Dear Bella Swan, You're Playing with the Big Boys

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Chapter Thirteen: Moving in the Right Direction… Take Two

I found Emmett standing on our front porch, a furry brown ball with slightly oversized paws standing attentive at his feet.

Renee elbowed me and when I turned to look at her she nodded towards Emmett with an anticipatory look.

"Oh. Mom, this is Emmett. Emmett, this is my mom," I introduced.

"Emmett…Emmett...Emmett…." she mumbled to herself before snapping her fingers. "Emmett! The one dating Rose, right?"

Luckily, Renee looked at me for clarification so she didn't see the pained looked on Emmett's face.

The silence was lingering too long, and I knew my mom was about to turn into the Spanish inquisition.

I turned to Emmett before Renee could open her mouth. "Do you want hot chocolate?" He started shaking his head but I gave him a pointed look. "I think you want hot chocolate."

"Oh, I'll make them!" Renee offered. "Do you guys want marshmallows in them?"

As soon as she disappeared into the kitchen, the little puppy tugged at its leash, desperately trying to get in the house. Em picked it up, and its mission quickly shifted from making it past the porch to trying to lick every inch of Emmett's face with its little pink tongue.

"Sorry. I know it's late," he apologized, trying to dodge the puppy's tongue. "But I just needed someone to talk to."

"No worries," I told him, eyeing the puppy in his hands. "It's perfectly alright."

"It's not too cold out." Emmett pointed behind his shoulder. "Do you mind if we sit outside?"

I led Emmett around my mom's suitcases in the living room and to the back door so we could sit on the weather-beaten tête-à-tête in the backyard. The evening wind had a sharp bite to it, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been so I sucked it up and hid my hands in the sleeves of my sweater.

Emmett tried his best to keep the puppy in his lap, but it refused to sit still as it tried to look everywhere. I reached over and scratched behind its ears.

"What is this little guy's name?"

Emmett tried once again to make the puppy sit before giving up. "This little girl here is Kida."

"My apologies for thinking you were a boy, Kida." I got a lick in response.

Emmett managed a half smile before staring up at the stars. I didn't prompt him for conversation. Instead, I looked up at the sky with him. Seeing the stars without interference from skyscrapers and city lights was one of the few things I enjoyed about Forks. It brought a sense of comfort and peace.

"Do you think I made a mistake?" Emmett eyes never wavered from the sky.

"Emmett, I can't tell you that. It's how you feel and you need to let your head and your heart guide you." I snuck a glance his way. "Did you feel like breaking up with Rose was the right thing to do?"

He swallowed hard and took awhile to answer. "Yes."

I smiled sadly. "Then you didn't make a mistake." As much as I didn't want to say it, I had to.

Renee poked her head out the back door. "Can I bring these out?" She held up the cups of hot chocolate, steam easily visible in the chill of the night.

Once we had the mugs in our hand, I instantly warmed up. Emmett took a tentative sip, only to spit it back out less than a second later. I would have guessed it was due to the heat if not for the look of combined confusion and disgust he made. Leave it to my mom to mess up hot chocolate from a packet.


"Don't be. I've spat out more of her kitchen disasters than you can imagine."

"No, I didn't mean about this," he said, holding up the cup. "I'm sorry for coming to you. I'm know Rose is your friend."

"You're my friend too, Em," I reminded him gently. "And I'm not saying I'm happy about how things turned out, but stuff happens and I understand. I just… I just don't want to lose either of you as friends, okay?"

I reached over and grabbed his hand, giving a gentle squeeze. It surprised me when he squeezed back right away.

"Do you think she cheated?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

I shook my head. "No." Flirted – yes. Cheated – no.

He nodded without any conviction. "Do you think she just got bored of us? Was I not doing enough?" He wasn't talking to me anymore. This time, he was asking himself.

Emmett was broken - that much was obvious. Even though he was the one to break up with Rosalie, it seemed like he was having as hard, if not a harder time coping than she was. His eyes couldn't hide the pain and his body screamed defeat. It was easy to see how much he loved her, while they were dating and even now. He missed her – his true match. They complemented each other so well; the rest of us always made jokes behind their back about how they would be the first ones to tie the knot since they already acted like an old married couple.

"She still loves you, Emmett."

He glanced over at me. The darkness couldn't hide the tears he was fighting off. "I wish I could believe that."


A month later, everything that once made Forks look so lush and green was covered with white powdery snow. It made Forks look worthy of a Hallmark card, but that was where the beauty of snow ended in my opinion.

