…When they woke up, they were closed off inside a cave. Crystals and corals everywhere, with no trace of an opening through which they could have come in the cave, or one through which they would go out. As they were turning around, caught by surprise, they knew one thing. They felt it. They felt…like they weren't in the City anymore…

…Accessing Data Bank- User name: Dante vs Psycho

Data type: Duel, part 2…

It was a beautiful cave, filled with sea flora. When both were up on their feet, a hologram appeared in front of them. A man with his body covered in shadow and his silhouette the only thing visible.

"Welcome semi-finalists." He showed a holographic screen showing Patrick and Ruben fighting in the sewers. "One of these men is going to be your opponent in the next round. But for now, you have to worry about the person next to you. Now your fight for the final begins!" The hologram disappeared.

"Who was that creepy dude?" Helena turned to Dante.

"I don't know. But this cave sure is perfect for a date." He smiled at her, approaching her slowly. Soon however, a gun was touching his nose.

"Hell no!" She pulled the trigger, almost hitting him. Dodging in the last moment, he materialized his plasma sword and plunging it forwards at Helena. She intercepted the sword with the handle of her revolver, shooting it with her thumb. Throwing his sword towards Helena, Dante blocked all incoming shots, and as the sword was blocking her vision, he used the opportunity, kicking it and sending her into the cave's wall. Kicking it back at Dante, Helena rushed at him, slamming him with her Gauss rifle, and sending him upwards into the cave's ceiling, causing him to lose 7 HP. He stepped on the ceiling and took out his SMGs. He then start firing rapidly, with the knock back from the guns causing him to stay glued in an upside down position. Helena evaded, going backwards as she charged her railgun. She then released a thick beam of energy, and hitting Dante's guns, as he had used them to block the beam. But the force of the beam was enough to penetrate the cave and throw Dante into another, bigger cave. In here the surroundings were more hi-tech, with steel walls showing from under the rocks. Helena jumped up, charging her railgun yet again, but a chain intercepted her second attack, as Dante threw his signature chain which enveloped Helena's weapon, and with a single flick of a wrist, the railgun was thrown into the air, shooting its beam into the ceiling. Dante then threw another chain just as his first one disappeared, wrapping it around Helena's neck.

"Getting a little PSYCHOtic, aren't we?" He laughed as he plunged his sword at her. Jumping up, she grabbed his sword in between her legs, twisting her body in mid-air and throwing Dante off-balance. The chain disappeared and she took out her revolver, pointing it at the back of his head. He smiled, dodging the bullet just as it cut through his thick hair. Grabbing his sword from the floor and turning around in one swift move, Dante ended up in a favorable position. His sword at his opponent's throat, with his other hand holding up Helena's hand with her revolver in it.

"Now what, Psycho?" He asked her, nodding his head. Helena only smiled, as she twisted her revolver, slamming Dante's hand, and just as he trusted his sword, she pulled him forwards, and yet again shooting him from behind as he was airborne. Dante did a swift pirouette, just in time to use his sword, moving in through the air, and slamming the incoming bullets with it. But as he turned around to land on his feet, he slashed at Helena, sending the same bullets back at her. Another 4 bullets came out, successfully blocking this attack. Helena took out her gauss rifle, unleashing several barrages of bullets going straight at Dante. With his Plasma Sword in front as a shield, he rushed forwards blocking every bullet at him. But as he approached her, he suddenly jumped up, using his left foot to propel from the wall, and seemingly disappear. He appeared behind her, slamming Helena with his PS, and doing 30 HP damage. Some blood dripped from her mouth, but she quickly regained consciousness as she turned around to shoot her revolver. But Dante was gone. He was behind her, ready to slam her again. But she was faster. Shooting her revolver, the 3 side fragments missed, but the middle hit a spot no man likes to see hurt.

"Oh my manhood!" he dropped to the ground, just as quickly as Helena got on her feet. She pointed her revolver, not waiting for him to get up. But just as she pressed the trigger, her feet went up into the air, and her shot ended up misplaced yet again. Dante had caught her legs with his chain, pulling her up. He then quickly got up and slammed into Helena with his PS. Rushing forwards he carried her on his sword, eventually slamming her into the wall.

"No more Mr Nice guy." He started thrusting his PS relentlessly, knocking her unconscious several times. And just as she aimed her revolver for one last shot, Dante pulled out his own guns, using only one to smack her revolver to the side, and aimed it at her head.

"Jackpot!" He put a bullet in her head. She dematerialized into binary code as another hologram appeared.

"You won. I congratulate you. The arena is ahead of you. Go there to meet your opponent." Dante started walking slowly, as a grim memory ran through his head. It was that of a girl he had killed, early in his life as a detective. Her face had haunted him for the 5 years he spent as a detective. Even now, shooting down that girl, it felt just like it, even though unreal. He saw light, which meant he was getting close. After another 3 minutes of walking, he was there. He entered a giant Colosseum with tall structures on the side. Both his, and Hatchet's watch reset as a face appeared in the screen on top.

"Welcome finalists. I congratulate you on your past victories. But now it's time for the main spectacle. The finale of the eSper Challenge!" The man smiled. "Now...BEGIN!"

Both fighters started running at each other. This is going to be one hell of a finale!