Dear Bella Swan, You're Playing with the Big Boys

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Summary- All Human. One day in gym class, Forks High learns that Bella Swan can kick. The football team needs a kicker. The result of that: Bella makes the football team. The problem: None of the guys want a girl on their team.

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Chapter One: New School

"Passengers, please sit back in your seats and buckle your seat belts. We are about to begin our landing to Port Angeles Airport," the flight attendant shrilled annoyingly.

Forks was too small of a town to have an airport so Charlie, my father and also the Police Chief of Forks, was going to pick me up in Port Angeles.

When my parents got divorced my mom and I moved to Phoenix, but I would spend every summer in Forks with Charlie. The summer before I turned fourteen, my mom wouldn't let me go to Forks since Charlie wouldn't be able to handle a teenage girl with mood swings and hormones. I felt like I was way more mature than my own mother and she had even told me that countless, but she still thought Charlie wouldn't be able to handle me.

Now that my mother had re-married, I decided to move to Forks and live with Charlie so my mom and Phil could have some time alone. I definitely wasn't a huge fan of all the rain, but I missed my father so much it actually hurt; it had been almost four years since I last saw Charlie. We had talked over the phone during the years but it still wasn't the real thing. Charlie wasn't much of a talker so our conversations never lasted longer than fifteen minutes.

I was jarred out of my thoughts when I felt the wheels on the plane hit the ground. I grabbed my carry-on and patiently waited my turn to get off the plane. Once I reached the baggage claim area, I quickly found Charlie and walked over to him. I was expecting an awkward one-arm hug and back pat, but I was surprised when Charlie wrapped me in a bone-crushing bear hug.

"I've missed you, Bells."

I smiled at the nickname he always used for me whenever I came to visit. "I missed you too, Dad."

Charlie released me and we waited for the conveyer to start bringing out luggage.

"How's Renee doing?" Charlie asked casually. It was no secret to me that Charlie had never stopped loving my mom. It was heart-wrenching to see how happy my mom was with Phil while Charlie stayed heartbroken with no one there to mend it.

"She's doing good. Same as always."

I saw my two navy blue suitcases rounding the corner and Charlie helped me grab them. We left the airport - in Charlie's cruiser, I might add - and quickly made our way to Forks. The drive had minimum conversation. Like I said before, Charlie wasn't much of a talker.

"I was planning on just ordering pizza tonight so you don't have to cook. Is that okay?" Charlie was probably worried that I was one of those girls who refuse to eat actual food and is always on a diet. As if. I loved food too much to ever go on a diet, yet I was still as small as most of those hardcore diet and exercise girls.

"I guess you don't miss my cooking that much," I teased. "But pizza sounds great."

"Ham, green peppers, and extra cheese fine with you?"

I think I started salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs. That was my absolute favourite kind of pizza.

"Father, did you even have to ask?" I tried to sound appalled but from the grin on Charlie's face, I knew it hadn't work. We picked up a medium pizza and ate in the car on our way home. We finally turned onto our street when it was 9:30pm.

"Welcome home, Bella," Charlie told me once we pulled into the driveway. We grabbed my bags from the trunk of the cruiser and brought them up the stairs to my room. As I was opening the door to my room, Charlie cleared his throat.

"Bells, I repainted your room and added some furniture in there. If you don't like it just let me know; I'll change it." It was hard to miss how nervous he sounded.

I finished opening the door and flicked on the light. My room was perfect. Well, not perfect perfect, but perfect enough for me. The walls were painted a beautiful shade of rich turquoise-blue. There was a desk with an old-looking computer in one of the corners, and the wooden rocking chair that has always been in my room in another. There was a fair-sized bookcase with only a few books next to the desk and finally, a very comfortable looking twin-sized bed.

"It's perfect. Thank you so much," I told Charlie as I walked into my room and flopped onto the bed. Oh, yes. It was very comfy indeed.

"You know, you're starting school tomorrow so you might want to just unpack some things tonight so you can get a good night's sleep. Also, you're going to have to walk to school since I always leave early in the morning." Charlie hesitated. "Is that okay? It's just a ten minute walk."

"I have no problem walking." As long as it's not raining, I mentally added. "I'll just unpack a bit before taking a shower and going to bed. Night, Dad."

I ended up unpacking both my suitcases before I showered. I really didn't pack that much stuff, so it didn't take me long. I had a quick shower before I crawled into bed and tried to fall asleep.