It made me cold.

It made me shiver.

It made me wet.

It made me miserable.

The only thing worse than snow was ice.

I made my way down the narrow driveway, taking baby steps at a snail's pace. That still didn't stop me from falling on the patch of slick ice right beside the driver's side door of my truck. No matter where I parked it and no matter how much salt I used to coat the ice, my butt had daily meetings with the pavement.

I tried to ignore the wet spot on my jeans as I climbed into the old Chevy truck with flaking red paint and a rusted underbelly. It used to be Billy's, and was left for dead until Jake made it his mission to get it back up and running during his weekend visits. Once he accomplished that, he realized neither himself nor Billy had any use for the truck, so Charlie bought it from him as a "congratulations-on-a-great-season-I-am-so-proud-of-you-and-a-belated-welcome-to-Forks" present for me. It was old and smelt like stale kitty litter, but it was a car I could call my own.

With winter exams looming near, I wasn't surprised Rose and Emmett hadn't found their way back on speaking terms, but that still didn't mean I was thrilled about the awkwardness that still hung in the air. There still felt as though there were a line in the sand that couldn't be crossed. It seemed as though Rose got custody of Alice and me, while Emmett got Jasper and Edward. Most of the awkwardness lay in the fact Rosalie and Emmett had yet to say more than two words to each other, and they would even go to extreme measures like taking different hallways to avoid each other's classes and lockers.

That's why I was on my way to Jasper's. Our goal wasn't to make them get back together, but we did want to come up with a way to get them back on speaking terms and be able to be in each other's presence. We missed our group and feeling like we were a close family.

I gave myself an extra ten minutes in case the roads were bad, something Forks was notoriously known for. It turned out I didn't need to leave early as weather was on my side and I arrived at Jasper's earlier than expected.

Apparently Jasper wasn't expecting me to come earlier either.

As soon as I opened the door I saw him reclined on his couch, his cat sound asleep on his chest, and the television showing more white lace, tulle, and beading than I ever expect any man to willing look at.

"That dress is way too busy. I'm not a huge fan of it."

Jasper jerked his head up as he heard my voice, flicking off the power quickly as if it would make a difference. "Bella! You're early."

I tried to bite back my smile as I looked at the now blank screen. "I can see that."

I wasn't judging. He was dating Alice, after all. She was no doubt the one that got him addicted to wedding related shows.

"Hey now, every man is allowed to enjoy one chick show," he said, trying to defend himself.

"I don't blame you." I was still smiling. "It's a good show."

I walked over to the television and turned it back on before sitting on the floor in front of Jasper.

"Isabella," Jasper scolded. "No need to sit on the floor." He made a move to pick up the still sleeping cat on his chest.

"Do not wake the cat!" I pawed his hands away from the Calico cat. "Jeffery needs his sleep."

"Bella, I told you. His name is General J.E.B. Stuart."

"Exactly. The J stands for Jeffery."

Jasper smirked. "It actually stands for Jeb."

"I don't care. I'm calling him Jeffery."

"Alright, you do that. He likes me better anyways."

I mocked a deep frown. "Well, that's not very friendly."

Jasper laughed and shrugged. "Alice said she'd be here in 10 with Edward."

"Gotcha, so they'll be here in 20. Perfect amount of time for planning."


Jasper had well since changed the channel and I had shifted to the couch. Jeffery woke up shortly after our planning begun and found interest in a squeaky mouse toy. After discarding four plans, we were able to finalize the details of our fifth and final plan with two minutes to spare. Alice and Edward promptly arrived at the twenty-minute mark, shaking the snow off their coats and out of their hair.

Edward leaned over the back of the couch and placed a kiss on the top of my head. "Hi there, Sunshine."

I tilted my head back. "Hi, honey."

Edward and I recently become official. His elaborate plan started one day at school. With my terrible track record in regards to lockers, the latest incident being only a few days before, when I managed to smash myself in the face, it was essentially an unwritten rule that Edward did all the opening and closing of our metal death trap. The day of his elaborate plan, we walked to our locker as usual after lunch, but that day, Edward insisted that I open it. With limited embarrassment, I managed to open it and see why he urged the change in plans. Covering some of his pictures, there was a post-it note on the inside of the door. Dinner. My house. 6:00. You in?

I, of course, agreed.

