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If someone had told me six months ago that I would actually like the people who stole my Dad away from me I would have laughed at them and if they had told me I would happily die for them then I would have fainted at their feet. But I was. I was about to die for the cola's and I couldn't even feel any regret for my untimely death.

"Ashley Hind, I wonder what your poor father will do without you?" One of her men clicked the barrel into place and got ready to fire the gun at me. "Wait, I want her power."

"I don't have any power." I pointed out.

"You can do a few things that I might find useful. It will make your death more painless. For you anyway. I can't wait to see your father's face when he see's your dead body." She laughed cruelly before walking forwards towards me. She was right though, my father would be devastated by my death. We had finally started to get a close bond and now she was taking it all away from us. I closed my eyes so I didn't have to see Catherine Reader kill me.