Walking the halls of Forks High made me feel like I was a new exhibit at the zoo; everyone was watching me with curious eyes. I made it to my first period class just as the bell was ringing.

"Ah, Miss. Swan. Welcome to Forks High. Please take a seat next to Miss. Brandon so we can begin class," Mr. Smith, my English teacher, welcomed me as he pointed to a girl in the room who I assumed was Miss. Brandon.

I ignored everyone's stares as I made my way over to the pixy-like girl he pointed to. I dropped my bag on the ground and fell very ungracefully into my seat. I mean, it has to take skill to be able to trip on the strap of a bag as you're about to sit.

"Hey, I'm Alice," the girl beside me introduced herself and stuck out her hand.

"Bella," I replied with a smile as I shook her hand.

Mr. Smith cleared his throat loudly. "Now if you're all done staring at Ms. Swan, please turn your attention to the board and copy the questions you will need to answer after reading the first act of Macbeth."

Mr. Smith had been walking towards me as he spoke. He placed a well-worn copy of Shakespeare's Macbeth on my desk before he returned to the front of the classroom. I pulled out a piece of paper and began copying the questions. Once I had all the questions written down, I opened Macbeth and began reading.

Halfway through class Alice slipped me a note.

What class do you have next?

I dug my timetable out of my pocket and unfolded it. It was heavily creased from all the times I had unfolded and refolded it in my attempts to memorize my schedule. I was about to write down that my next class was Biology, but Alice just took my timetable out of my hand. She looked like she was making mental notes as she read what my classes were. She nodded to herself before she returned the piece of paper to me.

She began writing something and a moment later, she slipped me another note.

Do you want to eat lunch with me?

I nodded and smiled. I think I just made my first friend here in Forks. Alice returned my smile and we turned our attention back to Mr. Smith before we got in trouble for not paying attention. However, a crumpled up piece of paper that flew across the class and landed in the centre of my desk prevented me from paying attention to what Mr. Smith was saying. I looked around the room in confusion and slowly unfolded the paper. Alice snatched the note out of my hands before I had the chance to read a single word on the paper. Her eyes quickly scanned the paper before she angrily scribbled something down on the paper and crumpled it into a ball. She whipped it across the room and it nailed a guy with blond hair square in the back of his head. He reached down and grabbed the paper off the floor and quickly unfolded it. He turned sharply and glared at Alice who easily returned his glare. After a few long moments, he turned his attention to me. Instead of glaring like I thought he was going to, he puckered his lips in my direction and gave me a wink before he turned around to face the front of the classroom.

Um, okay? I shook my head slightly, trying to get rid of the confusion swimming around up there.

"Mike Newton. He's bad news, stay away from him," Alice explained in a whisper as if she had known I had just mentally questioned what had occurred.

"What did his note say?" I was almost afraid of hearing what the answer was going to be.

"Trust me, you don't want to know."

An involuntarily shiver rippled through my body. At first I thought it was from Alice's words but then I realized I was sitting next to an open window. Huh, perfect timing the wind had to create a dramatic effect.

The bell finally rang, signaling that class was over. I shoved my books in my bag and slung it over my shoulder.

"I'll walk you to Biology since it's close to my Chemistry class. Wait outside of your classroom once class is done and we can walk to Gym together," Alice told me as she began leading me through the halls. It only took us a minute to reach my Biology class. I thanked Alice for her help and she replied with a cheerful, "That's what friends are for!"

I took a deep breath before I pushed open the classroom door. There were only a few students in the classroom but they all stopped what they were doing and stared at me. My teacher, Mr. Banner, welcomed me and told me I would be sitting at my own lab table at the back of the classroom. I hurriedly made my way to my seat and prayed Biology would pass quickly.

I suffered through an entire hour of stares before the bell rang. On my way out the door, I accidentally bumped into one of the girls in my class.

"I'm so sorry," I apologized and helped pick up the books scattered on the floor.

"It's okay. I know you didn't mean to."

I gave her a grateful smile and she stuck out her hand.

"Angela Weber," she introduced herself.

"Bella Swan," I replied as I shook her hand. We finished picking up the books and walked out of the classroom. Alice was waiting outside of my classroom and gave us a cheery smile.

