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A Noble Sacrifice.

"Thank you kindly sheriff, I'm sure your subjects will be only too happy to hear of your donation to the cause" Robin waved the bag of gold in his enemy's face taunting him as the wooden cart laden with food and water rattled it's way out of the castle gates and towards the forest. He smiled as he saw the man's face tense in anger, some days he lived just to make the sheriff angry.

"GISBORN!" the Sheriff shouted loudly, summoning his second in command.

"What is it?" the leather clad man appeared, a scowl planted on his features, how he hated the man before him.

"Robin Hood has just stolen food and water and gold from me." Vaysey changed his tone deliberately, the anger replaced with a calm easy tone designed to lull both enemies and friends into a false sense of security.

"So?" Gisborn answered in a bored manner, it wasn't his problem.

"So where the hell were your men!? WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!" The sheriff shouted at the top of his voice, his eyes flashed pure evil and Sir Guy could not help but flinch, when the sheriff was this angry heads tended to roll and he was rather attached to his.

"I didn't even know Hood was in the city. Tell me how I am supposed to catch a ghost?" The knight spat back, anger and distain for his so called leader replacing his earlier fear. The sheriff wouldn't dare hang him.

Forget catching him in the city. Go after him you idiot!" Vaysey once again calm gave his orders, irritated by the pathetic excuses.

"He must be half way to his camp by now, you know as well I do that we've never found that place."

"Then you had better hurry up before he gets all the way, hadn't you" the sheriff dismissed his head of security with a wave of his hand.

Glowering Guy bowed and strode off towards the stables shouting orders to his men to get a guard together. "This is it Hood, one man can only be so lucky and your luck just ran out."

On the path towards Locksley the gang of outlaws were busy congratulating themselves for their cunning and celebrating their success at getting food, water and money for the poor of their home village.

"Did you see the look on the sheriff's face?" Robin asked his friends.

"I can't believe how easy that was. Hiding in that wagon of food going to market, slipping past the guards into the sheriff's private store, taking whatever we wanted, back outside onto the cart and away, Scot free" Much grinned happily, any mission that did not involve fighting and risking his skin made him very happy indeed.

"I don't think we should be celebrating so soon." Little John warned gently. He would not be happy until they were back in the forest and out of the reach of the sheriff's men.

"Oh don't be such a stick in the mud" Allan responded gruffly, John could be such a party pooper "If he was going to send the guards, they'd have caught up with us by now. Men on horse back against our little cart…"

"Looks like we've got company" Robin called as he spotted a cloud of dust rising in the distance and the sound of pounding horse's hooves reached the outlaws ears. "Get the cart off the road and get ready" he instructed unsheathing his sword as he leapt from the vehicle and ran into the edge of the forest, the element of surprise their only defence against the sheriff's guards.

"What do you mean they got away?!" the sheriff asked as Guy knelt before him.

The leather clad knight shrugged, how could he begin to explain.

"A little gang of outlaws with hand made arrows and blunt swords managed to defeat a garrison of his majesties finest with the best weapons that money can buy. Is that what you are trying to tell me?"

"They were waiting for us … they had the element of surprise using the forest for cover…" Guy stuttered, even now he could barely comprehend what had happened only an hour earlier.

His army thundering along the road to Locksley searching for the cart that Robin had used to pilfer the sheriff's private stores, knowing that they would be moving slowly and no match for a full garrison.

There was no sign of a cart, damn they were too late, and then all of a sudden a flurry of movement, loud noises causing the horses to rear in fright and throw their riders to the floor and Robin and his outlaws were upon them, leading the battle.

He himself had engaged the leader of the outlaws in a sword fight; pinning the smaller man against a tree at one point and preparing to make the final blow that would end his misery forever, but then Robin had hit back, taking him by surprise.

He had looked round and seen that his men were unconscious or running back to Nottingham as fast as they could. Robin's men were closing in ready to help if they were needed it was five against one.

He had hesitated, that was when it had happened, he'd woken up only a few moments later to find himself alone on the road, stripped of his weapons and money, his horse who knows where and Robin and his gang no where to be seen. He had screamed at the sky as anger surged through him. He had been defeated again, by a second rate swordsman at that, for he knew for sure that he was the best in the county, if not all of England.

"You disgust me, get out of my sight" the sheriff shouted angrily. It was bad enough to be robbed by Hood but to have his best men defeated by him as well was nauseating.

An idea started to form in the Sheriff's mind then; hood's men were peasants, farmers, servants. Without their brave leader they were nothing, it was clear that without his knowledge of swordsmanship and the tactics of battle they would never have been able to defeat an army of trained soldiers. If only he could get Robin on his own…