He kissed his pup's forehead just as Kagome went over to them "You broke your promise" He mused as he pulled her into his embrace

"How did I?"

"You promised never to leave me again" He nuzzled her cheek

"Well sorry Sessh, I thought there'd be better looking youkai down there. After all there was a lot of 'hot' youkai down there" She laughed as she kissed his cheek

"Eww mommy" Maru grimaced "All those youkai were missing body parts"

"So? Your father was lacking an arm once"

"Yes but I made up for it with certain other parts" He smirked arrogantly

"Sesshoumaru" Kagome slapped his arm "Watch your mouth"

"Why? What did he say?" Maru cutely asked

"Uh...never mind darling" Kagome then took Maru from Sesshoumaru and set him on his feet "Now why don't you and Yukiko go find Rin and Shippo whilst I clean up daddy's wounds"

"Okay mommy" And with that Maru was gone

"It feels like a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders" Inutaisho smiled as he and Jen came over "We can finally live in peace"

"And perhaps we can grow our family" Jen hinted to her mate "I want a daughter to pamper since my son has grown up"

"Your wish is my command" Inutaisho grinned as he lifted Jen into his arms and carried her off to their chambers

"That's disgusting" Sesshoumaru almost rolled his eyes

"Maru will be saying the same thing when we're older" Kagome mused as she entwined her fingers with his. She was about to lean up and kiss him when Sango's shouting distracted her

"Inuyasha where are you running off to?"

"I've gotta go find that stinking wolf, someone's gotta brag to him that Naraku's dead" He grinned

"Oh no you don't, you're staying here to rest up" She shouted as she ran after him. Kagome and Sesshoumaru watched on with amused smiles on their faces

"Since Naraku's dead perhaps we can try for another pup" Kagome grinned as she looked up at her mate "We wouldn't want Maru getting lonely now would we"

"I completely agree" Sesshoumaru then leaned down and claimed her lips

"Sessh, are you glad it is me you're mated to?"

"Yes Kagome, very much so" He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close

"Looking back now is there anything you would change?" She asked

"Indeed" He kissed her brow "I would have claimed you sooner" He smirked "And what of you?"

"I would have run off with you the first day I met you" She winked "So is this our happily ever after? A Prince and her Princess living in their palace and raising their son?"

"I believe it little miko"


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