A series of ItaSasu fluff drabbles. Can also be viewed as a kinda long oneshot. May or may not be incest. Ages altered so it can be viewed as an AU. Child!Itachi and Toddler!Sasuke moments.


#13 - Dance

Mikoto tugged at her husband's sleeve for the nth time that night. She had wanted to dance with Fugaku for the past 20 minutes, but sadly, he wouldn't even oblige.

"Anata, please just enjoy yourself for the night?" she pleaded quietly, making puppy eyes at her husband.

"I am enjoying myself," Fugaku replied, brushing non-existent dust off his sleeve.

"But you haven't even smiled once."

Mikoto then extended her arms and pinched the cheeks of her stoic husband, forcing him to smile. She pouted immaturely when Fugaku gently wrenched her hands from his face.

"Don't be so childish, Mikoto."

"Don't be so serious, Fugaku. Dance with me!"

"I do not want to dance."

Mikoto nudged him and pecked his nose. "The music will move you well, you know."

Fugaku wrinkled his nose and said, "The music moves me well, but it moves me ugly."

But nevertheless, Fugaku agreed after Mikoto whispered something in his ear and they both waltzed awkwardly on the dance floor for a long, long time.


#14 – Nighttime Bath pt. 1

The sound of water running from the tap caught Itachi's attention. He frowned slowly and made his way to the bathroom in a brisk walk. He especially told Sasuke that bath time was not until 20 minutes later, when he had finished cleaning up the kitchen.

"Sasuke, didn't I tell you to wait for me?" Itachi said gently as he caught sight of a nude Sasuke playing with his face in front of the mirror.

"I was only preparing the bath water, nii-san!"

"Then why do you lack appropriate clothing?"

"Oh, I just felt hot, that's all."

Itachi looked incredulously at his little brother. It was almost December, and the temperature was near freezing right now. Sasuke smiled widely at him and said, "I'll wait for you here, nii-san!"

It was the smile that convinced the older Uchiha to resume his cleaning, and he finished it in only six minutes because he felt somehow motivated. He went back to the bathroom with a tiny, tiny smile on his face.

"Sasuke, you still there?" he asked monotonously. The shower curtain was covering the bathtub, and Itachi could see no silhouette of his brother. He furrowed his brow a little and started stripping down, calling out to Sasuke once again.

"Sasuke, I'm coming in."

Stark naked, Uchiha Itachi slid aside the curtain, expecting a splash on the face and a familiar melody of laughter. There was none.


#15 – Nighttime Bath pt. 2

"I tricked ya, didn't I?"

A guffaw sounded and Sasuke splashed about the bathtub. Behind him was Itachi, chuckling along with him.

"You need to eat more, Sasuke. I never knew you could fit into the towel hamper," Itachi grinned teasingly as he reached for the shampoo. He was greeted by a grunt from his brother, and he responded with a loud squelch from the bottle.

He put an amount on Sasuke's hair and lathered it up until it was foamy before doing it to himself. Sasuke stayed silent at this, like he always did. Bath time for him was precious, more precious than tomatoes and hugs and kisses from his mother.

It always made him feel as if his nii-san would never, ever leave him.

They lounged about the warm water for about half an hour or more, not noticing that their parents were way off schedule and were late for their own self-proclaimed curfew. Itachi was tenderly rubbing Sasuke's back, contemplating over a few thoughts he had in mind.

"Nii-san," the younger Uchiha muttered, "Do you know how much I love you?"

Itachi smiled softly, and this time, he let his smile grow wide until it reached his ears.

"Always, Sasuke. Always."

And they stayed like that for a very long time.



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