…..He was hiding in the shadows of a dumpster. Sitting in a dark alley, his left fist bleeding. A revolver in his right hand, with a full clip. His white sleeveles jacket all dusty and dirty. The baggy trousers he wore as messy as they can get. Drips of blood all over them, dust on the bottom, gunpowder on the top of them. A pair of broken glasses next to him, he was obviously in a bad condition. With a lot on his mind, he spoke quietly:

"Damn!"he laughed"Stealing that code was so worth it!"

Acessing Data Bank:Username – Kolosos666

Data type:History

"Hey Cristo!Get your no good ass down here!We have a customer!"A man in his mid thirties yelled. Dressed in dirty clothes, he was all tired from his work. A mechanic by trade, his job was pretty hard. Working in his garage, right next to his house, he was always near his beloved.

"Comming dad!Lemme just finish the game!"A voice from inside the house was heard. After 2 minutes a boy, or rather a teen, came running inside. His hair was spiked and white. It seemed that his hair was natural too.

"I'm here. What do you need?"

"This guy here says his GPS is bugged. I need you to fix it."The man pointed at an Aston Martin, one of the newest models.

"Will do!"The boy went inside the car. Being 15 and hyper, he loved anything that involved electronics and programing. Probably why he was his dad's assistent, fixing electronics in cars for some pocket money.

He went inside the car, and got to work. He messed with the GPS for a while, until something very weird caught his attention. A fumbi figurine on the co-driver's seat. Not only that, but a letter with the S4 logo on it. The boy's curiosity was aroused. S4 League was his favourite game. He played it since open beta. But what could this be?He had heard that special codes were given out for the beta of the new atracion: The eSper City!But could this be it?Could this be the dream come true for someone else?He couldn't help but take a peak inside... And yes, when he opened it, a golden code was written on it. He wanted it so bad.

"Shit. If i steal it, i'll go to the beta of the city. But if dad catches me, i'm toast!"His mind was playing it safe, saying "Leave it alone!Just do your job and go back to playing S4 on your PC!" But his heart was telling him to steal it!To steal it and run away to the eSper City!

"Damnit!"He took it and put it in his pocket."Sorry dude, guess i'll see you when the open beta starts!"

He took the code, finished fixing the GPS and went running back to his room. That code, besides letting users access to the closed beta of the eSper city, it also allowed free play for life. Only elites got this code.

"Now let's see.."He quickly opened it."Which username is this adresed to...."He read the name:"kolosos666".

"Huh?Who is this guy?Must be some noob farmer. He won't miss it."He snickered. This was the happiest day of his life. Now all that was left was to tell his dad he's going away, and enjoy fighting for the rest of his life...

"No way!I'm not letting you go to this Pesker City or whatever it's name is!Games have ruined your life enough."

"But dad!This was what i dreamt off!"

"And what happens when you'll need to eat?Sleep?You'll need to work!And you can't do that unless you finish SCHOOL!"The dad yelled.

"Dad!Listen, the City provides free lodging and food to the Beta testers!So you don't have to worry about a thing!"

"No!That is my final answer!"The dad said his final word and went to the garage.

"Shit. What am i gonna do now?"His thoughts engoulfed him. He wanted to go to the city so bad, but he couldn't go without his dad's permision, and his dad stated his opinion clearly. Only option left was running away. After hours of thinking about it, he did it. He grabbed his backpack and filled it with clothes, the letter and all the money he had hidden under his bed, which was only 250 dollars.

"Let's see now. It says "kolosos666" needs to be at the airport tommorow at 6 PM at the S4 League special section. Ok, i've got time."He grabed the backpack and jumped out the window. He went into the first bus going to the airport.

"Great, i'm here, but i have to wait a whole day."And so he did. He walked for a while, and when he got tired, he fell asleep on some chairs....

"Yo dude, wake up!"Cristo heard a voice, and opened his eyes.

"You here for the city flight?"

"Hmm?"Cristo was still sleepy."Uhuh..i mean, yeah. You?"

"Yah. The name's Ruben. Nice to meet you."The guy standing said.

"Hold on. Lemme just wake up."Cristo said as he slammed his head into the chair's plastic.

"Ahh, that's better.I'm Cristo."He got up and put out his hand."Cristo Montela."

They shook hands.

"Well, the plane's here, but it's gonna take off in 2 hours. Wanna wait inside?"

"Yah, sure."Cristo went inside the plane, obviously bored. "Ooh look!There are PCs over there."

"Awesome!Wanna play some S4?"

"Way ahead of ya!"he was already logged in, waiting for Ruben.

"Ok, lemme just log in."Ruben sat in front of a PC. They both entered a private room.

Ruben was obviously stronger, after all, he was one of the few hundreds who got a key to the closed beta. He slaughtered Cristo.

"Dude, you're really weak."

"Meh, i'm just sleepy."Cristo tried to act it cool, but he knew Ruben was in a totally different league then him.

"Oh look, the airplane is taking off."He switched to another topic, after realising the plane was filled with people, all S4 League players. It was a long trip, but they made it. They immediately got their weapons a started shooting at each other. And in here, it was a totally different picture.

"Who's weak now bitch?"Cristo laughed, as his body was in great shape, and added the special conditions in the city, he was able to beat Ruben.

"Dude..You won by 2 points. That's like...2!"Ruben responded irritated. In the City it really was different the in game. But they loved it. They fought against each other often, becoming rivals even....

2 Years passed. Cristo was now 17, and Ruben 18. Both of them were one of the City's finest. And the announcment of the 8 participants in the eSper challenge was that week...

Cristo was on a rooftop, wearing white clothes and black glasses. Ruben walked up to him from behind.

"Both of us were chosen. I hope there will be no hard feelings if we fight."

"Feelings?Bitch, i'll own your ass!"Cristo laughed as Ruben was leaving. Then their watches beeped. Names appeared on the screens.

"You."Ruben mumbled.

"Yep bitch!Get ready to die!"Cristo pulled out his revolver and took a shot at Ruben, but Ruben turned around lightning fast and put up his shield, which absorbed the impact. He then shot Cristo in the arm with his handgun, causing the arm to bleed and Cristo to fall off the building. Cristo menaged to use his Counter Sword to soft the landing, but his hand was injured. He quickly ran into the nearest alley and hid behind a dumpster.

"Damn!"Cristo laughed"Stealing that code was so worth it!"......