Pokemon XD Chronicles: Tempest Storm

Final book in the Pokemon XD chronicles trilogy

I do not own Pokemon, Kellyn, Pokemon hunter J, Solana, or the characters from Gale of Darkness. Tora, Dark, Eureka, Odd, Cou, Mushra, Ueki, Yasashii, Ai, Hiruko, and the Cipher Peons are mine. Zook, Exol, and Naps don't belong to me. The songs and Naruto also don't belong to me.


"They'll see…" A voice growled, as mechanical noises were heard in stagnant darkness. "…That no matter how many times we're knocked down, we will rise up with an even stronger boss and XD Pokemon. Isn't that right, my wonderful XD002?"

A pair of shining white eyes appeared in the darkness as a snarl was heard.

Yes, Master.

A sadistic laugh echoed in the deep darkness.