I arrived promptly a 6:00, and could smell my favorite food wafting in the air. He remembered. He remembered my love of grilled cheese from the night after my football tryouts. With that, I wasn't surprised when I walked in the kitchen and found him pouring batter in a Belgian waffle maker. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Edward was cooking us an elegant dinner of waffles and grilled cheese. Our table was in the form of a blanket Edward put by the fireplace in the living room. It wasn't snowing in Forks yet, but snow was threatening to fall daily as temperatures rapidly dropped.

Once we finished eating and were cuddling by the fire, I found out the true nature of the evening.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you over here tonight."

I twisted to see as much of his face I could. "I assumed it was for dinner."

He scratched his head and his face turned a faint shade of pink. "Well, yeah. But there's also a secret secondary reason behind this." He moved so he was in front of me, and gave me a quick kiss before cradling my face in his hands. "Will you, Bella Swan, be my girlfriend?"

I placed my hand over his and felt the corners of my lips curve upward. "You never do anything simply, do you?"

"Is that a yes?"

I nodded. "That's a yes."

A knock on the door brought me back from the memory. Jasper made a move to get up, but the door cracked open and Emmett's face appeared. Emmett never knocked. He was always the one to make himself right at home and even answered the phone at other people's houses. He slipped his boots off but kept his coat on.

"Sorry for just dropping by. I was driving by and saw all the cars parked," he explained, jerking his thumb towards the line of cars parked on the road. He walked over and took a folded envelope from his back pocket and removed two tickets.

"These were supposed to be for Rose and me for our 3 year anniversary," he mumbled. "They're for Friday and instead of letting them go to waste, I figured I'd let you guys figure it out."

We chimed a chorus of thank you's, and got a head nod in return. He placed the tickets on the table. "So, yeah. That's all." He moved towards the front door and Alice followed.

"Emmett," Alice called. "Don't you want to stay for Twister?"

He shook his head. "Nah. We all know I'd just kick you asses anyway."

He said it in his usual joking tone, but his signature grin was still missing when he walked out the door.


Rose had been adamantly avoiding Royce all during gym. I secretly gave her a lot of credit, as it wasn't the easiest thing to do. They were on the same team for dodgeball and they were both terrible enough to be designated to the bench for the majority of class. Granted, I wasn't much better, but I was limited in terms of helping her from my spot on the opposing bench way on the other side of the gym. I couldn't make out anything they were saying, but as time went on, Royce talked more and more and I could see Rose grow angrier by the second. By the time we got back to the locker room, she was near tears.

"I can't eat in the cafeteria today," Rose told Alice and me. "I just can't. I can't be anywhere near that son of a bi-"

"Rose, honey," Alice soothed. "It's okay. We'll eat somewhere else."

Royce was waiting. He was leaning against the wall with a smile I'm sure some girl would find charming. But not me. Instead, it ignited a fury in me. A fury heighted by the fear I could see in Rose's eyes.

Royce pushed off the wall and I pushed Rose away from him. All I needed was ten seconds of courage I could never muster before. Royce tried to move around me but I placed a hand on his chest. It was only then he realized my presence.

"Bella, dear," he cooed. "To what do I owe this lovely pleasure?"

"Leave her the hell alone. Got it?" Apparently I wasn't the only one surprised by the venom in my voice as everyone in hearing distance stopped and stared.

Royce's relaxed manner turned rigid in an instant. He stalked closer and leaned towards me, lowering his voice so only I could hear. "What did you just say?"

I kept my voice steady and narrowed my eye. "You heard me." I took a step back and spun on my heel. He grabbed my arm but I jerked it away before he could get a good hold on it, not looking back as I walked down the hall.

I caught up with Alice and a teary-eyed Rose. She opened her mouth but closed it, shaking her head and letting tears fall. She tried again, but was unable to find the words. Instead she just opened her arms and let out a sob. I hugged her and tried to soothe her, telling her everything was going to be okay.

I let her go and pulled back to see her face. "Let's go find somewhere to sit, okay?" She nodded and wiped her mascara stained cheeks.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out, quickly checking to see if any teachers were in the hall. It was Edward.

Are you insane, Sunshine?

Well, word got around quickly at this school.

I'm thinking maybe a little.

Are you okay?

Yes. I promise. I'll see you in math. We're going on an adventure for lunch.

We'll talk later. You girls have fun.

We got our lunches and wandered the halls, finally finding a secluded spot in the hallway my old locker used to be in. Rose was deathly silent for most of lunch. Alice and I knew with one look at each other that we had to try to distract her from what happened and whatever thoughts were whirling around in her mind. It was only after my story about Jasper and his love of wedding shows, and Alice's resulting glare that we finally got her to crack a smile. By the time we parted ways to head to our lockers, Rose was able to mange a smile without our help.

