I was going to kill him.

I stood in front of the classroom where registration was held, staring in disbelief at the photo of myself stuck on the door. It wasn't a recent photo – oh no, he wouldn't have been that kind – instead it was a photograph of myself as a one year old, sat naked in a paddling pool. I was pretty sure that I would die of embarrassment right there in the middle of the corridor. I reached towards the photograph and tried to rip it off. Although, I had to give the moron credit; I found that the picture was stuck to the door with superglue. I heard a bunch of freshman's giggle quietly behind me. A small growl slipped through my lips, resulting in the group of girls to speed off down the corridor.

I knew that it was no use – the picture was not going to come off. I threw open the door and stormed inside, slamming it loudly behind me. Everyone looked up; some people smirked, others looked sympathetic. Though, right at the back, a boy sat with a victory grin spread across his face. I ignored my form teacher, who was ranting about my lateness, and stomped angrily towards the back of the classroom, ignoring the stares.

'Seriously? Baby pictures? Where the hell did you get them from?' I growled.

Angel laughed, his eyes shining with amusement. If it wasn't for the fact that everyone was watching and Principle Snyder wanted me expelled anyway I would have punched him in the face right there. I guess it was his lucky day.

'All I had to do was ask Joyce politely,' smiled Angel, showing off his pearly whites.

I made a mental note to forbid Mom from talking to Angel.

Angel and I were next door neighbours. We had known each other since we were in diapers. Our parents had always expected us to start dating or something like that, although they had completely given up the idea when they realised we loathed each other. Angel and I always annoyed one another – in fact we were kind of famous for it in school. Like the baby photograph incident, we enjoyed making the other one suffer. Our parents constantly had to put up with our bickering and pranks. No one knew why we hated each other, heck – even Angel and I didn't know. I guess it was just one of those things.

'Yeah, well – just wait! I'm pretty sure Tara would be helpful if I batted my eyelashes,' I said, smirking.

Tara was Angel's Mom. She was very fond of me, often finding my pranks that I pulled on Angel amusing. Her and my Mother were best friends, constantly around each others houses drinking cups of coffees and eating biscuits. Sometimes she dragged Angel along with her, making us two sit together for an hour at the table, whilst we kicked each other repeatedly under it. Angel's Dad was fond of me as well. Wesley, as he preferred me calling him, sometimes gave me ideas for pranks and often loved watching me press Angel's buttons.

Angel's eyes narrowed. I stared back, my jaw set tightly.

'Miss Lehane – thirteen minutes late is unacceptable!' shouted my form teacher.

I tore my eyes away from Angel to see Faith walking towards us, rolling her eyes as the teacher continued to snap at her. When he finally gave up, dropping back into his chair with a sigh, Faith's eyes twinkled in amusement. She bent down in between mine and Angel's desks, gripping both of them to keep her steady, and turned her body to face Angel slightly.

'Baby pictures, huh?' she chuckled.

I groaned and sunk further into my seat, wishing I could become invisible to the human eye.

'Yep,' Angel grinned.

Faith laughed and turned to me. 'B, I don't know if you know, but that picture is glued onto every single door in the school.'

I dropped my head on the desk with a loud thud.


'Hey Summers! You can sit in my paddling pool naked any day!'

I forced myself to not kick the guy in the balls as I walked into the canteen. It seemed that everyone had found the pictures amusing – even Willow who tried her hardest not to show it – and even some teachers had attempted to make a joke out of it. The worst part was when I saw Spike running down the corridor with a huge t-shirt with the baby picture of me on it. When I grabbed him by the collar and asked him what the hell he was playing at, he informed me that Angel paid him twenty dollars to run around in the t-shirt. Then, before fourth period, Xander told me about how Angel had sold the exact same t-shirts to anyone who would buy them. After that Cordelia had gone round offering every lad a free kiss on the cheek if they returned the t-shirts to her. I owed Cordelia huge for that. In fact, I almost felt sorry for her when she told me of the people she had to kiss.

I looked over towards the back of the canteen. I saw Willow, Oz, Angel and Cordelia already sat there, munching down the food on their trays. I quickly grabbed a box of pasta, an apple and a diet coke before heading over. Just as I was about to reach the table, a huge figure stood in my way.

'Summers, would you sign my picture for me?'

I looked down to see the photo of me in the paddling pool in his hands. I looked back up at the guy, who I didn't even know, and shook my head, stepping to the side to get around him.

'You have a bangin' body!' he grinned idiotically, standing in my way again.

I forced myself to not go physco – especially as it looked like that was the exact response he would want.

