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The sun was settling for the middle grounds and it turned the clouds of Skyworld into a mellow orange colour. Pit was sitting outside the palace, feeling better than he had ever felt before. Furai had taken Zelda to get changed into her tonga after the two had gotten off the floor. With Zelda out of the room, Palutena embraced her son and gave him her blessings for a marriage. All that was left was the proposal.

The prince of Skyworld grinned. His mother was nice enough not to mention it in front of Zelda. Good, he liked surprising her. He didn't have a ring, but that was how humans worked. Zelda was an angel now, so he would have to do it the angel way. The promise an angel couple make is unbreakable and can only be made when their hearts respond to one another. He would show her how it's done.

"Waiting for me?"

Zelda walked up to Pit and sat down next to him. She looked so beautiful in her angel wear and her hair let down. The setting sun shone around her face and made her look so much more desirable.

"Who else would I be waiting for? The maid from the Underworld?" Pit joked.

Zelda laughed. "I hope not," she said and put her head on Pit's shoulder. He responded by wrapping his arm around Zelda's waist and pulling her closer.

"I'm so proud of you, Zelda. I knew I loved you as a human but I love you even more as an angel."

"Why, because I can fly with you now?" Zelda teased.

"That and you look so damn beautiful," Pit teased back. Zelda tapped his arm lightly and smiled. "I think you know why, Zel. Now I know I'll never be alone again. No one else is as lucky as I am. I get to spend all eternity with the one I love."

"Yep." Zelda sighed contently and snuggled into Pit's neck.

"You know...now that I know we're going to be together forever, nothing's stopping us from marrying."

Zelda's eyes widened. "Y-you mean it?"

"Of course. You went through all that pain for the sake of becoming an angel and staying with me. The right thing to do would be to take you as my wife," Pit said. "Besides, I want to make sure no one else will ever try to split us up again," he added, remembering Hakuryu.

"What does your mother think about it?" Zelda asked.

"Gave me her blessings as soon as you left with Furai to change," Pit informed her. "Actually, while you were doing your flying test, Mother and I had a talk and I told her about it. She told me she would only give her blessing if you passed. Which you did, obviously."

"Oh Pit, I'm so happy," Zelda whispered, still unable to believe how much her life had changed in less than twenty four hours. "How does it work for angels? Is it the same as humans?"

"Not quite..." Pit pushed Zelda's head up gently and looked at her. "Humans use rings to bound each other. Here, we use promises. Promises are considered a sacred law here and breaking one is an act of sacrilege. Our hearts reach out to each other and form an invisible link that will keep us together forever.

"Princess Zelda of Hyrule..." Pit began and Zelda knew he was going to make his promise. "I would take you to be my wife and soul mate for as long as eternity lasts. I would protect you and love you as you are a part of me and my heart. This I promise with my very existence and I vow to honour this promise forever."

Zelda smiled happily. Pit returned the smile and said, "Your turn."

"I don't have to mimic your little speech, do I?" Zelda asked.

"No. Just say whatever comes to your mind but you do have to say you promise me with your existence."

"Alright..." Zelda thought for a moment. "Prince Pit of Skyworld, I will take you as my husband and soul mate to love and to cherish for all of eternity. I would be bound to you by the chains of love and stay with you. I would protect you with my body and soul, for you are too precious to lose and my own life would not be the same if we were apart. This I promise with my very existence and I will honour my promise for all time."

A strange feeling fluttered in Zelda's chest and she put her hand over her heart. "What..."

"The promise links us, Zelda. It's not just mere words," Pit explained. "What you're feeling now is the power of our promises coursing in your heart and soul. We're bound together forever now," he said and kissed her.

"Even without that power, I would always honour my word, Pit," Zelda said. She settled into Pit's arms and nuzzled him affectionately. "It's so beautiful up here."

"Yeah..." Pit agreed. "This is our home."

"Mmm..." Zelda said. "One of them. Just because I became an angel doesn't mean I'm leaving middle ground forever, Pitto. I still have Hyrule to watch over."

"What are you suggesting?"

"Another wedding," Zelda said. "And the merge of Hyrule and Heaven to be ruled by the same monarchy. After all, Hyrule is part of the package of loving the princess."

Pit chuckled. "I see your point. And I would be glad to, Zel."

It was going to be a challenge to watch over two kingdoms but neither one of them minded. From now on, Pit Icarus and Zelda Hyrule were going to share their joy, sorrow, laughter, pain and lives. It was a big step that changed everything Zelda and Pit ever knew.

And they didn't regret it.



It's been over a year since I started this thing and I've wanted to see it through to the end for so long. Writer's block, DArama and school really got in my way (I hate excuses), but I've finally done it. I am SO HAPPY IT'S DONE!

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