Things That Could Have Happened On STAR WARS because it would be funny.

Its random. SO..

#1. Episode one

This is the part where Darth Maul pops up as the door opens.

*door opens, revealing Darth Maul*

*dramatic music*

*qui-gon and obi reach for lightsabers*

Pilot: Woah HOWLY CRAP!

*shoots Darth Maul*

#2. Episode one

This is after Little anikin accidentally gets shot into space on auto pilot

*droids shooting at anikin*

Anikin: r2, get us off this auto pilot, its gonna get us both ki—

*anikins fighter explodes*

#3. Episode five

This is after Luke gets his hand butchered off by Darth Vader and jumps down into the random hole thingy.

*luke hanging on to bars for dear life*

*melenium Falcon is coming!!!*

Han Solo: Alright kid, we got—

*luke accidentally lets go of bars and falls*

Han: Curse this slow piece of crap ship!

Leia: But I thought you said the Falcon was FAST

Han: Well… yeah… she is… when in lightspeed…

#4. Episode one

This is after obi kills Darth Maul

*obi walks over to wounded Qui-gon*


Quigon: WHAT?

*qui gon stands up, perfectly fine*

Obi: WTF

Obi: DUDE ur alive im so happy this is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gives qui gon a giant pat on the back*

*obi accidentally pushes qui gon into the hole*

Obi: NOOOOOOooooOOOOoOOOOOooooOOOOO!!!!!!!1111one

#5. Episode 2

After Jango fett and obi start fighting on kameno(or however you spell it)

*obi gets his hand tied on jangos string*

*obi pushes jango off ledge, making himself be pulled off ledge because of string*

*jango holds on as obi is hanging there*

*jango releases string*

*obi begins to fall*

*obi swings string for a mad attempt at attaching it to the bar thingy*


Obi: Oh ****!!!

*obi keeps falling*

*one of those weird aquatic bird thingies catches him*

Obi: Thanks!!!

Kamino dude: No problem—oh CRAP

*Jango shoot aquatic bird thingy*

*bird dies*

*obi and kamino dude fall to their death*

Obi(before death): Curse you you danged bounty hunt—blublumbrbfsjhdjg(bubbles)

#6. Episode Four

This is after obi and Vader start to fight.

*obi gets killed by Vader and randomly disappears(WTF)*

Luke: NOOOOOOooOOOOooOOOOOOO!!!!111one

*troops point guns at Luke*

Luke: oh cra—

*troops kill Luke*

#7 Episode one

Jar Jar is leading obi and qui gon to the Gungan city

Jar Jar: My warning you, gungans no likey outsiders, so don' 'spec a warm welcome.

Obi: don't worry, this hasn't been our day for warm welcomes. 

*jar jar does weird flip and swims down to city with the pair of jedi*


*gungans freaked out*

*GUngans riding weird animals pop up with spears*

Spear dude: We no likies outsiders!

Jar Jar: see, didn't meesa say? Oh teh noes!

*spear dude kills jar jar and the pair*

Spear dude: Were those JEDI???

Other Spear Dude: Meesa tinkin so.

Spear dude: Then how was it so easy to kill them?

Other spear dude: *shrugs* mai no know.