'Listen, Jeremy, if you do not move then I will boot you in the nuts so hard that you'll be in the hospital for months.'

I thanked God as Faith stood by my side, holding her own tray of food, with a very serious expression. Jeremy – as I found out he was called – gulped, his hands hovering over his private parts, as he slowly backed away. Faith gave a small cough, nodding towards the photo in his hand. In one swift movement, the photo was ripped in half and passed over to Faith.

'Thank you,' said Faith sweetly.

Jeremy nodded, turned and ran quickly out of the canteen. Faith chuckled and began to walk to the table. I followed behind, thanking her quietly, and took a seat in between her and Willow. Spike, Xander and Anya had arrived now, already deeply into the conversation at the table.

'What happened there?' Willow whispered into my ear.

'I'll tell you later,' I replied, my eyes flickering in the direction of Angel – who was making it quite obvious that he was listening.

Willow nodded, dropping the subject immediately. I leant back in my chair and opened my diet coke, taking a long swig from it. I suddenly heard a pair of footsteps heading towards our table. How did I know they were heading for our table? Because they were the same loud high-heeled footsteps that visited our table every day. I noticed everyone roll their eyes instantly as the footsteps became more pronounced. Angel dropped his head in his hands, shaking his head.

'I love your dress, Darla, where did you get it from?' Cordelia complimented.

Faith and I smirked at Cordelia, who – by the look in her eyes – did not love the dress Darla was wearing at all. Cordelia disliked Darla even more than the rest of us, mainly because Darla thought she was prettier than Cordelia and loved pointing that out to people.

'Daddy took me to-'

'That's lovely,' interrupted Cordelia, not wanting to get her started off on an 'I'm-richer-than-you' story.

I could almost hear Darla grinding her teeth together and, judging by the satisfied smirk on Cordelia's face, she was obviously giving her a huge dirty look. Xander and Anya rose from their seats, taking their empty trays, and saying their goodbyes. Anya usually said something daft that would infuriate Darla – it was best if Anya stayed clear off her. I noticed Angel push his chair back slowly, trying his best not to draw any attention to himself, although a horrible scraping sound erupted from his chair, and Darla's eyes flashed straight to him.

Without turning around, I could imagine the sickly sweet smile covering her ugly face.

'Hey Angel!'

I watched as Spike and Faith pretended to vomit on their trays. Oz snorted loudly, however Darla seemed to involved with Angel to notice anything.

'Hi Darla,' said Angel, less enthusiastic.

Darla was like a little obsessed Labrador puppy – except, I guess that was kind of an insult to all the Labrador puppies out there. She was obsessed with Angel and everything he did. She would find every excuse, any moment, to talk to him. You would think that she would take a hint and realise that he didn't like her. But, nope, she already has herself convinced that he is truly, madly, and deeply in love with her. Even though I hated the git – I felt sorry for him.

'Are you doing anything this weekend?' asked Darla.

Spike began to choke on thin air. Oz thumped him on the back a few times until he was able to breathe normally again. Faith snorted and gazed at Angel, waiting for his response. Willow leaned back in her chair, suddenly finding the pattern on the table very interesting. Whilst Cordelia looked her up and down – probably trying to calculate how much her outfit cost. Angel looked up at me with wide eyes, his brown orbs pleading me silently. I sighed – he would owe me for this.

'He can't, Darla, I'm so sorry. You see, me and Angel are babysitting this weekend,' I said, not even bothering to turn around.

'Babysitting?' she asked.

'Well we won't actually be sitting on babies, but, yes, we are looking after my Mom's niece,' I replied in a bored tone.

I heard Darla huff behind me, probably shooting daggers at the back of my head.

'Maybe some other time then,' Darla sighed.

'Sure,' I muttered.

I heard another huff as she walked off. I rolled my eyes and turned to watch her heading back towards her own table with her own skanky friends. I noticed Drusilla and Glory – her two best friends – looking at me. I stuck a finger up at them before turning round back to the many amused faces of my friends.

'I hate you, you know that?' I said, pointing at Angel.

'I owe you,' he promised.

'Good. I'm driving tonight.'

I saw Angel's lip curl back as though he was going to disagree.

'Do you want me to shout her back?' I threatened.

He sighed and shook his head.

The bell suddenly went.

'Come on, sex-ed time,' winked Spike, rising from his seat.

Great. Sitting in a class full of horny teens, listening to the teacher talk about safe sex, wasn't my favourite lesson. I hoped that today's lesson would be easy to block out.


I know half of you can see where this is going, but argh well. I need to write a humorous fic as well as all the tension ones. I hope you like this. Please review! Lots of love, Beth x