"I thought you ditched me!" Alice joked before she turned her attention to Angela. "Want to walk with us to Gym? Bella's in our class too!"

Angela agreed and the three of us waved through the halls. I relied on Alice and Angela to lead me since I had no clue where I was going and because I kept my eyes glued to the floor to avoid seeing everyone staring. Once we were safely in the change room, I raised my head and followed Alice over to a tall, blond-haired girl who had her back to us.

"Rose, this is Bella. Bella, this is my best friend, Rosalie Hale." Rosalie turned to face us when she heard Alice's voice.

Taking one look at her face made my self-esteem drop even further than it already was. She had piercing blue eyes that were framed by impeccably long eyelashes. To put it simply, she could give any model in the world a run for her money. Even in the revolting gym uniform that consisted of a grey shirt with Fork's Phys. Ed on the front and a pair of black shorts, she looked like she was ready for the runway.

"Hi, Bella," she greeted, followed by a blinding smile as she put her hair in a ponytail.

I saw Alice give Rosalie a look to which she immediately nodded. They both looked at me with large smiles plastered on their faces. I tried not to think about what they could be smiling about as I changed into the gym uniform the secretary gave me this morning, along with my timetable.

I left the change room with Alice and Rosalie. We entered the gym and I spotted Angela in the corner, holding hands and talking with a guy I assumed was her boyfriend.

Rosalie followed my gaze. "That's Ben. He and Angela have been dating since sophomore year," she explained with a happy grin.

"They're cute together," I commented before someone began whispering in my ear.

"You know who else would be cute together? Me and you."

I turned around and immediately took two steps backwards when I saw Mike Newton standing with a smile on his face.

"Leave her alone, Mike," Rosalie commanded as she positioned herself between Mike and me.

Mike raised his hands in surrender but was laughing lightly as he backed away. "Oh, by the way, nice legs, new girl." He gave me a wink and made his way over to a group of guys on the opposite side of the gym.

"Bastard," I heard both Alice and Rosalie mutter at the same time.

The three of us made our way to the middle of the gym where most of the people were stretching. That's when the questions began.

"So Bella, where are you from?" Rose asked as she stretched her arm across her chest.

"Phoenix," I replied as I sat on the floor and reached forward to touch my toes.

"What made you move to the little town of Forks?"

"My mother re-married. I decided to move to Forks and live with my dad so my mom and her new husband could travel around for his work and not have to worry about me. My mom always goes with him on his business trips and I'm always left at home, alone. I was planning on being here for the start of the school year but my mom accidentally bought my plane ticket for two weeks into the school year." I rolled my eyes and couldn't stop my rambling. "At the airport, my mom tried to convince me to stay, saying my father wouldn't be able to handle me since he hadn't seen me in four years. I kindly reminded her that it was her fault I hadn't seen my father in so long and that I wasn't going to change my mind. She told me that I wasn't old enough to make my own decisions and her husband and I both assured her that my leaving was going to be for the better. She reluctantly agreed once we had calmed her down enough."

"Aren't you eighteen? You're legally able to make your own decisions." It was easy to hear the curiosity burning in Alice's voice.

"No, I'm seventeen. My birthday is in five weeks." Once the words left my mouth, I instantly regretted it after I saw the devious smiles on Alice and Rose's faces.

"I'm guessing I shouldn't have told you that?" The smiles stayed on their faces as they shared a look between each other.

"Nope," they answered at the same time.


Luckily, I was saved from answering more questions I would probably regret answering when the gym teacher, Coach Clapp, walked into the gym, carrying two bags filled with soccer balls.

"Today, we will be playing soccer. Guys, please go easy on the girls, we don't want them to hurt themselves or break a nail." Most of the guys let out a chuckle while some of the girls glared at them and the teacher.

"Our teacher is sexist. He doesn't believe girls can play sports or that girls can do anything better than guys," Rose explained bitterly.

"To see who will be the captains, you have to kick a soccer ball as far as you can. The two people that have the furthest kicks will become the captains. Also, you may only take two steps back."

Our entire gym class left the gym and made our way outside to the soccer field that doubled as a football field. Coach Clapp emptied the two bags of soccer balls and people started taking their kicks.

Most of the balls stopped after twenty or thirty feet since we were only allowed to take two-steps back, not a big running start and because the field was caked in wet mud that prevented the ball from rolling once it hit the ground. Some of the guys managed to kick it thirty or forty feet.

