A/N: Thanks to aserene! I have to admite I shamelessley pirated the beginning bit, or general idea, from Season2Ep 'Twilight'--minus the gruesome end. :]

Leroy Jethro Gibbs flicked the emergency stop switch on the elevator and turned to a mildly confused Jenny, his previous anger dissipating before her eyes. She gave a small squeak of surprise as he pushed her backwards against the wall, barely having enough time to brace her hands behind her and ease her impact against the metal. His hands fell to her hips and he pushed her up, pulling her legs around his waist and pinning her between him and the elevator. His hands hiked her skirt up her thighs—she didn't remember putting on a skirt this morning—stroking sensitive skin until she gasped his name.

"How long have you wanted this, Jen?" he growled in her ear, his lips pressing hot against her jaw and her neck as she fought impatiently with his belt, any notion of foreplay completely shot.

"You have no idea," she answered hoarsely, her hand slipping under his waistband.

God, she wanted him.

"Jenny," he moaned, his hand fumbling with the buttons of her shirt, pushing closer to her until her senses were nothing but him.

He laughed. Why was he laughing?

She moaned as his mouth moved lower on her skin.

"Jenny," he snapped teasingly, and she blinked, her blood rushing, aroused and slightly confused now.

"Jethro?" she asked, what she was feeling clear in her voice, her breath still caught in the back of her throat.


Jenny Shepard jolted awake and reacted to the interruption by flinching her eyes closed tighter, disoriented and annoyed.

Slowly, she peeked her eyes open, briefly wondering why she was so uncomfortable and why her nice bed was so hard and unwelcoming. Grey metal consumed her vision and she groaned inwardly, latching onto the last, spindly hope she had that she hadn't fallen asleep at work before she opened her eyes all the way.

She rolled over onto her back and looked up, squinting. The person standing over her with a stupid grin on his stupid face confirmed that she was, in fact, asleep behind her desk at work.

Stan Burly crossed his arms with a gloating look and looked down at her, narrowing his eyes mischievously. Jenny had always denied it, but she knew she talked in her sleep. She fervently prayed to any God listening that this one time she hadn't said a word.

"Morning, Sleepyhead," he announced antagonistically. It almost sounded like he was shouting, but (she hoped) that was just because she wasn't fully awake yet.

When she got off of this floor, she was going to punch him in the face.

"I'm going to kill you," she snapped, sitting up. Her arm hurt from using it as a pillow, and her head hurt from lack of sleep. It had to be Stan to stumble on her sleeping and wake her up.

"I don't doubt it!" he responded cheerfully. His mouth took on a wicked grin and he bent forward some, inching closer. "I really hated to wake you," he informed her.

She fixed him with a hard glare.

Jenny pushed herself up easily and stood in front of Stan while he straightened to her height; she was as tall as him in her heels, maybe even had an edge. He just smiled blandly.

"You dream about Gibbs," he announced smugly, almost gleefully.

In her head, Jenny pictured herself keelhauling Stan, and it made her slightly perkier. She gave him nothing but a silent glare for his statement and wished she were back asleep so she could finish her dream without Stan interrupting.

That would be nice.

"I don't," she replied shortly, dropping her shoulders in a shrug and narrowing her eyes.

Stan just nodded, his grin breaking out all over his face until he was almost laughing at her. She suddenly felt like she was in primary school, accused of liking fellow classmate. That was exactly how Stan was currently behaving.

"You called his name," Stan goaded, nodding slightly. Jenny only flinched inwardly. At least Gibbs hadn't actually been in the bullpen. That was probably the only thing that could make this worse for her.

"You know, Jenny, if you need a release for all that sexual tension you're harboring—agh!"

Reminiscent of her first day at NCIS, Jenny twisted his arm behind him and slammed him against the filing cabinet, drawing a surprised shriek from someone and a few stares from the other agents.

Stan squeaked.

"I channel my sexual tension into anger," she hissed at him, tightening her grip on his wrist mercilessly.

"Let me go!" Stan whined, his voice raspy.

"You woke me up," she snapped angrily, forgetting for the moment that he might take that statement as her way of saying she wanted to finish what she was doing in her dreams instead of the way she intended it, which was to make him realize she liked to be left alone when she slept.

"Ow—Jesus, Jenny—it's only because," he broke off; struggling, and she just shoved him against the filing cabinet harder.

"Your struggle is futile."

"Gibbs was looking for you!" Stan gasped.

Jenny dug her nails into the skin at his wrists and released him. He groaned and cradled his wrist in one hand, giving her a distrustful glare and backing away. Jenny gave a sweet look to Pacci and Decker over the wall; they had stopped in the entrance of the bullpen to watch.

Jenny gave Stan a look that the devil himself would quail under.

"You," she said slowly, "will keep your mouth shut if you value your family jewels," she threatened menacingly, throwing a violent glance below his waistline.

