Title: An almost kiss

Summery:He leans forward and presses a kiss the freckle on my eyebrow, more small kisses to other freckles on my face and my conscience kicks up, I shouldn't be doing this.

Disclaimer: Not mine, they are Dick Wolfe's and others.

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We stare at each other over the dim lighting the restaurant provided and I reached for his hand, slotted our fingers together so our palms rested against one another. And there is that look again, that looks he has given me for the past year; dark, intense, promising. I love that look, love what it does to me, makes my stomach flutter, my thighs rub against each other and it makes me neck tilt to the side, offering myself to him.

Right now, I could care less about Dr. Lucas, about where he is and what his doing, all I want right now is sitting across from me in a restaurant designed for romance and both of us pleasantly buzzed on wine and champagne and he tilts his head to the exit and I nod. As we stand he puts his hand on the middle of my back and I shiver as I feel his hand on my bare skin, suddenly glad I went with a halter dress.

When I feel his hand come up to the back of my neck his hand wraps around it and locks in place I almost tilt my head back and I blink several times in fast succession. 'Get a grip, Finn! You are at a restaurant, not an ally.' We grab our coats and he helps me with mine and suppress a shiver when he smooths his hands across my shoulders and on of them slips down to rest on my waist and he pulls me into his side.

We exit the restaurant and we walk and our pace is fast. We past several shops and I nearly fall forward when Brian stops abruptly and walks me backwards until my back hits the dark windows for a closed boutique, I look up at him and the street lights and lights from the other stores cast him in varying shadows and he looks almost demonic and that shouldn't be as hot as I find it.

He leans forward and presses a kiss the freckle on my eyebrow, more small kisses to other freckles on my face and my conscience kicks up, I shouldn't be doing this. He's had a bad day that brought up bad memories from his childhood and I should be giving him a shoulder to cry on and not trying to jump his bones. I try to say his name but my throat refuses to work, it's dry and my vocal cords seems to have been paralyzed.

He pulls back and looks at me and whatever my face and eyes show must be what he is looking for because he grabs my face and tilts it up and as he leans closer my heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest. My eyes slid shut and I wait to finally feel his lips, all our flirting and dancing around each other finally leading to this and I feel breathing against my mouth and then I feel a slight pressure...

"Teacher says that I've been naughty, I must learn to concentrate, But the girls they pull my hair, And with the boys I can't relate, Daddy says I'm good for nothing, Mama says that it's from him..."

I awoke with a jerk as my radio alarm went off and tried to calm my heart that beat as if it was being chased and turned my face into my pillow as I felt the headache start to grow from the scare and adrenaline. I groaned as I turned onto my back and rubbed my eyes and scrubbed my face and stared at the cealing of my bedroom for a few seconds. It was a dream, just a dream and it had felt so damn real.