Mike and I were the only two people left to kick. He decided to be cocky and only took one step back instead of two. When he pulled his leg back and kicked the ball, he made it look as if it was the easiest thing in the world. His ball landed a few feet ahead of Tyler's ball that had previously been the furthest kick.

He had a cocky smile on his face as he sauntered towards me. "I'm the place-kicker for the football team. Don't worry; I'll make sure you're on my team." Mike strolled over to where Tyler was standing, most likely assuming Tyler was going to be the other captain.

I grabbed a ball out of the bag and placed it on the ground in front of me. I took my two steps back and pictured Mike's head as the ball. I took my steps forward, planting my left foot beside the ball as I swung my right foot back. I kicked the ball as hard as I could and watched as it flew in the air with a nice arch before it landed a good five feet past Mike's ball.

I turned around to face the class. I snuck a glance at Mike who was absolutely livid while everyone else had shocked looks on their faces.

Alice was the first to recover from her shock. "You can kick, girl!" The rest of the class took a few more moments to register what had happened.

The surprise on Coach Clapp's face was priceless and it took him the longest to recover from his shock. "Well, I guess that makes Michael and Miss. Swan the captains," Coach Clapp stated apprehensively.

Mike and I picked our teams and the soccer game began. I may have been good at kicking, but I failed miserably at trying to play soccer. I learned quickly that if I was passed the ball, I should just nail it down the field, close to the other team's net. I discovered I had no ball handling skills and no defensive skills either.

I sighed in relief when Coach Clapp told us it was time to go change. I walked back to the gym and to the change room with Alice, Rose and Angela. Alice told me to put my books in my locker then go straight to the cafeteria and look for her and Rose. I went to my locker and finally got it open after the fifth try. I put my books away and grabbed the lunch I had hastily made myself this morning.

I stopped just inside the cafeteria doors and scanned the room, trying to find Alice and Rose, a very hard task since the cafeteria was absolutely packed. I finally spotted Alice waving at me, trying to get my attention from one of the tables on the far side of the cafeteria. I began making my way towards the table Alice was sitting at when I noticed that her and Rose were sitting with two guys.

The one sitting next to Rose had black, curly hair and clear, blue eyes that were the exact same shade as Rose's. He wore a pair of simple, black-framed glasses and I had to admit, he was one of those guys who made glasses look sexy. Even though he was sitting down, I could tell he was tall and muscular. He didn't have body-builder muscles or anything, but if you had any common sense, you would not want to get on his bad side.

The other guy who was sitting next to Alice had honey-blond hair and hazel eyes. I could tell he was tall and lanky but I could easily see some of his arm muscle poking out from under the sleeve of his t-shirt.

"Bella, this is Jasper Whitlock, my boyfriend." Alice gestured to the blond boy sitting next to her. "And this is Emmett McCarty, Rose's boyfriend." Alice gestured to the guy sitting next to Rosalie.

"Bella, come sit beside me." To emphasize his point, Emmett patted the seat beside him.

Once I was seated, Emmett and Jasper both started asking me questions. I figured Alice and Rose had told them where I was from and why I moved here because they didn't ask me any of those questions. Apparently, Rose and Alice also told them about my upcoming birthday since Emmett asked me if I was excited for becoming a legal adult. I looked at both Rose and Alice, both of whom looked back at me with innocent looks on their faces. They were definitely planning something.

I was trying to figure out what Rose and Alice could possibly be planning when I heard a smooth, velvety voice. "Sorry, I had to finish the last few questions on my history quiz."

I looked up and towards the owner of the voice. I heard my breath hitch and my eyes glazed over as I looked at the most handsome man I had ever seen. Hmm, handsome may not be a strong enough word here. Godlike seemed to be a good choice to use. I was immediately drawn towards his green eyes that seemed to shine like emeralds. His hair, oh man, his hair was tousled and just begging someone to run their hand through it. His hair appeared to be a medium shade of brown but how the light was currently hitting it, I could see there was a little bit of red in there too. He was muscular, but still lean. His broad, muscular shoulders tapered down into a narrow waist.

I felt the urge to lick my lips that suddenly felt very dry.

Alice's voice broke me out of my daze and I quickly adverted my eyes. "Edward, this is Bella Swan. Bella, this is Edward Cullen."

