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Because eternity is best spent with the one you love...

"Make me immortal."

The statement was so blunt, so sudden that Pit didn't expect to hear it at all. One thing had led to another in a simple conversation with his beautiful girlfriend and she had asked him if there wasn't a thing in the world he would not do for her. Pit loved his girlfriend with a passionate intensity, it almost scared him. He said he would do anything within his power to make her happy.

But making a mortal become immortal was far beyond his power.

"Let me spend eternity at your side."

The temptation of that offer was too great.

"And you will never have to worry about see me die, either."

Pit mulled over that statement for a moment. It was one of his worst fears he had dreams about at night. He knew that, one day, Zelda would grow much older in both appearance and age. She would die, like any other mortal, and it would leave Pit all alone. The images haunted his mind and made him sweat cold bullets.

"I don't have that sort of power, my love. That type of power is only possessed by a very powerful deity. Like Mother."

"Your mother has that power? Would she agree to give me the wings of immortality?" Zelda asked.

"It's not that she will or will not agree...it's the test she creates for mortals when they want to become immortal. Sometimes..." Pit broke off, not wanting to scare Zelda into a fit of fear. But the look in her eyes told him enough: she wanted to know. "Sometimes it hurts. It's very painful, physically and emotionally. Many mortals choose not to do it. It's a test that screens the greedy from the good intentioned. But even the good intentioned sometimes fail it. They flinch at the pain and they flee. Nowadays, the test is rarely given, Zelda."

"Pit, I'll go at any lengths for you. Just like you would for me."

"And you want to give up all of your old life?" Pit asked. Zelda looked surprised.

"What do you mean?"

"Like me, you will have to watch your dear friends die. You will live to see everything, even things you don't want to see. You will see war, pain, death and suffering. You can't prevent yourself from seeing it, either."

"But surely there are good things!" Zelda protested. "There will be times I can see new life, happiness flourish and people smile. And every moment I spend with you is always good!"

"I'll admit you have a point there...Zelda, listen to me. If you are absolutely willing to give up your mortal life to spend eternity with me...I will take you to Angel Land tomorrow and speak to Palutena about getting you angel wings and immortality," Pit said with a dead serious tone. "Tonight, I want you to think about it. Think very long and hard on it. Tomorrow, we'll depart for Angel Land, unless you change your mind."


The pros and cons wouldn't let Zelda sleep.

The princess of Hyrule tossed and turned in her bed, wishing that she could close her eyes. But the things her angel said about watching her friends die and outliving any mortal she would ever meet was beginning to scare her. The images of watching friends as they grew older haunted her mind. People she cherished, like Peach, Samus, Link, Sonic, Ike, Snake and all the smashers dying or dead and all she would be left with are their children. And then eventually their children's children, until the whole process repeated itself until the end of time.

Could she really do it? Was it really worth spending eternity with her lover, just to watch everyone die?

"If Pit can do it...I can, too. I want to be there with him when he has to watch his friends die. He shouldn't have to go through that alone..." Zelda whispered into her pillow.

Her decision finally made, Zelda sank her head further into her pillow. Soon her eyelids grew heavy. In seconds, she was fast asleep.



The seventeen year old teenager groaned at the sunlight hitting her face. Even through her eyelids, the brightness stung. But that pain was nothing compared to the pain she just received on her stomach.

Toon Link had just jumped on her. "Wakey wakey!!"

"Toonie!!" Zelda half scolded, half laughed. "Get offa me, you silly hero!"

"I will never surrender!" Toon Link yelped before Link picked up the younger boy and set him down. Toon Link pouted unhappily. "Mean big brothers..."

"Be glad you only have one big brother," Link retorted, giving his younger self a noogie. Toon Link shrieked and Zelda groaned louder.

"Why do you boys ALWAYS have to start the morning off in a way to torment me?"

"Because we looooooooooove you," Toon Link teased.

"Because we're boys. It's what we do," Link added.

Zelda grumbled. She couldn't deny how much she loved her non-blood brothers, though. They were too precious to her, however silly they acted. They were the perfect family. (Zelda reflected on how a lot of people thought she and Link were a couple and Toon Link was their child. It was an inside joke by now, and even fun to pretend that they were a real family, but Zelda's real love rested in her angel.)

It was going to be heartbreaking to watch them both grow old and die while she flew through the skies on the wings of immortality.

Zelda suddenly felt herself grow cold and pale when she realized that breaking the news to her friends and family was not going to be an easy thing at all.

"Zelda? You're pale..." Link said, snapping Zelda out of her thoughts.

"Oh! Sorry, Link...um, I need to talk to both of you at breakfast. Can you meet me downstairs? I just have to get dressed," Zelda replied a bit nervously.

"Sure...come on, munchkin," Link scooped Toon Link up on his shoulders and headed out the room. With both boys gone, Zelda could finally get some privacy and hurried up to fresh herself up for the day.

As she was dressing, Zelda thought again about her choice. Was it right? Could she really spend forever with Pit? She was only seventeen and she was making such a huge decision that was going to affect her whole life. In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea.

But she trusted Pit with her life. He had known her ancestors from many years ago...which only made her feel closer to him. He wouldn't make her regret her choice.

But Link and Toon Link's reactions might. Zelda prayed to Nayru they wouldn't freak out.


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