Stan paled slightly and scowled at her, backing up to his desk.

Only marginally satisfied, Jenny shoved her hand through her hair and turned to go, giving Pacci and Decker a short nod and a distracted smile as she slipped past them. She went straight to the bathroom and was glad to find it empty.

Relaxing her shoulders, she bent over the sink and turned the cold water on, glancing at her reflection in the mirror while the water ran. She made a face at the shameful disarray of her hair and bemoaned the flush on her cheeks that wasn't due to embarrassment.

Jenny groaned, reluctantly guessing she'd have to sleep here again tonight just to prevent herself from calling Harm when she got home to do nothing but re-open old wounds in order to scratch an itch.

She cupped her hands under the cool water and splashed it on her face, closing her eyes. She turned off the faucet and backed up against the stonewall, slumping slightly, rolling her head backwards.

She really didn't fancy facing Jethro after starting off her morning like that. All she would think about when she looked at him was his mouth in sinful places.

Opening her eyes, Jenny checked her reflection in the mirror to make sure no make-up was smeared before she jerked open the bathroom door and left the bathroom, resigned to going to see why Gibbs was looking for her.

She jumped a mile when she met with him leaning against the wall outside of the bathroom, her pulse leaping madly in her throat. Jethro straightened and looked at her in minute annoyance for making him look for her and she just clamped her mouth shut to keep from laughing nervously.

"Where've you been?" he asked.

He swore he heard her mutter what sounded suspiciously like 'hell' under her breath before giving him an accusatory glare. He lifted an eyebrow, unsure of what he'd done this time to deserve her glare.

"Director wants to see us," he informed her slowly, getting increasingly suspicious of the look in her eyes.

She nodded shortly and went past him, her shoulders tensing up. Jethro gave her back a funny look before following her, attempting unsuccessfully to not look at her backside. As he followed up the stairs, he gave the back of her head a wary glance, unwilling to be caught admiring her.

She'd probably flip her lid.

"MTAC?" she questioned, stopping on the catwalk halfway between the security fortress and the Director's outer office.

He shook his head and gestured towards the office, reflexively opening the door for her and letting her go first. The secretary's desk was vacant and Morrow's door was already open; he was walking across the floor inside as one of the agents from another department left his office.

"Gibbs, Shepard," he said, spotting them in the doorway. "Come in," he beckoned to them and then walked past, shutting the door soundly behind them.

Morrow gestured to the seats at the conference table and went to gather two relatively thin files from his desk. Jenny pulled a seat back from the side of the table and sat back in it, propping her elbow on the arm.

Morrow dropped the two files on the conference table and sat down opposite them, resting his hand on top of them. He was silent for a moment as he watched them, before he started to speak:

"Your performance has been exemplary, Agent Shepard, and I commend you for that," he started, nodding to Jenny.

She smiled at him in response.

"You two work well together," Morrow stated, half questioning. He paused, glancing between them, and seemed confused that they both delayed answers.

Jenny nodded and she heard Gibbs answer in the affirmative. She was busy not looking at him, instead focusing very intently on Morrow and anything else in the room. Morrow gave them a slightly amused look and then tapped the folders he was guarding with his hand.

"I'm sending you to Europe," he announced, leaning forward and folding his hands on the table. "Covert operations. Most of what you do will be unofficial, sometimes undocumented or even unauthorized by international law. Unfortunately, flouting the law is sometimes necessary," Morrow gave a ghost of a smile in Jethro's direction, knowing well his reputation, and continued, "I trust you can handle it."

Jenny stared at him, lowering her head to prop up her chin in her palm, her fingers brushing her lips. She played his words back in her mind. He was sending her to Europe with Gibbs? Alone?

Morrow unfolded his hands and picked up the files, handing one to each of them. Wordlessly, Jenny took hers and leaned back, glancing at Jethro to gauge his initial reaction. He looked like he was paying too much attention to his file.

"Passports, falsified documents and I.D., most of what you might need is there. Officially, you're being re-located, stationed at the London outpost. Your false identities and papers are for whatever undercover work you're assigned under the radar."

Morrow paused and stood up, starting to pace around his office. Jenny watched him and looked down at her file, knowing his movement meant the meeting was almost over. She was still a little awestruck that she'd even be considered for missions like this. She'd barely been part of the agency five months.

"Your first assignment," the Director waited until he had Jenny and Gibbs' full attention back and continued, "Is off the record. You'll be undercover in France, on a surveillance mission in Marseille."

The Director smiled at them briefly, as the phone on his desk buzzed and Charlene informed him he had a call waiting from SecNav in MTAC. Jenny thought she caught a glint of amusement in his kind eyes.

"Pack your bags," Morrow informed them as he went back to his desk, "You're going to Paris."

The End [for now!]

There will be a second installment coming soon, 'Paris Nights', and a third after, 'Russian Twilight'. I might have forgotten to mention this is a trilogy.