Edward was waiting for me at our locker.

"Did you play nicely with the other kids?" He was teasing, but I could see a hint of worry in his eyes.

I stopped in front of him, leaning up on my toes to give him a quick kiss. "Of course. I always play nice."

Edward grinned and leaned against our locker. "I heard you slapped him across the face."

I felt my eyes widen. "Well this is brand new information." Oh, but how I wished it were true.

Edward faked a dramatic gasp. "How could you not do it? Think of all the people that would have hoisted you on their shoulders."

I stuck out my tongue and hip-checked him out of the way. "Because I'm a lady. That's why."

He kissed my forehead. "Yes, you are."

As soon as Edward shut our locker, he reached over to grab my books. I wasn't expecting it and one of my binders fell to the floor, lined paper exploding everywhere. Luckily, there weren't many witnesses. We put our books on the floor and leaned down to pick everything up. As soon as order was resorted in the hallway of Forks High, Edward picked up both stacks of books.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I knew exactly what he was doing. I should have asked him why instead of what.

"Trying to be romantic," he replied, rearranging the pile under his arm.

"Edward, you don't have to carry my books." I reached a hand towards the pile but Edward pretended to bite my hand as it got closer.

"Bella, please let me do this. Okay?" He grabbed my hand with his free one, lifting it to his lips before using it as a means to drag me to class.

Math seemed to drag by for everyone, it seemed, and Mr. Wilson noticed. It wasn't even halfway through class when he stopped mid-sentence and took something from his desk. He grabbed an empty desk and dragged it under the clock before climbing on top of it. He uncapped the black permanent marker and wrote It's Time for Math! on the protective plastic cover of the clock.

I think it wasn't until he climbed down that he realized what he did. He looked between the permanent marker in his hand and the clock before turning to face the class once again.

"None of you saw anything."


"Snowball fight. Guys versus girls."

"Bella, this is ridiculous."

"Really? So you're telling me that after the day you had, you don't want to throw things at boys, Miss Hale?"

Alice and I had captured Rose on the way to her car after school and dragged her into the nearby forest, recruiting her for our team for a snowball fight.

She rolled her eyes and cocked her hip. "I'm not saying that. I just haven't been around the guys that much since the break-up, and I don't know… wouldn't it be weird?"

Alice placed her hands on her hips in return. "Seriously? No, it wouldn't. Besides, we need you if we want there to be any chance of a fair fight. I'm not nearly fast enough and Bella has all the grace of a bull in a china shop."

I shot her a look. "Thanks, Alice."

She shrugged. "Well, you're just not very sneaky."

"It's true," Rose chimed.

"Well thanks to the both of you."

Rose sighed and zipped her coat up to her chin. "You're sure it won't be weird if they see me playing?

"Trust me, they'll be more surprised if they didn't see you playing," Alice promised.

Rose and Emmett both lived and breathed for competition, and we were capitalizing on that.

The night before, Jasper and I talked to Edward and Alice about our idea to have a snowball fight, but left out the whole concept behind it. Not that they would be against the plan; Edward and Alice wanted things to return to normal too, but we knew they wanted it to be on Rose and Emmett's terms, and Jasper and I already felt bad enough for meddling. We were the only two that knew that both Rose and Emmett would both be playing if our plan worked out.

I knew the only way Rose would say no to our snowball fight was if today ended up being too much for her. Luckily, she stayed in a good mood after lunch and until the end of the day, making her agree to play with little coaxing. Emmett, on the other hand, I'm sure needed little to none. Rain or shine, good mood or bad, if there was something he could win at, he was there. The fact his role was to do all the dirty work since Jasper and Edward "couldn't be mean to their girlfriends" was without a doubt the cherry on top.

"Bella?" Alice called. "Jasper's on the phone for you."

My heart started pounding, imagining the worst. Had Emmett not agreed to play? "Hello?"

I held my breath, waiting to hear we failed the mission. His voice crackled over the phone. "How are we supposed to know when to start?"

Apparently we missed that crucial part in our planning, yet I would take that over anything else that could have gone wrong.

Alice's phone started to slip in my mitten and I fumbled with it before getting a good hold of it again. I peeked over at Alice, who was watching me with a cocked eyebrow. I mouthed I was sorry and turned my attention back to the phone. "Um, are you guys ready now?"

"Yeah, for the most part."

