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Clovers mom sat sadly on a silver painted stool. Her spirits were lower than the ground she treaded upon, Clover… her thoughts wandered to her only child who'd been avoiding her. Yes she'd called together a search party, but it was for her own good. What else was she supposed to do?

Not even the dancing daisies in the dallying winds could cheer her up. Why wouldn't Clover want to be found? She mentally ran over the last three weeks. She'd baked pies… which Clover had eaten. For some reason she'd been craving mushroom pies, completely un-Clover like. She'd had to re-stitch Mallow and Clover's Bunny Express vests because they wouldn't close in the front… what else? She was missing something… what was it?

The lights in her head flashed bright. She'd heard Mallow and Clover as they were screaming in pain. But what did these have to do with each other? She sighed and looked into a large brown chest that she kept hidden from everyone else. It was stocked full of Clover's old things. Drawings, Crayons, Gifts and Baby Clothes were all expertly stuffed into it.

Baby Clothes… Baby Clothes… Baby Clothes… The words bounded in her head like a baby bunny learning how to play bunny hop.

It was spring! They were bunnies! Good things happened to bunnies in spring! She'd chosen Kale as her mate. How couldn't she have noticed that key detail!

And she was harping her poor daughter, now probably a mother, and chasing her through the forest, oh what it must've done to her poor girl. Running right after childbirth would be horror on her body.

She dashed out of her home without a second to spare.



Clover signaled Hickory from the tree she was perched on. Her dad's Cloud-in-a-Bottle was secured on her hip by a brown sash, crafted by her mother.

Her stomach lurched and her paw darted to it, as if trying to calm it down. Not now… she ignored the pain and swung to another branch where Hickory awaited. She looked into his eyes happily.

"Understand the plan?" Hickory nodded skeptically. There were so many holes that could've been filled but, it wasn't his plan, was it? "Go get my Mom Hickory!"

She watched Hickory as he floated away without looking back. Her stomach pained again, this time more than before. Not Now! Just hold on for a bit! It seemed to do the trick and the pain was gone once more.

"Clover? Ready?" Blackberry had climbed to the top of the tree and was ready to take her with him to the meeting spot. Mallow was already on his back, smiling her usual warm smile and holding her paws crossed on her tummy.

Clover nodded and clambered onto her friends' back.

Clover's mom hopped slowly around, fearing for her daughter. "Mrs. Vera!" she was startled and didn't see Hickory land in front of her until SQUISH.

"I'm so sorry Hickory!" the flying squirrel smiled forgivingly, "No problems…" he sounded woozy. Clovers' words resounded in his mind; "I found Clover!" she hopped readily after him.


Everything was perfect; all that was needed was for the mothers to come to the area. Kale shot a worried glance at Shallot, who smirked in return. He mouthed 3… 2… and finally 1 and simultaneously the mothers crowded into the space.

"Kale, My Baby!" those words came from his mother. His younger brothers trooped behind her, all winking at him slyly and grinning. Kale mouthed 'good job', making their day. "What's this all about anyway?" He whispered it into her ear and she hugged her family tightly. Wasn't this going to make a good story for later?

Shallot smiled at his family, his extended family. Mallows' included. They laughed about how they'd pulled it off, and how they were on to them 'all along'. Needless to say it was more fun than… a barrel of clovers!

Clover hopped through the crowd and into her mothers' outstretched arms, "Mommy!" she cried, nuzzling her mother affectionately. Her mother looked at her with apologetic eyes and a sad smile that stretched her face.

"I'm sorry honey! Could I see the little bundle of joy?" Clover produced a small blue blanket from behind a nearby tree. Peculiar place to put a baby…

She opened it up to find that

IT Isn't A BABY! It was an apple pie with the word 'Joy' etched into it with bits of monster berries. She in took the lovely scent. Maybe her assumptions were a little bit off but… she took a bite of the pie. It was good!

The animals gathered around grouped tables, eating what they could from the buffet before them (of course, Blackberry and his mom were binging on the honey. He deserved it, finding that much was a real feat.)

"Never mind Clover. Never mind," her mother sat near her husband and kissed his cheek contently.

"What was she thinking about?" of course she'd known that she was putting this together, she was her mother, and she knew all. She felt Kale come up from behind her and tickle her sides, making them hurt again.

"When do you think we should tell them about that little bundle of Joy?" he grinned, pointing to her swollen belly. Clover petted it and beamed.

"Eventually… Maybe after lunch… OH! MONSTER BERRY SAUCE!"

End chappie… I don't feel I did this justice though… First story I'm ever actually finishing! WOOHOO! No sequel is in our near future… maybe later though? Who knows!