"Hi," I managed to say once I found my voice.

"Pleased to meet you, Bella." Edward held his hand out toward me. I shyly brought my hand to meet his and a tingle travelled through my hand and up my arm.

We both held onto each other's hand longer than a normal handshake would be. At least, I think it was actually longer and not just my wishful thinking. Once our hands left each other, my hand still tingled the slightest amount.

Edward sat down in the empty seat in front of me and immediately captured my gaze in his. "Where are you from?"

"Phoenix." Knowing the next question would be asking why I moved here, I kept talking. "My mom got re-married so I decided to move here with my dad to give them some alone time."

Edward nodded in understanding before asking his next question. "How do you like your new school?"

I had to think about that for a second. I wanted to say I liked it so far because I had already made friends, but at the same time I couldn't help but think about how Mike Newton was rude and annoying.

"It's okay," I told Edward with a tiny shrug.

I saw Edward's eyes narrow as he looked at something over my shoulder. I turned around and saw Mike Newton staring at me. Once he realized I was looking at him, he blew me a kiss.

"Bella, please tell me Mike isn't in any of your classes." Edward's voice sounded tight and barely controlled.

"English and Gym."

I saw a look of horror quickly appear on Edward's face before a look of frustration appeared.

"She's going to have math with him too," Alice added.

Edward looked at Alice for a few moments before Alice answered his unspoken question. "He was hitting on her in English and at the beginning of Gym."

"Bella, try your best to stay away from Mike. If he wants something, he will try his hardest to get it. If you piss him off in any way, he'll make your life a living hell," Emmett told me in a serious voice. I nodded and thanked him for telling me. Apparently Mike was not a liked guy among this group of friends.

I silently wondered if what happened in gym was enough to piss him off and if I should be prepared for him to make my life a living hell.

"Well Bella, on a happier note, you have Math with Edward and History with Rose and Jasper."

"Man, why don't I get Bella in any of my classes?" Emmett wined and pouted like a five-year-old, causing all of us to burst out laughing.

"Oh, Bella, I just remembered something I was going to ask you during gym. How are you so good at kicking?" Alice asked in wonder.

The guys looked confused and Alice quickly explained what happened in gym before asking her question again.

I took a quick sip of water from my water bottle before I began. "My parents got divorced when I was four and my mom and I moved to Phoenix. I would spend the summers with my dad and the summer I was six, I was playing in the park with my doll. A little boy stole it and I chased him around the park to get it back. He eventually gave it back after I started crying and my dad came over to see what was wrong. Even through I was happy to have my doll back, I was still mad he took it in the first place so I decided to kick him in the shin.

"My dad immediately took me home and reprimanded me about how it wasn't nice to kick people. The next day, he called me into the backyard and I saw him holding a football. He told me he was going to teach me how to kick a football instead of kicking people. It turned into a tradition. Every summer, he would work with me so I could kick the football higher and further than I had the previous summer." I was smiling by the end of my story, remembering how my fun I had with Charlie during the summer.

"Well, speaking of football, we three lovely men at this table are on the football team," Emmett told me with a grin. "I play centre, Jasper is the quarterback, and Edward is a wide receiver."

I grinned. "Very nice."

Lunch continued and many questions were asked. Most of the questions were directed at me but I was able to ask a few questions of my own.

"I hate to break up our little bonding session here, but Edward and Bella, the bell is going to ring soon. You two should probably go now so you will have time to get to both of your lockers." I lost track of time and forgot we were still at school until Rosalie mentioned it.

Edward and I stood up from the table and threw our garbage away. We exited to cafeteria and Edward gestured for me to go ahead of him. "Lead the way."

We wove through halls until we reached my locker that was located in the middle of nowhere. Literally. That's what you get when you come to a new school two weeks into the school year; a crappy locker that is nowhere close to any of your classes.

I grabbed my books out of my locker and tried to shut it. When it wouldn't close, I gave it a good kick. The locker closed and I quickly put my lock on it.

Edward had his eyebrows raised and a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth.

"It doesn't like to close," I explained with a shrug. This morning, when I had tired to close my locker, it wouldn't shut. I'd kept trying to close it but it would never close properly. One of the teachers from a classroom nearby had poked his head out of his door and had told me to try kicking it shut. I had taken his advice, given my locker a good kick, and it'd obediently closed.