I looked back at Rose and Alice. They nodded and started running.

"The game starts now."

All hell broke loose within a matter of minutes.

As soon as I caught up to Rose and Alice and gave Alice her phone back, we split up, jumping and ducking under the trees. It was only minutes after we split up that I heard Alice's distinct scream in the distance. It could only mean one thing. The guys had approached much quicker than any of us anticipated. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest and panicked. My first instinct was to drop to the ground and start crawling on my hands and knees. I had no idea why I did it, but my jeans were already soaked through so I just went with it. It ended up working out for the best, as I was able to sneak up on Edward, who was standing in a small clearing in the forest.

"Not very sneaky, my butt," I muttered to myself as I worked to form a snowball in my mittens. I peeked out from behind the tree I was hiding behind, silently celebrating the fact that his back was still towards me. He was a little further away then I would have liked, but I wound up and threw the snowball as hard as I could towards him. I ended up missing him completely. The snowball broke into harmless powder three feet to his left.

Edward's head whipped in my direction and he broke out into a fit of laughter. I'm sure I still had a horrified look on my face as I couldn't look away from my complete and utter ambush failure. His laughter never stopped as he stalked towards me. Instead of running away like I knew I should, my attention was captured by the blonde head that poked out from behind a tree on the opposite end of the clearing. She flashed me a smile and fully emerged, holding a snowball in her hand.

Edward noticed my distraction and turned to look over his shoulder, stopping in his tracks when he saw Rose. He turned to look at me, his eyes wide. "Bella, I didn't know. Jasper and I recruited Em - "

He stopped in his tracks as Emmett barreled into the clearing with some sort of battle cry coming from his mouth. The cry went silent as he realized he was face to face with Rosalie, both of them holding snowballs. Rose had a faint smile on her face before it turned to total confusion. She looked at me over Emmett's shoulder with a what-do-I-do glance.

This was our plan, but I had no idea what to do. Maybe it really wasn't a good idea. I should have considered Rose and Emmett more and scrapped the plan entirely. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I was the world's worst friend, to both of them. Yes, Jasper did the plan with me, but it was my initial idea.

A few long, painful seconds of absolutely nothing passed by. It was then that I realized I was holding my breath. The first movement came from Emmett, who shrugged and lobbed his snowball at Rose, hitting her in the chest. If his target was on accident or on purpose, I didn't know.

Edward and I looked between the two of them, not acknowledging the fact that we had moved close enough to be in perfect throwing distance. Well, perfect distance for me.

Another scream sounded deep in the forest. This time it was Jasper's.

Emmett turned to look towards the sound, and Rose didn't waste a second. She ran forward, crushing the snowball in her hand to powder. I could tell her aim was to shove the snow down the back of Emmett's coat, but he turned at the last second, receiving a face full of snow. Rose gasped and covered her mouth while Emmett shook his head to get off the majority of the snow. There was another weird pause in the clearing while Emmett remained stunned. That was a good sign, I thought. We could tell he wasn't pissed by any means, but just stunned.

Edward decided to reciprocate Rose's actions on me, dumping an armful of snow over my head. I retaliated by trying to drag him to the ground. It didn't work out so well as Edward ended up being the one pinning me to the ground instead of the other way around. Rose tried to run over and come to my aid but Emmett dragged her down into the snow. I wrestled my left hand free and managed to shove snow down the back of Edward's pants, igniting the battle of the sexes once again.

It was only when we were all sufficiently soaked and out of breath that we made our way out of the forest and back to the parking lot. I still hated snow, but today was worth it as Rose and Emmett were actually acknowledging and trying to make the best out of each other's presence. With their love of competition, you couldn't tell by watching them battle during our snowball fight that they hadn't talked in weeks, but their timid smiles and little conversations I observed as we waited for Alice and Jasper gave me a spark of hope that maybe the plan worked out better than I originally thought.

Alice and Jasper finally emerged from the forest from a different location than the one we started in. Jasper looked dejected and Alice was biting back a smile.

"What the hell happened to you two?" Rose asked.

Jasper held up his foot to show us his soaking wet black sock. Alice couldn't take it anymore and broke into a fit of giggles.

"I lost my shoe."


It was Friday.

I sat on the couch in Edward's room, swinging my legs as I watched him get ready for the concert in Port Angeles. Well, he was essentially ready and the only thing he had left to do was find his camera. He was frantically searching, but I had found it 5 minutes ago. I tried to tell him it was on one of the numerous racks of CDs in his room, be he was too concentrated on looking for it that he didn't even hear me.

