Author's note: Not a happy little vegemite with this one, but I figure better to post than not to post….

Disclaimer: Not my recipe, I just cook by it.

Word count: 100 (which equals a batch)

Icing on the cake

Midnight found the Winchesters hiding in a kitchen, an ogre trashing the living room, Dean urgently barring the door and Sam taking stock of the pantry.

"Hey! Is this Martha Stewart time?" Dean scolded.

Sam ignored him, busily mixing up ingredients in a surprise for their simmering dinner guest.

"Don't stew, Dean, I am whipping something up", he murmured, hastily spreading the spice cocktail over a cookie sheet.

"Shrek's out there, hard to chill! Now fork up your plan!" Dean hissed.

"Let's spice up his life" Sam chuckled, setting up a table fan to dish out home-cooking á la Winchester.