I felt a small spark when Edward gently rested his hand on the small of my back, leading me through the halls.

"The only seat left in Math is next to Newton but I can get Mr. Wilson to move you beside me if you want," Edward offered and turned his head sideways to look at me.

"Yes, please," I answered almost too enthusiastically.

Edward chuckled and stopped us in front of his locker. As he was grabbing his books, I noticed the only things he had hanging up in his locker were his football schedule and a picture of him, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice huddled close together somewhere outside.

Edward shut his locker and it closed with ease. He replaced his hand on my back and we began walking.

As we neared our classroom, I suddenly felt nervous. "How exactly are you going to convince Mr. Wilson to let me sit beside you?"

"Easy. Mr. Wilson is the football coach and he likes me more than he likes Newton." Edward winked and gave me a crooked smile. I felt my face flush and Edward chuckled lightly.

We stepped into the classroom and Edward dropped his hand from my back. He went up to the teacher who appeared to be in his early thirties and had short, black curls that seemed to stand out everywhere. They talked for about a minute and Edward returned smiling.

"Jessica, please go sit next to Mike. That is going to be your new seat." A girl with brown, frizzy hair stood up, picked up her books and slammed them onto a desk that was three rows up from her original seat.

Edward led me to the seat that Jessica had just vacated. "Rule number one: don't get on Mr. Wilson's bad side. He's a fun guy but you do not want to piss him off."

Class started and I immediately determined that Mr. Wilson was the best teacher ever. As he was writing the note on the board, if someone was confused, he would stop and take the time to explain it fully until everyone got it. He was so unlike my math teacher that I had last year in Phoenix. My teacher last year would hastily write a note on the board, give us our homework questions then leave the room for the rest of class. If someone in our class actually understood and got the note on the board, they would try explaining it and teach it to the rest of the class.

"Miss. Stanley, I suggest you stop writing that note unless you want it to be read to the entire class." Everyone turned to look at Jessica who was obviously surprised that Mr. Wilson had caught her writing a note that wasn't the one he was writing on the board. She threw the note in the recycle bin and Mr. Wilson continued on with his lesson.

After we finished the note, Mr. Wilson handed us a worksheet that would be homework if we didn't finish it in class. I stared at the sheet for a few brief moments before I began struggling my way through it.

"Need help?" I glanced over at Edward and nodded shyly. "What part don't you get?"

"I understand the basic concept but I suck at actually using it to answer a question." I explained how my math teacher in Phoenix wouldn't even take up the homework we had so we would have no idea if we even did the questions right.

Edward did the first few problems on the sheet and walked me through each question step by step. It slowly started making sense and I tried to do the next one.

"Almost right, Bella. You just need to watch your signs." Edward fixed up my question and showed me where I went wrong with my negative signs. I tried the next question, checking it over when I was done before handing it to Edward. Edward grinned and held up his hand for a high five. I giggled and gave him a high five.

In the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Wilson looking at us with an amused expression. I blushed as I realized Edward and I probably looked like idiots, giving each other a high five in math class.

I started working on the next problem, handing it to Edward once I was done. He gave me an approving nod and I worked on the next question. That's how the rest of class went on. After every question, I would show my paper to Edward who would either nod or explain what I did wrong.

We both finished our questions with only a minute left of class. When the bell rang, I gathered my stuff and dug my map out of my pocket. A hand snatched it away before I could take a good look at it.

I looked up to see Edward smiling at me. "I'll walk you to your History class."

I smiled. "Thank you, Edward."

Once I got into my history class, I let out a sigh of relief when I didn't see Mike Newton sitting anywhere. My teacher instructed me to sit next to Angela who was seated behind Rosalie and Jasper. I greeted the three of them and took my seat.

Everyone was silent as we copied a long, tedious note that spanned across three chalkboards and made everyone's hands cramp. Everyone let out satisfied sighs when the bell rang.

I walked to my locker, grabbed the books I needed to take home, kicked my locker shut, and headed out the school doors. I made my way through the maze of cars in the parking lot and started my ten minute walk home. I had only been walking for a minute or so when a red BMW pulled up beside me.

Alice rolled down the passenger side window and stuck her head out. "C'mon, Bella. Get in. We have to get you ready."

"Ready for what?"

SNEAK PEEK – Chapter Two

"She's a girl!"

"Yes Mike, that means she has hooha instead of a dingaling."

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