Title: Your Kiss Is A City of Stars
Series: Runaways
Character/Pairing: Sparkly Rainbow Alien Princess/Shapeshifting Best Girlfriend Ever (Xavin/Karolina )
Rating: PG-13

A/N: past!52_flavours/ 32. Your kiss a city of stars. I guess timeline is that time when they went towards the homeworld before the Worst Wedding Ever (That We Never Saw And Must Have Been Hilarious).

For Cave!Ammy as either a hug for her exams or a congratulations to be free from them. I can never remember her time schedule


The sheets are wrinkled and white and a bit too tight, as the Skrulls prefer it. The bed was made for one, but they have learned to accommodate. The walls are smooth and silver and austere; she is reminded of a hospital with the staleness and cleanness of it all. Home, hers and soon to be Xavin's is still light-years away, and not in a metaphorical sense. They have known each other only three weeks, twenty-one and a half days whole and yet Karolina cannot imagine her life going any way but this. It is not that she does not miss her life before, but there is such breathtaking possibilities set out for her, between them, for them.

Xavin traces her fingers across a freckle-like inflection of stardust just below Karolina's navel. As of late, mapping these stars hold far more interest to her than the real ones.

"It looks like Cassopeia," Karolina says. "I've always had it, even when I was...human."

Xavin cocks her head. Soft chestnut hair plasters across her face, half obscuring her quizzical expression.


"A constellation – you probably have another name for it."

"Ah, you mean Euwareia na Ph'enl?" Xavin says.

Karolina smiles, almost indulgent in her contented bliss. "Was there a story behind it?"

"You mean like a forbidden romance between two cultures, of a glorious Majesdarian Princess who made a Skrull Prince–Princess's life infinitely better by her mere existence?" Xavin says.

Karolina looks expectantly.

"No. It was fairly plain. The word means ''bent upside down line'."

"Ah. I still mix up the forms even though you've been telling me them," Karolina sighs.

"You need not learn it if you don't wish to, love," Xavin says. :"I'll learn Majesdarian, or the Earth tongue."

"There's many Earth languages," Karolina says. "English and Spanish and French and German, just to name a few."

"Hmm," Xavin says, "Je t'aime? Ich Liebe Dich?"

"Like that, I think, though I don't recognize what you're saying. I don't know all the Earth languages either."

"You don't? A shame, I learned a good deal of them just for you before coming here in case," Xavin says, "Let me show you what they mean, love..."

Xavin touches her tongue against each star fleck freckle. Karolina gasps, her fingers intertwine within Xavin's hair. Karolina sighs and closes her eyes.

Images of that first kiss first against the back of her hand, her palm and up her arm to her shoulders. Then to her shoulders, then the side of her chin, then finally, her mouth.

"Here on Earth, we usually start with the mouth."

"I couldn't choose what to kiss first."

She chuckles. Xavin stops her exploration for a moment to look up.

"Did I tickle you, love?"

"No, it was just a memory," Karolina replies.

Xavin leans up and her hot breath is on Karolina's skin. She kisses her and all Karolina can think of is the taste of skin (her skin, Xavin's skin) and salt and stars. If she leans out and looks outside she will see thousands, millions of them she has no name for. It makes her feel insignificant, a tiny house in a snow globe by comparison.

But this is her home, a place where she will belong and nothing reminds her more than the taste of Xavin's lips, slightly moist, slightly parted against hers.

Ich Liebe Dich & Je t'aime mean 'I love you' in German and French respectively. I'm sure Xavin could've gotten from Chinese to Lithuanian if she hadn't been...distracted.