I'm new. I thought I'd start with a crossover. I checked this over and I think there isn't any spelling mistakes but the a and the e on my keybord aren't working properly (Only the two most commen letters in the English language!) still, that's what I get for having a Tesco value keyboard.

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Where to now then Donna?' The Doctor called at her from the centre of the TARDIS control room. 'How about a trip to the eighteenth century? Or how about the planet of Typo Alba? Amazing animals there, two headed dogs, talking mice...' He ran over to her and looked at her with that manic glint in his eye. 'They've even got flying pigs. How brilliant is that?!'

Donna looked at him like a mother would do with a hyper active child. 'Oh, go on then, let's go to the zoo.'

Doctor gave a whoop of laughter ran to the controls, turning dials here, pulling levers there, every once in a while giving it a thud with a hammer. But then an alarm flashed up, changing the Doctor's manic smile to a concerned frown. 'That shouldn't happen...' He then went even faster round the mushroom shaped centre. There was an almighty crash that threw both Donna and The Doctor of their feet.

'What happened?' asked Donna, who had grabbed hold of one of the seats.

'A big spike of energy, threw the TARDIS off course. I have no idea where we are or when we are. Chances are though, something that big, it won't be Earth, or anywhere near you're time.' He grabbed hold of the moniter, which showed him the time and place in that language Donna couldn't make head or tail of.

'So where are we?' The Doctor ran a hand through his hair.

'Ah, Earth, early 21st century. That's impossible.'

'Do you know what made it?' she asked.

'Only one way to find out.' He grinned again and darted for the door.


House limped through the glass door into the conerence area. Chase, Cameron and Foreman were already there. Cameron spoke first.

'Patient with visual auditory and tactile hallucinations along with nausea and gagging.'

House didn't say anything. He got his coffee and went into his office. Cameron looked at the others.

'What's with him?'

'Maybe he's hung over or something?' said Chase, leaning back in his chair and looking through the glass wall at House, who was on his computer.

'House is usually hung over, it just means he's more sarcastic than usual.' said Foreman. 'I say, we treat the patient until House shows enough interest in the case to bother with it.'

'We can't just pretend nothing's wrong.' said Cameron.

'Well, what do you think is wrong?'

she glanced at House. 'I don't know, but maybe we should tell Wilson,'

'You do that, I'll put the patient on anti-physc meds.'

'You think it's schizophrenia?' asked Chase.

'Yep.' With that, Foreman left.