Edward put his hands on his hips. "I give up!"

He started walking towards me but stopped in his tracks when I said, "Colder."


"Colder," I repeated.

He turned to scan the room once again. "You know where it is?"


He turned to face me once again. "And you let me keep looking?"

I threw my hands in the air in defense. "For the record, I did try to tell you." I kept my left hand in the air and used my right to point to the location of the camera. "It's over there."

He grabbed it and flung himself on the couch beside me. "Is it charged?" I asked.

He turned it on, frowning when the low battery light flashed. "No, but I can charge it in the car."

I looked up at his clock, surprised to see how much time had passed. "I've got to get going, Edward. Jasper's going to be here soon and Rose will be done with her shift shortly."

He glanced at the clock and wrapped his arms around me, keeping me on the couch with him. "We still have a few more minutes."

I snuggled closer to him. "Only five minutes though, then we really have to get going."

Once the five minutes were up, we made our way downstairs.

"Goodnight," I called to Esme and as she watched a movie in the living room. Carlisle was there too, but he was asleep on the couch after pulling a double shift at work. Esme wiggled out from underneath him, expertly putting a coach pillow under his head since her lap wasn't there for him anymore. She came over and wrapped me in a warm embrace.

"Goodnight, dear. Remember to ask you dad about dinner tomorrow."

I returned her hug. "I promise I'll ask first thing when I get home."

Jasper showed up as I was putting on my coat, and he was nearly bouncing in excitement. Esme noticed too and watched in amusement as the normally calm, cool, and collected Jasper Whitlock couldn't stay still.

"Have fun tonight," she told them. "And be safe."

"Where's the fun in safety?" Jasper joked. "You have to live every day like you're Glen Coco."

My mouth dropped and I turned to look at him.

"One chick show and one chick movie," he defended himself before I could say anything.

I pulled on my boots and opened the front door. "Goodnight again, Esme." I leaned up and gave Edward a quick kiss. "And you two have fun on your bro-date."

I had only taken a few steps down the driveway when I heard the door open behind me. "It's not a bro-date!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Edward and Jasper were prepared to fight 'till the death when Emmett gave us the two tickets, and since Alice and I really didn't care, we told them to go together. Ever since then, they had been more excited than kids in a candy shop at Disney World.

As promised, as soon as I walked in the front door I asked Charlie about dinner at the Cullens'. He agreed, loving the opportunity to have a good, hearty, homemade meal. Most nights, I did try to cook at home, but I could admit my cooking skills only went so far.

Rose arrived shortly after I got home, still clad in her work clothes. Tendrils of her hair had fallen from her bun and framed her face. She greeted Charlie with a smile and a hug before joining me on the couch. She stole the remote from me and turned the channel to one of her reality shows that I didn't understand. We did the standard general talking before slipping into gossip. Surprisingly, it was Rose who initiated it.

"Was it just me or did Emmett seem okay during the snowball fight?" Rose had a ghost of a smile on her face. I was relieved, to say the least. Rose didn't hate Emmett.

"Yeah," I said. "You guys seemed good. It was nice to see you talking again."

She nodded. "It was good to see him smile again. Really good. He deserves to smile." She nodded again softly. "That's who he is."

She inhaled deeply and let it out in a rush. Any hint of a smile slipped from her face. "It would be our 3 year anniversary today."

"Rose," I whispered.

"I really fucked it all up. I know I did. I know." That's when the tears started flowing.

I didn't know what else to say. This was not my expertise at all. When Alice and I comforted her after the break up, I was just winging it and letting Alice take the lead. I pulled Rose close and let her soak my sweater with tears. Once the worst had passed, she tried several times before actually calming down.

She had stopped crying but didn't make a move to leave my arms. What she said next surprised me. "So you and Edward, huh?"

"Rose." After just breaking down about Emmett, I really didn't think this was a good conversation topic.

"I'm serious. So you and Edward?"

"Are you sure you're okay talking about this, Rose?"

"I'm sure. This past week made me realize I need to start living again instead of letting mistakes I made in the past dictate my life."

I grabbed her hand and squeezed. I knew she had already felt the guilt of the break up, even before her breakdown earlier, but I was proud of her for finally admitting her mistakes aloud and for making an effort to move forward.

"Yes, me and Edward."

Rose cleared her throat and turned to look me in the eye. "So, have you two done it?"


SNEAK PEEK – Chapter Fourteen

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