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Because of You, For You and Only You…

Chapter 1

Because of You


"Hino Kahoko…" A man with long purple hair whispered to himself. A smile appeared on the rather pale face, a sinister smile filled with a mischievous aura. He continued to observe the scarlet haired violinist playing on the rooftop, unaware of his presence. Her eyes were closed as she tried hard to concentrate on making the melody as smooth and flowing as possible. The man began to walk silently towards the girl as the song came near to the end. As she slowly slides the last note with her bow, the pretty guy was practically inches behind her, so close that he could just smell the scent of her hair. When she lifted her bow from the strings of the violin, her eyes snapped open immediately because she felt a strong pair of arms circling her waist, pulling her back. Her body came into contact with another and his chin rested on her right shoulder, his breath tickling her ear. She gasped with surprise as a warm gush of air blew her ear as he whisper again, "Kahoko…"

"Yu-Yunoki-senpai!" she stuttered. Her feelings of shocked, scared, worried, embarrassed and concerned were all jumbled up. It was not easy facing this man who has two personalities; a pure and kind white side and a mean and threatening black side. She opened her mouth to speak again but was hushed by a single finger of his. The grip around her abdomen tightened though not too tight for discomfort pulled her deeper into him.

'Yunoki-senpai is so warm… Ehh?!! What am I thinking about?' Hino thought as her face turn beet red, a similar shade to her hair. Fortunately for her, she was not facing him. She started to wriggle a little and the man noticing her shyness loosened the embrace but did not completely release from his circle. "Embarrassed, aren't we? Well, Kanazawa-sensei just asked me to pass you the message to gather at the practice room later. Something about the concours participant and summer practice…"

The red haired nodded vigorously as the senpai watched in amusement. The young man released her and headed towards the door, "Then, later…"


"Come to the entrance hall right after dinner… It's a promise!" Yunoki said with a smile. She was surprised. "Why…"

Nevertheless, she knows well enough what will happens if she were to ignore that man's order thus overcoming her fear for that man. She followed him to the garden. The water from the statue fountain trickled softly and the sound of crickets were creating a symphony. As the purple haired man walked on, she was confused.

"Um…Yunoki-senpai?" She blurted out, walking another few more steps before a really exotic smell reached her nose. 'What's this smell? It smells really sweet…' She wondered as the soothing aura of the surrounding calm her nerves.

"Have a look. Look at these white flowers." Yunoki's instructions re-alert her relaxed mind. With curiosity of a child she asked, "These are…?"

"It's the Queen of the Night. It's a flower that only blooms for one summer night." Bending her head near one of the flower's bud, she inhaled the flower's scent deeply. "It smells really sweet…"

"It's a reward, Hino," the senpai stated. Hino straighten and looked up confusedly. "A reward?

"Because you made me enjoy myself during the concours, after all…" She stared at him as a gentle breeze blew through. "I'll play one song especially for you… Just for you…"

As he said that, his eyes caught hers. She gasped silently, cheeks turning slightly red when he looked at her with the corner of his eyes. Bringing the golden flute of his to his pale, well-formed lips, he blew gently into them, playing Notturno d'amore "Serenade".

'Hino, my rhythm always gets messed up when you're around. For me to oppose my grandmother and cancel the transfer… But thanks to that, my life from now on… seems to be a little more enjoyable… This is a reward for that…Kahoko…' The young man thought of these words when he played, trying to convey them through his music as the flowers bloom. The gentle wind tugged slowly at the long purple hair as the girl listened attentively in awed, not noticing that her cheeks had turned slightly darker red than before. The full moon shone brightly above the two of them as the last note was played.

"How was it? Was it to you liking?" the man questioned the shy girl. "Y-Yes…" she managed to mutter out.

"You sure are cute, Kahoko…" Yunoki laughed softly as Hino's cheeks were tainted redder. The senpai walked slowly towards her and whispered into her ears like he always did. "I came back…because of you…"

Her eyes widen as he walked away back into the mansion. The night became sleepless for Hino.


A short chapter just for fun. I've seen quite a number of authors writing this scene already so you can skip it if you want but please read the next chapter. The next will be so much longer. I firstly thought I wanted to make this into a ONE SHOT but as I typed, it grew longer and longer. I had trouble deciding where to cut it too.

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