"Hello my name is Bella Cullen I'm 18 years old, and I want Jesus to come into my life." She sat down. She handed the microphone to me.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen, I'm 18 ( A/N: let's just pretend kay?) and I wanted Jesus to save me." It went on like that until we were finished. The little girl was just does that? Disappears.

"Let those who know words of prayer please come and pray with us." The preacher said, He basically asked a blessing upon each of us...for Bella he prayed that she'd be the lady God wanted her to be that she'd continue to grow and love the Lord and that she may open her heart to God's will, he did the same for all, with a few swap out of words. I felt so much better. Now the real test was what was going to happen outside of church.

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